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  1. I love a good crate maze. Would love to throw my hat in as well.
  2. This is some truly top notch stuff, congrats anons!
  3. Repugnus

    banana factory accident (wip)

    Looks fun. Godspeed.
  4. 1.6 is now up on idgames. Links in the OP have once again been updated.
  5. Repugnus

    React to the Username above you

    You like to laugh out loud. Usually six times in a row I assume.
  6. Hell yeah, I was looking forward to the final release to play through. Good to see everything worked out in the end.
  7. Thanks for hosting it, it was a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what you all came up with.
  8. Alright, the download links in the OP have switched to temporary dropbox links until this update hits idgames. Here's what's new: -Fixed a couple HOMs in Map18. -Fixed an issue in Map04 where an Imp and a Revenant were stuck inside of each other on HMP. -Fixed an issue in Map29 where the yellow key would sometimes not teleport in. -Lowered the outer ceiling height in Map29 to prevent the Cacodemons from flying too high. Shoutout to Dwars for pointing out the MAP29 bugs in his latest playthrough video.
  9. Apparently it's possible to softlock MAP29: Black Crest due to a teleport issue. I'm working on a fix for that and will get it out shortly.
  10. Thanks for the quick playthrough, @Biodegradable. @Dubbag I made a quick update to Inferior Meatus. Made it so the exit switches need to pressed instead of shot, since it seemed to be the source of some confusion. Also added in a few extra monsters for flavor. All the other details are the same as they were before. Inferior_MeatusV2.zip
  11. Map: Inferior_Meatus.zip Textures: cc4-tex.wad (didn't include with the download since most people are likely to have it already) Music: Agony Rhapsody from TNT Evilution
  12. Hey everyone, version 1.5 is now up on idgames, updated links in the OP! Here's what's new: -Redid the pillar/pit in Map05, redid that entire section of hallway even, let's hope that will be no more trouble. -Map24 didn't have its keys tagged for easy skills, fixed that. -Map13 was missing some linedef actions for crushers. -Map18 had an incorrect linedef action probably done accidentally by me last time. -Map18's music credits were also incorrect. -Fixed typographical error in Map11 textcrawl. -Fixed an error letting you get credits for one more secret than Map 31 actually has.
  13. That's an impressive amount of detail for a 35 minute map @MAN_WITH_GUN I don't think I could manage to do something like that with double that amount of time.
  14. Oh yeah, I also made a quick change to my map to prevent monsters from going through a teleporting linedef and I also added a song. Map update and info are in my submission post.