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  1. Oh... I wasn't thinking about that :^) I actually lured the final 1 of the 2 AVs all the way there...
  2. I wonder how do you get the MegaArmor secret on Map07...
  3. GarrettChan

    Question about partimes

    TBH, I don't think anybody really pays attention to partimes, and I don't know whether you should take time to deal with it.
  4. GarrettChan

    NoYe demos [-complevel 9]

    Map16 UV Max Co-op in 0:22 (P1: @4shockblast P2: me) ny16mc022.zip Youtube Video (Title too long... have to shorten our ids...)
  5. GarrettChan

    BTSX1 issue

    Don't know whether you're joking or now. Vanilla exe doesn't support pk3 files.
  6. GarrettChan

    BTSX1 issue

    what sourceport you're using.
  7. GarrettChan

    Was Final Doom designed for the teleport bug?

    I assume that's the same archived page as JadingTsunami sent? It says 1998 Dec 06, so I assume that's the day of the post.
  8. GarrettChan

    Was Final Doom designed for the teleport bug?

    Oh for sure, this also made me curious about why this happened as well. I mean, we're just guessing what happens back then, but probably even the playtesters themselves can't really remember what happened heh. Pretty appreciated about this thread being posted, as it definitely gave out quite a lot of information. Haven't done any testing for "software issues", but from my testing experience for quite a lot of Doom maps, missing straightforward things happens from time to time. Don't know whether I got the link Doomkid was talking about properly. It says 1998 on the top so I assume they discovered this after Final Doom is released?
  9. GarrettChan

    Was Final Doom designed for the teleport bug?

    To be fair though, it's not as obvious when people were only playing Doom for 3 years or so, and it's not easy to notice side by side as well. It's not like right now the -cl4 bugged teleporter has been written all over the place and so many people are speedrunning/making maps etc., which made this bug way more obvious than before. It's kinda like, you probably will find out something that you didn't know even after these 20+ years of Doom-ing, so I'd say it's fair they didn't find this out back then. Just like, whenever you think the finding of Doom has been exhausted, there're still probably new stuff coming out in the future. Like, who would ever think that Zero Press would be discovered in 2019, right?
  10. GarrettChan

    Was Final Doom designed for the teleport bug?

    It seems not on top of my head. To a speedrunner, this action is more like an annoyance than something interesting, so I guess probably nobody actually likes it, heh. I said I wanted to make use of this sounds more like sarcastic because I don't use GZDoom, but obviously I am not against GZDoom players :)
  11. GarrettChan

    Was Final Doom designed for the teleport bug?

    Well, I mean, it's more like you need to use this teleporter problem to get a high up monsters to trigger a line or shoot a switch. This will break -cl2 or even GZDoom.
  12. GarrettChan

    Was Final Doom designed for the teleport bug?

    I really want a WAD where it can only be played on -cl4 and make the use of teleporter problem.
  13. GarrettChan

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Plutonia Map13 NoMo 100S in 0:39 pl13os039.zip @mhrz maybe this is useful? Didn't have time to look for a easier setup.
  14. GarrettChan

    Practice Hub demos [Boom compat, -complevel 9]

    I know that, but I didn't even have time to do any type of research. Also the Vile going crazy is what you want. Instead of exiting with a super slow time. I would rather having the Vile to do that.
  15. GarrettChan

    Practice Hub demos [Boom compat, -complevel 9]

    you meant 38? I wanted to try Map05 Stroller but you beat me to it :P (Kinda busy today so I didn't get a good angle of the AVJ...)