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  1. I feel for you, Stru. I can relate to you a great deal when it comes to feeling like an outcast amongst groups. I felt that way for more than half my life, and I am only 22. Most of my friends I went to school with basically want little to do with me, but I have made new ones since then, and hopefully those friendships will last. Easier said than done, I know. I myself sometimes have to act out of my comfort zone to fit in with others, I feel that that's the only way to feel accepted. Hell, the main reason why I was so reluctant on joining Doomworld in the first place was worrying how the people here would treat me. Past experiences also didn't help since trust was especially hard to come by. However, I am glad that I signed up here, most people seem very easygoing, friendly, and look out for one another. What I'm saying is, is that absolutely nothing is your fault, mate. The world can be a rough and unpredictable place to live in. You will have my support all the way.
  2. Some more demos (all done with - cl2): MAP05 UV-Max in 6:05 MAP06 UV-Max in 2:09 MAP10 UV-Max in 3:27 MAP20 UV-Max in 5:10 ir05 06 10
  3. A further nine (yes, nine) demos for CC1: MAP14 UV-Max in 1:37 MAP15 UV-Max in 10:30 MAP18 UV-Max in 8:05 MAP19 UV-Max in 7:28 MAP22 UV-Max in 5:14 MAP24 UV-Max in 3:42 MAP26 UV-Max in 13:14 MAP31 UV-Max in 2:45 MAP32 UV-Max in 8:34 All are done with -cl9 except for MAP22, which had none. Cchest
  4. 'Travelling to the Moon' (travmoon.wad) UV-Max in 20:43
  5. Of course, it is incredibly sad to mourn the loss of these two individuals. I'm sure that they are greatly missed. I hate to be the one that strays from this discussion, but two more demos for CC. MAP25 UV-Max in 7:25 MAP30 UV-Max in 0:47
  6. A demo of mine from Bloodstain appears to be absent this week (MAP19) but that may have been because I edited the post beforehand. Just a heads-up. No rush.
  7. More Demos of some of Interceptions shorter maps: MAP02 UV-Max in 3:34 (-cl9) MAP03 UV-Max in 3:18 (-cl2) MAP04 UV-Max in 1:54 (-cl2) MAP07 UV-Max in 3:03 (-cl2) MAP30 UV-Max in 0:35 (-cl2) Not too sure about the MAP30 one, there were no preplaced monsters in this map so if it doesn't qualify as UV-Max, then UV-Speed should suffice. ir 02 03 04 07
  8. Doom Upstart Mapping Project 2 "DUMP2" MAP05 UV-Max in 1:00 (requires ZDoom 2.8.1):
  9. MAP01 UV-Max in 1:26:
  10. MAP07 UV-Max in 3:54 (-cl2) EDIT: MAP19 UV-Max in 6:29 (-cl2)
  11. MAP16 UV-Max in 7:40 MAP16 NoMo 100 in 2:10
  12. MAP01 UV-Max in 1:13.
  13. MAP 17 UV-Max in 5:56. I made sure that every monster was dead this time, heh.
  14. My following demo was recorded with -cl2, but that was before I read the previous posts saying that -cl9 was preferred due to bugs. Needless to say, I didn't run into any here. MAP21 UV-Max in 4:24 EDIT: MAP08 UV-Max in 4:10 (also -cl2)
  15. Yeah, I wasn't aware that Andy uploads demos which were already on forums, man do I feel dumb. If it works better for everyone else, especially Andy, then I'll just share my demos for all to see instead of what I was doing before. Saying this, I have a few demos for the first Community Chest: Community Chest Map 21 UV-Max in 15:11 Community Chest Map 28 UV-Max in 6:40 Community Chest Map 28 UV-Speed in 2:40 cc21 28