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Jim Greezy

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  1. Jim Greezy

    Doom Streams

  2. Jim Greezy

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Summer is over now, last ride..
  3. Jim Greezy

    wikipedia's list of best games

    warioware on the GBA, REZ? Splinter Cell Chaos Theory? Fallout 3 aka oblivion TC and not F1 or 2? shit list.
  4. Jim Greezy

    "Favourite Horror Movie?"

  5. Jim Greezy

    Some good news for Star Wars fans

    yeah i do say, is that not what i said? more and more aimed at kids.
  6. this would be a very welcome addition.
  7. Jim Greezy

    Some good news for Star Wars fans

    with every new star wars film beginning with the prequels i become a bigger star trek fan. the newer films are as disney as hocus pocus, its more and more aimed at kids.
  8. Jim Greezy

    So how come a lot of music and games suck now?

    as far as games go, 5 years?! are you joking i could name loads, as far as hiphop that died easily in 98 to 2001 its called pop now, rock as had loads of albums out just depends on your taste.
  9. Jim Greezy

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Just got my new bike and loving it.
  10. Jim Greezy

    Old farts club

    Born in 1988, Cant get on board with the hatchback, iphone, softleft culture. I have said it before, there is no more men, just softness.
  11. Jim Greezy

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    great screenies, some interesting mods, Some pics from the last few games i have been playing, captured on my 1X First Time i have ever maxed the skill tree in HR DC First time on the wierd crazy sheep level, i was co oping with the lady. a pic from ride 2 - its only special to me as i have just recently purchased the bike pictured in IRL, which i need to ask do we have a vehicle thread? and i also tried rage and finally finished it Via BC on the X1 - the game still holds up and looks amazing imho
  12. Jim Greezy

    Weirdest/Rarest games that you own?

    im an avid video game collector and have a huge collection i have spoke about my 93 boxed doom on here before that has to be the most expensive game at around £400, but i got die hard arcade saturn exclusive today it was about £50
  13. Jim Greezy

    Getting annoyed by some words

    posted from my phone, but that has reminded me of another hate.. grammar queens, id probably add them into that new soft culture i was ranting about.
  14. Jim Greezy

    Getting annoyed by some words

    i feel the same, i blame the twitch, internet, meme, iphone, macdonalds culture, and its not always kids its grown men saying "gg" in real life at the fucking bank! people and especially men need to behave more maturely more grownup, if i see something out of place i ask my self would my grandfather act this way? a no nonsense hard working Londoner Charles Bronson type gentleman and the answer is always no, grow up act like a man not a silly internet kid at 20-30. kids these days are spoon fed, a real man is a rare thing in the real world, just yesterday i was on reddit on a gaming sub reading a post by a kid saying hes going to commit suicide because his xbox live account and 300 games got deleted because he obviously broke the rules 1 to many times, now my problem is these lefty students replying with such things as "dont do it", "talk to someboy with a heart" im sitting here thinking just do it you little weak minded kid, we dont need you. turns out hes 22 and crying on reddit about a lost xbox account!!? at 22 i had to bury my father who coincidentally committed suicide, i dident have time to jump on the forums and reddit crying i had to take care of business. sorry for the rant but the bottom line of this is that there is a new breed of folk, a new culture, its soft and full of iphone selfies.
  15. Jim Greezy

    Stylish Banned? Now What?

    it just makes it possible to skin any site, i use ebay a lot and have bad eyes, so looking at white all day is horrible with this stylus im able to make it completely dark.