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  1. Theres' this thing with EX/Remaster that if you exit a level that has a 'Quake' command playing as you exit... it will mess with the music in the next level. Maybe you level warped whilst a 'Quake' was occuring?
  2. Cool... that seems like the best option. Better than loosing all the custom cluster messages for stock ones. As they are very much part of the 'story telling' in Reloaded.
  3. You know the score... no one reads previous comments... even if they are pinned/highlighted and the topic is on a single page.
  4. Thats something Immorpher will know more about than me.
  5. Neither EX or Remaster support such things. But there is an EX+ being worked on that does support Decorate at the very least.
  6. Well the new Ethereal Breakdown wad has just been released and that has loads of fast paced run-n-gun maps. Plus a few that play a bit differently from the norm. Something for everyone.
  7. Cool!.. about bloody time
  8. That's all beyond my scope... Immorpher did all the KPF stuff... and most of the music... and some textures. I did the mapping and resprites and some textures.... basically the monkey work. If you have some know-wats about such things then Im sure Immorpher would love your insights.
  9. AtomicFrog

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Not my video... but a very impressive playthrough of the Atomic Death Run. So worth sharing here. I make maps and think 'wow this'll be a challenge!' then someone comes along and make it look easy lol
  10. The bat file gives you a... custom menu screen, menu skull has glowing eyes, menu cursor is a dart custom message when you pick up the chainsaw... which is referred to as a Duel Bladed Excavator custom messages when you die. I think everything else should be present without the use of the bat file.
  11. lol fair doos. There seems to be a colligation between how good/fast a player is and how much they dislike traps that make them slow down. And judging by your super quick playthrough of the Death Run I can understand why you dislike them. There's a Mega and Invun in Death Labs And a SoulSphere and Mega Armour at the start of Tomb of Shadows. You didn't need any of those. Which puts you in 'top tier' in my eyes.
  12. I was hoping to be done with this project but Ive found some other things that needed addressing. 1) Miss aligned textures. Mostly rock textures in No Escape. Ive corrected these. 2) Texture clue in Final Outpost for the switch that lowers the elevator in the room with water. As Ive seen a few new players get confused and dont realise you have to hit the switch and run back through the teleport. 3) In The Lair one of the cybers could be instantly killed by using the UnMaker to push him back whilst the wall around him is raising. Fixed. 4) In Watch Your Step the stairs have been widened so the pinkies can run up them. Also bars lower to stop the player running back to pick up the Invun and Mega whenever they want. These bars will only reopen when the cybers are dealt with. This means that the player can no longer deal with all the monsters from the corridor and will have to use the arena. And they can not engage the Cybers whilst being invulnerable 5) Slight edit to one of the rooms in Unholy Temple. So the monsters can climb the stairs and not bunch up at the bottom being useless ammo sponges. All these changes are in this latest 'and hopefully final' version.
  13. Hectic is the last map in the list... map 55. Im not sure what you mean by 'replaced' At one point it was map 03... then I decided I wanted to get rid of the Demo Maps... so to do this I made a copy of map 33 and made it map 03. After which I just placed Hectic as the last map in the wad or I would have had to renumber all the maps. This means its at the back of the map list with the DM maps. Its accessible from Staging Area or via the level select. Might be due to conflicting files? Or having your game installed somewhere else. Im sure Immorpher will have a better idea. He has updated some stuff as other people have had issues. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s5v3zjq012u4nd3/atomic_frog-doom_64_reloaded.zip?dl=1 Playing Reloaded without running the bat file can also cause some funny quirks.
  14. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s5v3zjq012u4nd3/atomic_frog-doom_64_reloaded.zip?dl=1 Hopefully the final update. Ascension has been balanced. Also The Spiral got flipped so now it runs anti-clockwise... this was to make the Cyber fight at the end a bit more challenging.