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  1. Current total: $1027
    Holy crap $1000!
    I bought a 400GB western digital SATA150 drive a couple of weeks ago. I finished reorganizing stuff last week with the intent to do some backups once I had a better idea of what I had. Well, it turns out now that this drive is fucked. When I say fucked, I mean "system won't finish the boot sequence when this drive is on the sata bus because it makes the clicking and won't spin up sound" fucked. At this point in the story you're probably thinking "wtf mate just RMA the bitch", which I would love to do except for one problem: the data on it MUST be retrieved. It contains all of the parts of a movie I'm working on, and its state on the drive is much better than what I have on backup CDs, as in year+ worth of work. Serves me right for not backing up I guess, but with a drive less than 30 days old I thought it might have last a BIT longer.

    So, the point of this blog post? To put it bluntly, I'm doing what I can to raise $1000 for data recovery. I just had data recovery done with a reasonably priced company, it was about a third of the amount of data I have to recover, and it came to about $1200. I figure if I can get $1000 or as near as I can to it, then I can put up the rest. This includes returning a couple of frivelous recently purchased items, some ebay auctions, and donations. That's right, I'm calling out to everyone I can in hopes to beg and plead for a dollar. Every dollar counts. If you can find it in your heart to spare any of your assets to assist me in recovering this movie (along wtih the other stuff I lost, tho none near as important), it would be more appreciated than I can possibly express.

    For donating, if you wish (and are not already a user), you will be entitled to free hosting and email from Noxel Network (formerly MancuNET services); PHP, mysql, soft space quotas, all on a fast connection. I will also provide you with a dvd copy of the film (in proper case if we do so) along with an end credit in the film. I offer this as a token, small as it may be, of my appreciation.

    If you would like to help me out, there is a paypal link on http://mancubus.net. I can accept standard credit cards, electronic checks and paypal transfers. I really hate asking for donations, and people that have come to know me over the years know that I have not until recently even had the ability to accept donations in a proper form. I hate asking others for charity such as this, but as this is not just my thing, I feel I am having to buck up and pull out all the stops. I'm hoping with all of the items I'm gonna toss up on ebay along with the generous help of those who donate should make it possible. This of course means I cannot RMA it and I will have to buy an entirely new drive, but that is a small price to pay to get the data back. I also plan on calling them to find out if there's anything I can do considering it died so soon. I know they explain things in their warranty about how they're not responsible for lost data but it's worth a shot I suppose.

    To those that have already contributed, thank you VERY much, it means a lot to me to see other people give of themselves for something like this.

    EDIT: Please do not turn this into a "which hard drive manufacturer is the best" thread. I have bought western digital for years and still will, though I think my next drive will most likely not be from them. Some people have great luck with one brand and someone else will have terrible luck with the same brand. Thank you.

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    2. sgtcrispy


      Mancubus II said:

      Wow! In less than two weeks I have collected over $1000 from the wonderful individuals in this community. I can't say enough how much both Dan (the director) and I are greatful for everyone's generous contributions.

      Since I've reached my goals, I will no longer be actively soliciting donations, but anyone is more than welcome to donate to mancunet/noxel services any time they wish at either http://mancubus.net or http://noxel.net.


      meh why not.

      Here's some cash for the cause.

    3. Mancubus II
    4. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      The drive has been sent off to the company in new hampshire. Hopefully I will get everything back. Only time will tell now...