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  1. The arcade cab amazes me. Technically it should be 3, D2 Map30, 01 and 07. There's a short clip shooting a zombieman, and that looks like Map01 if my mind is fine. Anyway, I guess the movie doesn't have any actual knowledge about this thing, or they just want to make fun of it that people playing these games don't care what happens around them.
  2. Ran through some of the maps and they are fine. I'll do the rest of the maps to make sure they are also fine. Probably this is too late to say... I guess leaving the Christmas WAD alone for the player to choose whether loading this or not could be better. I really like the color choice for the palette, but I don't really like the Christmas WAD. (Well, don't bash me :D)
  3. That's enough for the reason why it doesn't work...
  4. For recording demos, people may choose ZDoom.
  5. It seems many WAD did change the messages without the requirement of loading a dehacked, but I'm not sure whether this must be done with dehacked or not.
  6. I'm so looking forward to your mapset.
  7. I've finished Map01 and Map05, and the maps are really nice, ignoring the confusion caused by custom sprites to me. I am thinking that I'll do runs for this when the final release comes out.
  8. It's complicated, so no one can explain this thing correctly, or did I use the wrong word?
  9. What...? I know in China, since they are really care about human rights or something like that, usually police can only talk to you unless you're extremely dangerous. Therefore, sometimes it makes funny scenarios where the citizens can do some non-reasonable moves, but the police can do nothing about it.
  10. I personally still prefer 8-bit style like 9 and 10, but from the video, it seems the design is "clean" enough for me, so yeah, I'm still looking forward to it.
  11. It's nice that this doesn't cause you trouble. Caught a cold recently, and I can't even breathe through my nose during sleep, so painful.
  12. To me, another reason is that you definitely know the third full blast of SSG would kill an Arachnotron. Cacodemons and Mancubi are in some awkward HP position, so you can't get the feeling that you can't kill one for sure.
  13. The name is solely for the Arch-vile in the cage? Seems legit :D Jokes aside, I like the map. Is there any chance those "Blue Key" messages would be replaced by "Purple Key" messages?
  14. I can totally see why you directly called me an idiot for no reason last time. Nice.
  15. I don't know. It seems in the 0:01 demo, the gap can be crossed by SR50, but I can't actually do it. The one I posted, I somehow got boosted by a Mancubus fireball in my a$$ and crossed it. Or you're talking about my "Map03" instead of "Map07"? That's a typo...