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Status Updates posted by Hellwarlord

  1. working on Lost chapter 3 (Tortured souls)


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    2. Misty


      Also,don't be afraid to make ceiling higher and floors lower. Differences are good thing. 

    3. Hellwarlord


      ok thank you


    4. Misty


      Last thing before I'll do other things - don't forget draw door sector,for example 128x32 and inside that sector draw more lines on 128x16. It makes easier to control higher ceilings and door texture if you rise everything. I hope you get it. 

  2. Lost Chapter 2 (Demons Revenge) is finished make sure to check it out :)

    1. Albertoni


      Jesus, dude, you make a whole chapter in the time it takes me to detail a single room

    2. Misty


      It takes me one week to decide were to put switch,two weeks where put decoration and 4 weeks if I should move linedef in left. 

  3. Here is a preview of level 3 its quite difficult map


    1. Hellwarlord


      It may look easy but its hard :)

    2. rd.


      Challenge accepted. :) 

  4. Level 2 of Lost Chapter 2 (Demons Revenge) screenshot


  5. A screenshot of the upcoming Lost chapter 2 (Demons Revenge)


    1. Misty


      I would put more colours here or even grab custom texture set. 

    2. Armaetus


      You should consider putting all the levels into one WAD file if you're planning on making a short episode from it. That and uploading it to /idgames/ after ironing all the errors and correcting stuff from feedback.

  6. Chapter 2 is on its way soon (the first level anyway) :)


  7. working on my forth level, im thinking outside the box with this one :)2017-05-11.png.69cfbe1e90c30ebe662a0b8f8538404a.png

    1. Shanoa


      This feels very E2M2, i assume this was the intended purpose! I'll be sure to try it when you release it.

    2. Hellwarlord


      yes it is


    3. Phade102


      Looks solid so far, keep an eye on that ceiling texture though. you dont want lights being cut off, makes it look a bit silly. its easily fixed with just some bordering or pillars though.

  8. A quick preview of my third level, it doesn't show much just some pinkys biting me :)59138962b8378_2017-05-10(5).png.1fd1eb1e91f96fa42fc7d8a60f6e370b.png

  9. Here is a preview of my second level, i have been working really hard on it 591341e8a97f4_2017-05-10(2).png.219126869a8909f0ceef2d9d0c949b3e.png

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    2. Hellwarlord
    3. Armaetus


      Don't forget the use of the auto-align tool Doom Builder has in 3D mode (A for horizontal, Shift-A for horizontal and vertical, useful for stairs). I'd figure TEKWALL1 or TEKWALL4 would look better for that light's upper texture instead of TEKGREN2.

    4. Hellwarlord


      ok thanks for the advice will do


  10. Here is a preview of my first level, its going to be one of the levels on my main wad once i have finished the others





    1. Deadwing


      Nice, digging this e1 vibe!

  11. Working on my doom level

    1. Pavera


      Can we see it?

    2. Armaetus


      I need to get back in the jist of working on my own.