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  1. I'm the kinda geek who likes to print out crap like this and have a seperate CD dedicated to, say, BTSX. So this is awesome! I had previously just printed the pixelly graphic from doomwiki for the cover (after cropping to a square). Next time I go to the store to get some Touhou covers printed, I may try some of these!
  2. RottingZombie

    Naoki Horii (M2 CEO) is into DOOM

    Is that the company that ports a bunch of awesome STG's?
  3. PRBoom+ - 5 Crispy - 4
  4. RottingZombie

    Romero reveals Sigil 2

    News to me. Nice! Thanks for posting.
  5. Wait, what? A sequel to one of my favorite megawads? I didn't know this was in the works! Thanks pcorf!
  6. Looks great! I'm hoping the screen shake when shooting can be disabled. I assume yes since it's GZDoom. Downloading now!
  7. RottingZombie

    anyone know any good vanilla doom 2 megawads?

    Zone 300 if you want small action packed maps. Not too hard either. Love it!
  8. Regarding Icarus music, I found this yesterday. Can't remember if it was linked here or if it showed up in my YouTube recommended feed. @Zulk RS Check out that playlist if you want; maybe it will sound better played through the Roland SC-55. I notice some midi tracks grate on my nerves if using a bad sound font in-game.
  9. He always wears gloves. The punch is actually him jabbing with another marine's severed arm.
  10. RottingZombie

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    I used to play quake 3 under the name "Osiris", but people kept mistaking me for some other Osiris. I switched for that reason, and based this one on a creature from Dark Age of Camelot called... Rotting Zombie
  11. RottingZombie

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Bourgeois Megawad

    Regarding the crash on level 5 of the quiet version, it crashes when i play on HMP and using cheats idkfa, iddqd, and noclip (though i disabled noclip before exiting). It did not crash on ItYtD with no cheats, if it helps at all. Using PrBoom+ 2.6um. I'm glad this was chosen as the months wad, I may have put it on the backburner for a long time otherwise. I'd only previously played the first few maps.
  12. RottingZombie

    How do you organize your save slots?

    Name of wad I'm playing in top slots One quicksave at the bottom that gets reused for whatever I'm in the middle of.
  13. RottingZombie

    Predicament about Resolution

    I hear you. Even though I only have a 1080p 60hz panel, I still limit myself to 640x400 scale usually. I agree that some things do look 'right', or better, at 320x200. I find 640 a good compromise. I also prefer 4:3 (entirely due to nostalgia I think). I do play zdaemon at a higher resolution though, since i haven't figured out how to make the scoreboard fit at my preferred resolution. I think in the past I worried that switching to 1080p would get me used to it, and then I'd never want to go back to the lower resolution. This isn't the case though, it's easy to go back and readjust to the lower one if you decide to. So what I end up doing nowadays is playing vanilla-style content at 640, and anything developed for GZDoom or with enhanced graphics at my native res.
  14. I tore through Rowdy Rudy II this weekend, finally. In short, I love it and thought it was on par with the original in quality, but it felt different. Where I took a cautious approach in the first, in this it was all guns blazing action. I especially loved map22 - great use of texture and design to sell the base assault theme. It's going to be weird going back to normal weapon behavior now. Also, I swear I've played map 20 somewhere a long time ago? The beginning of it looked so familiar.
  15. RottingZombie

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom Zero

    +++Bourgeois Megawad
  16. RottingZombie

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I'm gonna re-ask for a wad I'd previously posted about years ago. It was a multi-map wad (can't remember if it was full megawad). The level I remember most had small rooms that had nicely detailed and symmetrical layout/lighting to them. Each room in the corridor would have a handful of soldiers and zombiemen. It reminded me of the corridor levels in Contra NES. Most distinctively I remember the rocket launcher having a custom sound, like a bottle rocket or movie missile (i don't know if real rockets make that sound). I had found it years ago on idgames, but can never seem to come across it again or remember the name. Don't even know if it was Doom 1 or 2 but I'm leaning toward 1.
  17. RottingZombie

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doom Zero

    So i finished this early, won't go into detail about any particular map. I enjoyed the wad despite the weird sound effects and creepy boss. Thankfully the platforming and puzzles weren't too complicated, though a couple maps stumped me for a little while. Was fun enough to make me plow through it in a few sessions, so it's a keeper! Now I've got to catch up on Rowdy Rudy 2...
  18. RottingZombie

    Vanilla Wafers: A Vanilla-Compatible Mini-Episode

    @E.M. Thanks!
  19. RottingZombie

    Vanilla Wafers: A Vanilla-Compatible Mini-Episode

    @E.M. by any chance do you have a text file to go with this? (I like to have them open up before the wad with my shortcuts)
  20. RottingZombie

    Adding WAD dosbox What am I doing wrong?

    you can click the doom.wad, then hold ctrl and click the idkfav2.wad and drag them onto gzdoom.exe Or, open a command window into the gzdoom folder and type just like you did in DOSBox. For example, if you installed GZDoom into c:\gzdoom (along with doom.wad and IDKFAv2.wad), you could open a command window and type cd c:\gzdoom [enter] gzdoom -iwad doom.wad -file idkfav2.wad [enter] Open a command window by hitting your windows key or start menu and type cmd then hit enter
  21. RottingZombie

    Doom Ramon

    Damn, I read the thread title as "Doom Ramen" and thought I'd be heading to eBay looking for some stale noodles.
  22. RottingZombie

    Vanilla Wafers: A Vanilla-Compatible Mini-Episode

    I just tore through this on HMP. I mostly enjoyed the hell out of it, especially the first four maps. I can see some of these being part of Zone 300 (small map megawad, check it out if you haven't played it). It had the things I enjoy out of Doom - simple maps without puzzles, lots of shooting weak monsters, and tons of collectables on the floor. I did think the monster traps were overused by the end of it. For example, every time I picked up a new gun or key, I knew some monsters would be in my face immediately. I think if it is used a little less, you expect it and are tense when it doesn't happen, and that may be more fun? Or maybe some other monster closets could open elsewhere instead, so when you backtrack in a hurry you run into something. I would have been frustrated if I died to instant archvile surprises, but luckily I escaped them all. Finally, the last map felt like it would be a good map30 to a full casual small-map megawad. Please continue making short action packed maps with good music! Thanks for 15 minutes of fun! This is going into my permanent collection.
  23. RottingZombie

    Doom 90's Level CD-ROMS

    Wow! First thing I thought of when I clicked link was "Tricks of the Doom Programming Gurus", and sure enough it is there. I had begged and begged for this as a young teen for a christmas present, then didn't have a damn clue how to use any of it! Wish I still had the big book.
  24. RottingZombie

    Adding WAD dosbox What am I doing wrong?

    Oh my apologies; I assumed it was midi files. Ok yea zdoom based port would work :).
  25. RottingZombie

    Adding WAD dosbox What am I doing wrong?

    are you willing to use a source port instead of DOS Box? That should work. Chocolate Doom would be a close match to DOS Doom.