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  1. I asked Andy to remove the demo, honestly no idea what has happened. I will re-record it by the next update, and make sure it plays back properly. Sorry for the trouble.
  2. Andy, could you perhaps remove my recent n222-322 (NDCP2 Map22 UV-Speed) demo? I will have to re-record as a few users reported that the demo can't play back properly. Thanks.
  3. NewDoom Community Project 2 (2010) demos: MAP15s UV-Max in 13:03 (ZDoom 2.8.1 with two secrets unattainable) MAP22 UV-Speed in 3:22 (PrBoom+, -complevel9) Had to use ZDoom for MAP15 as the level breaks using PrBoom+ (and yes, this time I made certain that this version was from the DSDA :P).
  4. Zodiac MAP01 demos, recorded with PrBoom+, using -complevel2: UV-Speed in 0:46 NoMo in 0:35 NoMo 100s in 0:40
  5. Thanks, dew. I've removed my previous post (well, deleted the contents at least). There are still a lot of rules I'm not aware of here. Sorry for the trouble.
  6. [Deleted Post]
  7. Got a handful of demos for the second pcorf Community Project (pc_cp2): MAP01 UV-Max in 1:01 MAP01 NM-Speed in 0:15 MAP01 NoMo 100 in 0:23 MAP03 UV-Pacifist in 0:43 MAP26 UV-Max in 2:57 MAP31 UV-Max in 3:22 MAP31 UV-Speed in 0:53 pc_cp2.wad *All recorded with -complevel9.
  8. @PetrolDrinker I will send you a .bat file that you should use when recording your demos: I provided an example in it; glboom-plus -iwad doom2.wad -file av.wad -skill 4 -complevel 2 -warp 01 -record av01-xxx, where the demo will record Alien Vendetta MAP01 on Ultra Violence, using - complevel2. I use glboom-plus instead of prboom-plus because the game looks a lot smoother, the gameplay is not changed between the two (I name my .bat file 00000000 so it always appears at the top of the Doom WADs for easy convenience). One more thing, if you record a satisfying demo, make sure to rename it into something else that is different to what you have in the .bat file, otherwise it will be overwritten if you re-record it without changing the LMP name.
  9. While not specifically a mega massive map, Community Chest Map 29 usually takes someone more than one hour to complete.
  10. CC1 MAP06 UV-Max in 8:41 R.I.P Magikal :(
  11. Good to know. Thank you. I just hope I haven't caused any inconvenience for anyone.
  12. I could've sworn I checked beforehand to see if there was a thread dedicated to this. Obviously didn't look hard enough. Will delete this one.
  13. I will start things off. Here is a demo for DMP2016 MAP32. UV-Max in 0:47, done with -complevel 2.
  14. This thread is for posting your demos for the Doomworld Mega Projects, from 2013 onwards. In your post make sure to specify which megawad your demo was recorded in (dmp2013, dmp2014, etc.) The preferred format of demos for these WADs is 'mpxxyy-zzz', where 'xx' is the year of the WAD, 'yy' being the map number, and 'zzz' being the map time your demo was completed in. The - represents a UV-Max run, replace the - with a letter when recording a different category. Use 'o' for NoMo, 'f' for UV-Fast, 't' for Tyson, 'n' for NM Speed, etc. For example, 'mp1611-207' tells us that you did a UV-Max run on DMP 2016 MAP11, in 2:07. *I hope this was easy enough to understand. Apologies in advance for those who I may have confused.
  15. Another couple of demos, this time for MAP20. (again, this is with the latest version, v2.1): MAP20 UV-Max in 15:46 MAP20 NoMo100 in 4:17 arma20