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  1. I've been feeling a bit more awake these last couple of days, so even though I have a zillion other things to do, I decided to actually spend some time on a drawing for a change. The icon of sin and something monster-ish. Both are awfully detailed, and I'm not even halfway done with them yet. I'm not even sure if I'll finish them. Recently, I've only been able to finish stuff that takes me less than two days to finish. Well, that's my drawings, anyway. I've also started writing some interactive fiction, since I finally came up with a decent concept, and so far it's a pain in the ass. Too many different scenarios, and I also have room descriptions to worry about. Boring. Oh, I just remembered, I also promised mum that I'd draw some illustrations for her. Bah. And I need to get myself an apartment. Hopefully, I'll hear from the university sometime next week. I think I have a fair chance of being admitted. That's what everyone keeps telling me, anyway...

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    2. Agnes


      I'll need a bit of luck, all right. Thanks :)
      Well, I'll have to scan them in order to color them. If I ever finish them, that is. I think I'll finish this one, at least...

    3. Linguica


      Heh, I've always wanted to write an interactive fiction game.

    4. Agnes


      Well, you should give it a go, then. :) There are plenty of design systems for IF that make it a lot easier. I'm using Inform, but TADS seems to be a good alternative.