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  1. Repugnus

    Community Project - Switcheretic

    If SIGIL ever comes out that is.
  2. Repugnus

    Community Project - Switcheretic

    I'm interested in contributing. But first, is the resource wad supposed to give me 90 error messages upon loading it into GZDB, or am I doing this wrong?
  3. Repugnus

    Gameplay mods that enhanced vanilla?

    You're looking for Smooth Doom, my dude. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=45550
  4. Repugnus


    Fireblu is hands down the best texture in Doom. Every mapper should strive to include it as much as possible in their maps.
  5. Yo, what's up with the discord? I was on it fine earlier and now I log back in and it's gone from my list of servers, and I can't rejoin.
  6. I'm down to make a map for this. Always kinda wanted to make a map for an ASS project, so now's a better time than any I suppose.
  7. If Rekkr somehow doesn't receive a Cacoward this year, there will be riots in the streets.
  8. Repugnus


    Saw the fireblu room and instantly downloaded.
  9. Just wondering, will the stream be uploaded to youtube?
  10. Repugnus

    HUMP mini Community Project (Now on Idgames!)

    Hell yeah, boy count me in. Was hoping for another HUMP and my prayers have been answered.
  11. Repugnus

    The Alfonzone

    Pizza/10. Love it so far.
    Plenty of decent maps in here. Nothing downright awful.
  12. (UPDATE CONTAINING MAP AND BUG FIXES) Here it finally is! The long awaited "sequel" to 200 minutes of /vr/; 300 Minutes of /vr/: This is a 33 map vanilla megawad consisting of maps made by various users of 4chan's own Retro Gaming board, /vr/. Each map was made in about 300 minutes over the course of a month. We had a good number of contributors, some new to Doom mapping, some veterans (all credits in the .txt file). All feedback is greatly appreciated. Big thanks to everyone who submitted! Screenshots: Downloads (Updated Links With Bugfixes): -/idgames: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/300minvr -Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z4yh5o5tj8u4o03/300minvr.zip?dl=1
  13. Name: The Well (to Hell) Theme: Spooky monsters Build time: ~2 hours and 30 minutes Music: Suspense (E1M5) from Doom Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7c8nr2yhx3eupeh/well to hell.wad?dl=1
  14. Repugnus

    (UPDATED) 300 Minutes of /vr/ - Speedmap Megawad

    True vanilla. All maps can play in chocolate doom just fine with no crashing, but expect the occasional drawseg/tutti frutti error on some maps.
  15. Repugnus

    (UPDATED) 300 Minutes of /vr/ - Speedmap Megawad

    New download links in the OP containing the fixed version. Now go record some demos!
  16. I'll see if I can make something for this during the 4pm session.
  17. Repugnus

    (UPDATED) 300 Minutes of /vr/ - Speedmap Megawad

    I'm positive you fixed all the most glaring bugs in the project. Any more complaints regarding bugs would be nitpicking at this point I would say, especially considering they're speedmaps and all. But seriously thank you so much for going out of your way to do all this, I really appreciate it.
  18. Repugnus

    (UPDATED) 300 Minutes of /vr/ - Speedmap Megawad

    @Suitepee Thanks for the streams man! Sorry I couldn't make it to either of them, I was busy when you started.
  19. Repugnus

    (UPDATED) 300 Minutes of /vr/ - Speedmap Megawad

    Yup, it should work with any mod you want to use.
  20. Repugnus

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    I'm not a fan of those instantly raising lifts that make monsters appear from thin air. At least make them teleport in or something.
  21. Repugnus

    Favorite midis?

    Only the best