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  1. So I'm doing a research project for college...

    1. 29, male 2. America, I guess. 3. All Classic Dooms, Doom 3 and Doom (2016). 4. Doom 2. A good variety of weapons and monsters with decent amount of maps ranging from small to big ones. 5. Ult. Doom 5/10 Doom 2 10/10 Doom 3 7/10 (Horror games are not really my taste) Doom (2016) 8/10 (This score is based on the feeling of the games around 2016 because FPS games around that moment don't really get me into it, and Doom (2016) stands out quite a bit for me.) 6. This can't be really said in my opinion because they are all quite different games unless you're comparing Ult. Doom and Doom 2, but judging from my rating, I think Doom 2 to Ult. Doom is definitely an improvement. 7. Totally not. It is some sort of different games in the same name to me. 8. Classic Doom is the only one 10/10 game in my life. That's it. 9. I appreciate the change of taste in the overall feeling of the game, but I'm really not into horror games or games with horror environment settings. Some other things would be the anti-climatic final boss in Doom 3 or such. 10. I'm curious about your opinions though. @NIH: You're young, so good :D
  2. Classic Doom I/II Maps vs. Fan Maps

    Comparing old maps in IWADs with PWADS nowadays it not really fair in my opinion. It's sort of like that back in the day, Plutonia can say those maps are hard, but now, it seems easy enough. (Wait, only Ultimate Doom/D2? Never mind...) Romero's maps are sort of like creations under certain rules. Nothing is too good and nothing is too bad, probably except the final part of D2 Map17. Thus, Romero's maps sometimes feel boring to me. McGee's maps are usually short and compact, but the color could be a little bit dull, like D2 Map14 even though I like that map quite a lot. Sandy's maps are always special on the other hand. I would say probably Sandy has the most important influence in mapping. Usually his maps will result in quite different opinions. For example, I really feel E2M2 is boring while a lot of people think E2M2 is the best map in Ultimate Doom. Some other maps that have very different views on could be D2 Map09 and Map24.
  3. Share a random fact about yourself

    Although this comparison sounds ridiculous, it's true to me... Snow to me is just like dog being pet to me. I would like to have it just to entertain myself, but if I have to live in a place with frequent snow, it annoys me. On the other hand, I love rain in California. The sounds of rain give me feeling of serenity for some reason. However, I don't like rain in my Chinese hometown (where I'm currently in).
  4. How did you react when you first used upon the SSG?

    Probably no reaction because I played Doom 2 first, but I had a reaction of Ultimate Doom being boring because there's no Super Shotgun.
  5. How do you view video games?

    Yeah, this is definitely very fun to do. You talked about the designs of environments or stuff, but I'm not sure whether dissecting mechanics is also included. For me, understanding and researching about the core mechanics of a game is a lot of fun. Then I can make strategies accordingly. Besides video games, I would like to do this to board games since they are a clearer math model most of the time. Of course, video games would waste a lot of time, and to be honest, I think I wasted too much time on them. However, I still managed to get something out of it, so I still think games are fine unless the game requires nothing but time (eg: modern cellphone daily games).
  6. The Doom Confessional Booth

    According to the calculation, for RL, it takes slightly less than 30 seconds to take down a Cybie on average; for SSG, it takes slightly more than 30 seconds to take down a Cybie. However, there are some other factors to consider though: 1. You may miss a rocket and some pellets from SSG; 2. You can't get too close to fire a rocket since you may take splash damage from your own rocket; 3. It seems I have a higher chance to miss a rocket rather than to miss many pellets from a SSG blast. Therefore, I usually would choose SSG over RL for single Cybie in running maps.
  7. The Doom Confessional Booth

    The last time I did wonder SSG vs Rocket Launcher on one Cyberdemon, but I didn't think of Plasma Rifle, but according to this 262.5 DPS, Plasma Rifle should be the best in these 3. In the first few years of playing Doom, I always thought Plasma Rifle is definitely useless when you have the BFG, but now I felt that was sort of stupid since Plasma Rifle still has strategic uses in some situations.
  8. I probably would pick PE because I always want to feed him/her until he/she explodes and leave nothing behind for some odd reasons. Don't click the spoiler please.
  9. Which monster would you say is your least favorite?

    As well as many opinions, I think all the monsters are good. They serve different purposes, and they can make unlimited combination of challenges for different maps. If you force me to pick one, I would probably pick Lost Soul. Although Arch-viles can easily ruin a run by their strange movement or continuous resurrection, but I don't really hate them for some reason.
  10. Back to Saturn X demos [-complevel 2]

    Map11 UV Max in 6:14 b111-614.zip No need to be sorry. I would rather have my a$$ kicked rather than leaving a demo forever there and no one is interested in running that map. Racing against each other is a good way to improve my skills. To be honest, the most annoying part of this map is it has a high chance leaving straggler(s) behind. This ruined many potential 6:1X attempts.
  11. Back to Saturn X demos [-complevel 2]

    Map11 UV Max in 6:21 b111-621.zip Thanks to Poncho for the route tweak, and there's another discovery to save time. It's sort of stupid that I repelled myself into the teleporter due to the splash damage and wasted 2 or 3 rockets. Otherwise, the run can go to something like 6:18.
  12. Back to Saturn X demos [-complevel 2]

    Nice route tweak. I didn't think of getting around like that and I totally forgot that teleporter to the final room. Probably there's a 6:30 potential after watching this run. I was thinking whether we should kill those troopers at around 2:30 before going in because they definitely wasted quite some time there.
  13. About accurate?

    Wow, it seems I also made enemies with at least half of Doomworld since I really love Map08 of D2.
  14. Back to Saturn X demos [-complevel 2]

    Map11 UV Max in 6:53 b111-653.zip Minor route tweak. Probably this is it for me on this map.
  15. Back to Saturn X demos [-complevel 2]

    Map11 UV Max in 7:07 b111-707.zip Improvable, probably will run it a few more times in the future.