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Jim Greezy

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  1. Jim Greezy

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    great screenies, some interesting mods, Some pics from the last few games i have been playing, captured on my 1X First Time i have ever maxed the skill tree in HR DC First time on the wierd crazy sheep level, i was co oping with the lady. a pic from ride 2 - its only special to me as i have just recently purchased the bike pictured in IRL, which i need to ask do we have a vehicle thread? and i also tried rage and finally finished it Via BC on the X1 - the game still holds up and looks amazing imho
  2. Jim Greezy

    Weirdest/Rarest games that you own?

    im an avid video game collector and have a huge collection i have spoke about my 93 boxed doom on here before that has to be the most expensive game at around £400, but i got die hard arcade saturn exclusive today it was about £50
  3. Jim Greezy

    Getting annoyed by some words

    posted from my phone, but that has reminded me of another hate.. grammar queens, id probably add them into that new soft culture i was ranting about.
  4. Jim Greezy

    Getting annoyed by some words

    i feel the same, i blame the twitch, internet, meme, iphone, macdonalds culture, and its not always kids its grown men saying "gg" in real life at the fucking bank! people and especially men need to behave more maturely more grownup, if i see something out of place i ask my self would my grandfather act this way? a no nonsense hard working Londoner Charles Bronson type gentleman and the answer is always no, grow up act like a man not a silly internet kid at 20-30. kids these days are spoon fed, a real man is a rare thing in the real world, just yesterday i was on reddit on a gaming sub reading a post by a kid saying hes going to commit suicide because his xbox live account and 300 games got deleted because he obviously broke the rules 1 to many times, now my problem is these lefty students replying with such things as "dont do it", "talk to someboy with a heart" im sitting here thinking just do it you little weak minded kid, we dont need you. turns out hes 22 and crying on reddit about a lost xbox account!!? at 22 i had to bury my father who coincidentally committed suicide, i dident have time to jump on the forums and reddit crying i had to take care of business. sorry for the rant but the bottom line of this is that there is a new breed of folk, a new culture, its soft and full of iphone selfies.
  5. Jim Greezy

    Stylish Banned? Now What?

    it just makes it possible to skin any site, i use ebay a lot and have bad eyes, so looking at white all day is horrible with this stylus im able to make it completely dark.
  6. Jim Greezy

    Stylish Banned? Now What?

    Thanks guys just using it now, cant believe i have been using stylish for so long, this app is way better. Thanks again.
  7. Jim Greezy

    Stylish Banned? Now What?

    Hi Guys, Good day to all, now that stylish just got its head cut off even with 2M downloads whats everyone using now? i have very very active retinopathy and it was a life saver im shocked its been blocked
  8. Both these films look like wolf tbh, the first film looks like its going to be hollywood trash, anyone ever seen this
  9. Jim Greezy

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    this is a masterpiece, thank you for your time, you can really tell this was made with blood sweat and beers. i have played it through twice once as intended and once with BD such a great WAD, have you got anything else planned?
  10. Jim Greezy

    World Cup Finals

    i had a bet on france from the beginning, more ID big boxes coming my way.
  11. Jim Greezy

    Sprites and textures extracted from id mobile games

    i, gonna check it out now
  12. Jim Greezy

    Sprites and textures extracted from id mobile games

    i always wanted to play the doom rpgs is there currently any way to play them?
  13. Jim Greezy

    What did you remember from Toys 'Я' Us?

    well thats your bad luck, co ops exist the world over and everyone alive knows how a coop works.
  14. Jim Greezy

    Any bad games/mods you want to put in defense?

    yeah ya know, halo 5, i hated it at launch, but now the online runs 4k60fps and its smooth as silk, the competitive multi is awesome.