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  1. The Experience

    Trouble with resolution setting in PRBoom

    Have you ever tried to use the PrBoom user mailing list? It is exactly for those purposes ;)
  2. The Experience

    csDoom Master Server

    If CS Doom would have not been released once, multiplayer Doom would not be where it is today. I don't know why you call this "heap of shit", that is not an opinion, that is "shit" ... because it is pointless.
  3. The Experience

    [Program Suggestion]

    The community wouldn't give a shit ... like with everything.
  4. The Experience

    Zdaemon Lives On

    Hell Yeah, ZDaemon lives on ! It is time that they add it officially to GameSpy Arcade or even GameSpy 3D
  5. The Experience

    True Skull Tag support for GSA

    And that is good, so you are not guardianshipped. You can use the original Skull Tag launcher, the command line, Simple Doom Launcher, KDX or whatever provides you support because of this nice reason.
  6. The Experience

    True Skull Tag support for GSA

    Just follow this link: http://galileo.spaceports.com/~gsadoom/gsadoom/ The download for the "Heavy Modification" will provide you with the support for it GSA is available here: http://www.gamespyarcade.com/download/
  7. The Experience

    Launcher toolkit

    Hey, what a great idea ! Yes, that would be useful: Some kind of application which monitors a single or a few servers. Concerning IRC functionality ... I may have some interesting software for you, just let me search my harddrive for the links. I hope they are still somewhere. AFAIK that was some nice open source stuff ;)
  8. The Experience

    Launcher toolkit

    Nice opportunity, but would be hard to beat IDE. It's just perfect ;) Bond, have you ever thought to add some IRC functionality to IDE? Maybe in a split screen? Anyway, nice you released the source. We need more of this ! Also nice to know there are people out there who know the difference between "useful" and "pathetic". USELESS is the program that doesn't even have the BALLZ to make it's sourcecode available out of fear that some poor bastard coder out there will see a copy/pasted form of his own labor's !!!
  9. The Experience

    Where is it?

    ...and then get the KDX CD set ... maybe the best choice if you have to start from scratch.
  10. The Experience

    Doom on a BBS.....

    I have some code which will allow to setup such a game system, but it would only work with KDX
  11. The Experience

    are there any doom ports to dreamcast?

    The URL is: http://files.frashii.com/~sp00nz/Doom/tute_ba_prboom.php
  12. The Experience


    Hehe ... the magnetic stabilizers thing sounds funny. The CD project is done, just too lazy to post any notice that it is officially available, but I will do next days.
  13. The Experience


    Ever tried to speak in whole sentences?
  14. The Experience

    why does deep charge for deepsea updates?

    Yeah, on a T3 that would just keep your "connection alive" :P ...but I have to add that this 4.5 GB levels are of course ready organized in KDX's database, if you do that by hand for this amount you may take a whole year for that ... even on a 100 Mbit internet connection :) ... And for Deepsea ... I wonder when the first crack will be available. The amount of money he charge makes it interesting now.
  15. The Experience


    Peter !!!! Where have you been that long ????