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  1. Sport

    Heretic II Problems

    The Music: Out of the box you are presented with a couple of inconveniences. You have to keep the CD inserted for the music to play. More importantly the music does not loop on modern PC's so you will stuck playing in silence after a couple of minutes. But there is a solution: http://www.the-nextlevel.com/tnl/threads/58926-Fix-CD-audio-looping-in-Windows-7-with-certain-games Tutorial: "http://www.play-old-pc-games.com/compatibility-tools/_inmm-dll-tutorial/" What you need to do to play the music without CD: "Heretic II MP3 soundtrack" and the "_inmm.dll.zip" are provided in the Heretic II soundtrack.zip in the new link below: Heretic II soundtrack.zip in (MP3 format) link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-LypCS9FvWBb2dvZUdjX0ZyWDg/view?usp=sharing Add the "Heretic II soundtrack" to your Heretic II folder and follow the instructions below and the next time you play you should be able to hear the music. Note: "_inmm238-installer" must be installed to allow the game to use this fix. _inmm.dll tutorial: http://www.play-old-pc-games.com/compatibility-tools/_inmm-dll-tutorial/ _inmm.dll is a suite of tools that can fix CD audio playback problems in several older games. A common problem with CD audio in older games is that it does not loop correctly, meaning the background tune plays once and then stops, leaving the game with just the sound effects. How to use "_inmm.dll" 1. Download _inmm.dll: "http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Domino/8282/_inmm/_inmm238-installer.zip" (288 kbs). I provided it in the "Heretic II soundtrack" zip. 2. Install _inmm.dll to convert your games CD audio soundtrack into mp3 format. 3. Patching: browse to the _inmm.dll program folder and drag and drop the "quake2.dll" I provided in the "win2kserverfix.zip" onto the _inmmcnf executable "_inmmcnf.exe". 4. Now that you have the patched executable, move this file and the .org backup into your games executable folder, overwriting the existing .exe file. Don’t start your game just yet though, you still need to create a _inmm.ini file. 5. Creating an _inmm.ini file to tell the computer where to look for your music files while playing the game. Click on the desktop icon to start the program. Click on the “_inmm.ini tab. This is the tab where you select the files you want the game to play. All you need to do is click on “Add” and browse to the folder where you stored the music and select all the MP3 files. 6. Now need to save the _inmm.ini file. You must save this file to your games directory, NOT to the _inmm directory and NOT to the directory where you stored the extracted CD audio files. Click on the “Save” button, browse to your games installation folder and save the _inmm file in the same folder as the games executable file. 7. Now you can test your game. Load the game and start a new game. In the Heretic II sound settings turn the CD music to on. It will play from the soundtrack you put in the Heretic II folder. 8. To revert back to the way you had it just drop the the"quake2.dll" onto the _inmmcnf executable "_inmmcnf.exe" again to revert back to the way you had it.
  2. Sport

    Heretic 2 source code recreation effort

    Maybe it could be setup to use the old approach when it detects 8bit textures and the new approach when it is 32bit textures.