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  1. CC29.jpg.434483d1051e323c23a0e41942b5627f.jpg

    Good lord, my pathfinding run of Community Chest map29 has been completed. Thanks for the video of @TheV1perK1ller because I was stuck in some places. Anyway, I originally thought the efficiency of ammo shouldn't be a thing in this map, but it turns out that this matters. At last, I found out that you can actually open the blue door from inside, so it's better that you can go inside and get the stuff and get back out. I think I can finish the map within 90 minutes, but it's very long so there will be unnecessary emotions to block my way ;P

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    2. TheV1perK1ller


      Getting past this map is an achievement in itself. Great work, Garrett!

    3. GarrettChan


      @TheV1perK1llerThe start is kind of rough until you get the SSG... I died at a stupid place just now. I hope I have the mood to run this at least once per day. I hope one day I can finish it ;P

    4. TheV1perK1ller


      @GarrettChan Yeah, it takes a phenomenal amount of patience to complete this monster of a map. I'm sure you will do it, you did complete Disjunction, after all... ;)