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Everything posted by TheV1perK1ller

  1. TheV1perK1ller

    Exomoon Demos [-complevel 11]

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/exomoon I thought I may as well create a new topic specifically for Deadwing's 'Exomoon' WAD. I will post the first. Map 01 UV-Max in 3:08 ex01-308.zip
  2. TheV1perK1ller

    Exomoon Demos [-complevel 11]

    This is the final one for now, honest. I didn't realise this map was very short. Map 13 UV-Max in 1:42 ex13-142.zip
  3. TheV1perK1ller

    Exomoon Demos [-complevel 11]

    One more for now. Map 02 UV-Max in 5:39 ex02-539.zip
  4. TheV1perK1ller

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Doom 64 for Doom II (-complevel 2) Map 01 UV-Max in 1:38 d6401-138.zip
  5. @Pegleg Feel free to take over for my slot. I don't think I will be able to have the free time to make my level after all. Best of luck everyone!
  6. Thank you everyone for your kind words. I really do want to complete my entry, but I am very much a perfectionist when it comes to texturing (there must be NO misalignments). As a result I spend more time correcting things, than creating. I will just keep on trying, and hopefully I can get it done.
  7. I think I can continue. I have never submitted a map before, you see. Saying this, I have some ideas, but the execution is poor. I will just have to press on, but thanks for the support.
  8. Actually, someone can take over my slot. I am no mapper.
  9. I will certainly try my best. I plan on making it a lite-slaughter level, based in Hell. I just hope that it is up to standard.
  10. With my WIP, could I have it penciled down for the MAP20 slot, as it is the only one left available for E2? Thanks.
  11. Hey everyone. Would it be alright if I also contributed? This would make for a perfect opportunity to get my mapping motivation up again. I think I will take an E2 slot, if that is ok.
  12. TheV1perK1ller

    NOVA 2 Demos [-complevel 2]

    I have been hard at work UV-Maxing the second half of this. Here you go. Map 16 UV-Max in 2:38 Map 17 UV-Max in 8:22 Map 18 UV-Max in 4:34 Map 19 UV-Max in 8:34 Map 20 UV-Max in 12:42 Map 21 UV-Max in 2:31 Map 22 UV-Max in 8:32 (-complevel 9 used) Map 23 UV-Max in 7:08 Map 24 UV-Max in 7:21 Map 25 UV-Max in 10:52 Map 26 UV-Max in 13:34 Map 27 UV-Max in 3:10 Map 28 UV-Max in 4:20 Map 30 UV-Max in 3:06 29 was done a while back, for those wondering why it isn't there. nova2demopack.zip
  13. TheV1perK1ller

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Preacher demo by Poncho. Complevel: 9 WAD author: Darch Map 01 UV-Max in 3:48 prc01-348.zip
  14. TheV1perK1ller

    THT: Threnody demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 04 UV-Max in 5:28, by Poncho. th04-528.zip
  15. TheV1perK1ller

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Well, I have started making the first of an unspecified amount of maps for a WAD with the working title of 'Campaign of Bloodshed' (cob.wad). Not sure as to the playstyle yet, just done in my own style, I guess. I am hoping that this won't take me drastically too long to complete. Eradrop's skyboxes are awesome. Note that texturing for the most part is not finalised.
  16. TheV1perK1ller

    Back to Saturn X demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 32 UV-Max in 6:29, by Poncho. b1132-629.zip
  17. One more for now. Purple MAP07 UV-Max in 3:10 mh18p07-310.zip
  18. Purple MAP02 UV-Max in 6:47 mh18p02-647.zip
  19. TheV1perK1ller

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    I have a demo on behalf of Poncho. Sector 666 Map 03 UV-Max in 3:47 s66603-347.zip
  20. TheV1perK1ller

    Post a picture of yourself!

    This is me. Bad quality, though. Taken about a year ago.
  21. I knew my initial Orange Version MAP07 UV-Max could be slightly improved upon. Happy to get under the three-minute mark. UV-Max in 2:57 mh18o07-257.zip
  22. TheV1perK1ller

    Let's create a list of the best Old-School 32-level megawads

    I do have a few other WADs in mind, just for future reference: 2001: Revolution! (Thomas van der Velden) Vanilla 2004: Vile Flesh (Gwyn Williams) Boom 2010: Epic 2 (Alexander S.) Vanilla 2012: EvilTech (Nicolas Monti) Vanilla 2012: Survive in Hell (JC Dorne) Boom 2013: Zone 300 (Paul Corfiatis) Vanilla 2014: MAYhem 2048 (Various) Boom 2015: Swift Death (franckFRAG) Boom 2016: MAYhem 1500 (Various) Boom 2017: Illuminatus (NiTROACTiVE) Vanilla Will think of additional entries when I can.
  23. TheV1perK1ller

    Let's create a list of the best Old-School 32-level megawads

    I only mentioned 1monster since both BtSX Episodes are present. I'm unsure whether the list is only for the more popular megawads, otherwise I too would include Mano Laikas.
  24. TheV1perK1ller

    Let's create a list of the best Old-School 32-level megawads

    Some other ones I could think of: 2006: Armadosia: The Mad Corridor (arma kero) 2007: 1 Monster (Various) 2011: Doom 2: Unleashed / Pcorf Community Project (Various) 2012: A.L.T. ([B0S] Clan) 2013: Hellbound (Zoltán Sófalvi) 2013: Interception (The Interceptors) 2014: NOVA: The Birth (TeamNOVA) 2015: NOVA II: New Dawn (TeamNOVA 2) 2015: 2048 Unleashed / Pcorf Community Project 2 (Various) 2015: Five Rooms of Doom (Various) 2016: Bloodstain (Pipicz)
  25. TheV1perK1ller

    Let's create a list of the best Old-School 32-level megawads

    Community Chest 3 was released in 2007, not 2006. Sorry.