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  1. Jim Greezy

    The future of robotic humans is nigh

    i honesty thaught id come out of this thread looking like this.
  2. Reach is actually a masterpiece. any one who has never played it, really should.
  3. Jim Greezy

    Doom Over Perfect Dark?

    not for PC but it runs at 4k and at 60fps with no slowdown. It runs buttery smooth and with keyobard and mouse support coming thick and fast its a winner.
  4. loved the reaction YT vid about the new trailer and completely agree with every point you made.  keep it up man.

    1. Doomkid


      Cheers man! 🍻 

  5. Jim Greezy

    Excited For Eternal?

    yea the 960 struggles with ion maiden and even other simple games. here are my specs.
  6. Jim Greezy

    Excited For Eternal?

    My 960 is a 2Gb and it doesent run great at all, it runs at 60fps at near 4k on my 75" screen on my 1X its just miles better for me. i did hear that nvidia nerfed the 960 whats the best patch to use? its definitely coming to xbox, i think the 1X is currently the only place you can actually play Ultimate doom, Doom 2, Doom 3 all of the DLC Wolf 3d, marathon and obviously 16 in terms of console.
  7. Jim Greezy

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    why? play it now dude,
  8. Jim Greezy

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    Hey guys, Anyone get a chance to play the new map, i got a definite blood vibe from the pallet and level design, it reminded me of the Hotel map from the first episode of blood, grenade launcher is great but i feel it needs a bigger splash area and the new cross bow is quite cool.
  9. Jim Greezy

    Excited For Eternal?

    even resi 2 cant sustain 60 on my pc, and it seems to struggle even on the pro if the DF retro video is anything to go by, on my 1 X its solid 60 2160 and its not even had a hiccup yet.
  10. i dont get why people are angry that devs and publishers want to use more than one platform, if i made a game that costs tens of thousands and thousands of hours i wouldn't want lord Gaben to be taking 30% i applaud metro for moving over and then in return passing along the saving to us, the consumer. i think having multiple stores is a good thing, im no fortnite fan but epic are doing a good job shaking up a very stale pc subculture. I can also see epic doing a game pass similar to Xbox and to that extend kinda like netflix - where you pay a monthly fee and just play whatever you want.
  11. Jim Greezy

    Excited For Eternal?

    im getting it on console as well the 1 X will probably be 60fps lock with a variable 4k res -annnnnnd i have a gtx960 in my pc, so it has to be console.
  12. Jim Greezy

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    blood is better, but both are great.
  13. Jim Greezy


    I said this exact statement after watching the trailer
  14. Jim Greezy

    does anyone play Doom Multiplayer on xbox live anymore?

    I Paid 1k for a PC in 2016 and about another £600 on dual screen setup with a gaming keyboard and mouse, and even this rig is outdated and chugs on loads of stuff i was even having slight drops on ion maiden, i got my xbox one X for £400 with 2 games and its starting to run newer games better than my pc, plus doom 16 in 4k and i have been playing through oblivion in 4k on it also, i dont get why people pigeon hole themselves into one avenue of gaming!? plus i hate looking at pcs after a long work day, and there is always this to look forward too.
  15. Jim Greezy

    does anyone play Doom Multiplayer on xbox live anymore?

    this is funny as me and my bro fired up d2 on the xbox one a few weeks ago and 2 people joined, 2 french guys. we played e1m3 and it was one of the best experiances i have had in ages on xbox.