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  1. Hey all. Just wondering how is it possible to, when replacing map names with custom ones during intermission screens, to also include the author of the map beneath the map title i.e. Community Chest series, NOVA series, etc. I use Doom Writer, and can indeed put text below the map name, but have no idea how to make the bottom text smaller to look like the ones seen in the aforementioned WADs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: This would be intended for Boom ports.
  2. Five Rooms of Doom: Map 11 UV-Speed in 0:14 Map 18 UV-Max in 4:10 Map 18 U-Speed in 1:11
  3. Depends when it's collected I guess. I would've loved to use it in the arena with the Megaarmor, but the distance between the two was awkward. Figured I'd settle for cleaning up the nearby Mancubi, Hell Knights and Imps since they gave me so much trouble in earlier runs. Was damn satisfying.
  4. Pain Elementals. Especially when mowing hordes of them down with the BFG in slaughter maps.
  5. Map 15 UV-Max in 5:04 (w/ jenefix.wad)
  6. Just one more for now, but will definitely return to this. Map 10 UV-Max in 7:03 (-cl9 was used because the soulsphere secret couldn't be opened in -cl2) A very neat-looking map with balanced gameplay, containing numerous Arch-Viles to keep the player on their toes. Very satisfied with how this turned out considering my pre-recorded best time was 7:32.
  7. Two UV-Max table fillers. These, and all future demos will be for the latest (2016) version. Thanks for @Jaxxoon R & @jmickle66666666 for their respective contributions. Map 08 UV-Max in 3:31 Map 11 UV-Max in 6:38
  8. Just noticed that my Map 04 UV-Max demo also de-syncs with the newer version. Strange considering the UV-Speed of the same level works fine. Could @Andy Olivera maybe move this, and my first MAP29 demo over to the 2015 NOVA II table on the DSDA in the next update? Thanks, and sorry for the trouble.
  9. Done. Finally recorded Map 29 using the latest version. One second longer than my previous run xD Map 29 UV-Max in 17:08
  10. If the idgames version is the revised one, I'll simply redo the run for it while it's still fresh :D Will indeed be redoing it.
  11. Strange, I'm able to playback the demo without any error. It was recorded using the same settings as the previous NOVA 2 runs - PrBoom+, -cl2. If the problem happens with anyone else, I'll try to see what the trouble is. EDIT: Maybe I was using a different version of the megawad (if there are multiple ones)? If that's the case, I was using the one linked on the DSDA.
  12. The mapping prowess of both @Ribbiks and @tourniquet is certainly evident here. Goddamn was this map difficult to max! Map 29 UV-Max in 17:07 EDIT: Only plays back properly on the one linked to the DSDA.
  13. A handful of demos I worked on during the week for A.L.T. (the 2012-12 version); Map 01 NM-Speed in 0:16 Map 04 NM-Speed in 0:55 Map 09 UV-Speed in 1:03 Map 11 UV-Speed in 5:07 Map 15 NM-Speed in 1:01 Map 24 UV-Max in 10:20 Map 24 NM-Speed in 1:19 Map 25 UV-Speed in 2:37 Map 26 UV-Pacifist in 1:04 Map 27 UV-Speed in 1:16 Map 28 NM-Speed in 1:49 Map 29 NM-Speed in 0:45 alt
  14. One more quick demo for now. A fun little tech level, courtesy of @NoisyVelvet. I made a minor mistake nearing the end involving some platforming, but am happy with how this turned out overall. Map 31 UV-Max in 4:41
  15. Took me all bloody day to record this one. Can be improved here and there, but happy with the end result. Thanks @an_mutt for the grand adventure! Also, 11/10 secrets lol. Map 15 UV-Max in 14:55