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  1. RottingZombie

    Why do you not use free look?

    because it warps the view (i prefer software rendering), and because it feels right (nostalgia). Also keeps it simple. I do turn it on and enable crosshair once the wad resets on zd friday night survival so i can aim with the railgun. I'd play a wad designed with it in mind, but it'd have to look good in hardware rendering and use 3d models, sprites look stupid when they warp.
  2. RottingZombie

    2022ADO ... Released! (now on idgames)

    that hit me for some reason, :p I agree with you though, and thanks for all of your maps and tunes, you are as important to the game's health and community as anyone, or even the original developers. Appreciate all mappers/modders/musicians who have given me so many years of fun!
  3. RottingZombie

    Do you prefer vanilla wads or TC mods?

    Vanilla / Limit Removing here. I play zdoom or boom specific wads if they seem high quality though, but don't usually mix them into my huge V/LR folder.
  4. RottingZombie

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    Absolutely amazing maps. Loved it all. Might give it another play later.
  5. I'm sorry, where do i get the texture pack? I downloaded 32in24-15 dwango wad and still was missing some textures.
  6. RottingZombie

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    I see in the setup program and the config file that I can use fluidsynth. How do I enable this? I've set the path to the soundfont, but do i need to add fluidsynth manually to the installation directory?
  7. RottingZombie

    Do you have hotkeys for weapons?

    Yea I use the same binds I'd gotten used to in Quake III: q: plasma e: chaingun f: rocket c: shotgun z: BFG x: melee 2: pistol
  8. RottingZombie

    I can't take a screenshot in the steam version

    maybe point steam to the doom executable instead of ZDL? Of course, then I'm not sure it would detect doom running if launched via ZDL
  9. Thanks for the WAD, this is my type of thing. Will probably play later tonight,
  10. RottingZombie

    PrBoom+ UMAPINFO midi player

    Yes! Thanks for finding it, I was using 2.0. Downloaded 2.1 now. make sure to put the path and/or filename in quotes in prboom-plus.cfg to make it use the soundfont file.
  11. RottingZombie

    PrBoom+ UMAPINFO midi player

    I've been using gm dls remastered version 2 alternative.sf2 with fluidsynth, though I can't remember where i downloaded it. Basically windows' midi soundfont in higher fidelity.
  12. RottingZombie

    DBP46: Monuments of Mars 2

    Awesome, thanks for the additional mapset.
  13. RottingZombie

    Ozonia Boom Megawad - on /idgames!

    I may be misunderstanding here, but Crispy does allow loading more than one pwad via -file on the command line. I often load megawads and psxsounds together. For example: crispy-doom.exe -file akeldama.wad psxsounds.wad
  14. RottingZombie

    Treasure Trove Of Doom

    I'm the kinda geek who likes to print out crap like this and have a seperate CD dedicated to, say, BTSX. So this is awesome! I had previously just printed the pixelly graphic from doomwiki for the cover (after cropping to a square). Next time I go to the store to get some Touhou covers printed, I may try some of these!