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  1. Hunted.
  2. Oh god, should I go out and buy cables now?
  3. Here are my two cents: The idea I brought up the sentence about the games sell better is that obviously nowadays, game developers turn their interest towards cellphone games, which I'm mostly not interested in. I think the advantages of the cellphone games are low cost to develop with a nice potential gain. However, big games cost too much, and the it can be a waste of money in case no one likes it. For example, mostly the price of games won't be permanently lowered in the first year, but Thief (2014) did permanently lowered the price by 50% after the launch of the first six months. I guess they know how the game had bad reputation as a reboot and annoyed the fans, of which I'm one, from the original Thief trilogy. Of course, there could be other reasons I'm ignorant to realize, and I realized that these words seem completely out of the topic... Yeah, I definitely use saves to practice a particular area again and again in order to the find out the best strategy for it, and of course I understand your meaning about "not necessarily implying a competitive motivation". I don't know how to describe that, so I used this inappropriate word, but I think you get my idea. That's why I usually like to watch strategic playthroughs with calm and detailed explanations and plannings, not people's exaggerated reactions to bad games or bad designs for "amusing" others, which seems more popular nowadays, at least in China.
  4. That's why I'm always not a fan of E3M7, and the thing about TNT Map30 is totally the same as my first experience of that map, which I don't even know how and where to shoot rockets inside the brain.
  5. Well, different people have different types of attitudes towards gaming. We definitely consider "beating a Doom map properly" should follow the "competitive standards", but not all people are into this. However, people can still enjoy the game by using freelook, S/L, non infinite height or such things to enjoy the game, so all this depends on the way we create our own standards. I may use save scumming to beat some maps in Sunder, Sunlust, Dimensions or similar difficult WADs just to experience them because they have very unique feelings to play through, but obviously I don't consider I can beat this map properly. Of course, if someone over-claims his/her own abilities, this would be somewhat annoying anyway. However, from another standpoint, I think games with quicksave/quickload system would sell better because they're more friendly to players.
  6. Yes, definitely this. Another thing could be that E3M4 weird door opening floor panels. To be honest, I don't know how I think about TNT Map30 now because someone said it's somewhat a cheap shot that using death to tell you that you should look for clues. Eternal Doom probably put too much focus on switch hunting, so I definitely don't really like that.
  7. Define puzzle, especially those you consider puzzle in IWADs.
  8. Hmm, you somehow told me real story. Doing pistol start, single segment runs greatly improve me skill. Also, about the long run thing, I guess it's a universal human thing, unless someone is cold blooded, or has too much time to spare ;P In my opinion, it's not a "static" absolute number of length, but it depends on difficulty. For example, I felt the same after 10 min in my SoD Map13 UV Max/Reality run as after 60 min in my CC Map29 UV Max run. (or this is an excuse for me being sucky lol) ^^^^@dew Oh god... the best.
  9. Don't know why this commercial makes me laugh so hard, but it's definitely a salty idea...
  10. Well, I guess I'm too late to catch the thread... Probably I should just join the audience and... have some curry which I made for my dinner :P
  11. Map04 UV Max/Reality
  12. Map14 UV Max/Reality Obviously, my UV "can-take-damage" Max run f@cking sucks...
  13. Well, for the Reality run, there are a lot of improvements there, so that 0.5 sec lost doesn't really matter I guess. Where is the crusher...? I don't actually know. Are you talking about the one with the Armor?
  14. Of course I don't hate Pistol. If we don't have Pistol, many Tyson runs can't be done.
  15. I think you are talking seriously, but I feel the title being sarcastic... Probably you should pick the least slaughter-ish map in this case ;P For real: none of above For sarcastic: E2M2
  16. 50 Monsters. This should be played on UV -Fast.
  17. Normal Revenant missiles are still fired towards random direction, but if a Revenant fires a homing missile, it will actually 100% turn towards you and fire. It's a very interesting "design". On the other hand, Arch-viles usually dance around, but no matter which way they face, they can burn you anyway.
  18. Well, this is more like a subjective thing than objective thing in my opinion. (If I used those two words correctly.) Another example would be Chaingunners. For example, if you don't like Revenants/Chaingunners in a sniper position, it doesn't mean you hate these two, I guess.
  19. Talking about Revenants, I guess one of the reasons that people hate Revenants is the damage. I remembered there was a thread talking about how to balance Doom, and if you ask me, the only thing I would do is make Revenant missiles 8D8 instead of 10D8. However, that's a personal preference, not actually good. Another thing is that I always think Revenant is the reversed Hell Knight due to the damage.
  20. It would be very hilarious that one Revenant acts as a filter that it only lets one missile in one stack of missiles get through him... Or you think you correctly use a Revenant to block a stack of missiles but are killed by the one that gets through the "filter"...\ ↑↑↑@leodoom85Nah, I guess there are differences between "green water" and "poison", "red water" and "blood", "yellow striped red water" and "lava", "brown water" and "muddy water (wait, why this hurts?)", "blue circle" and "blue circle that flashes", etc. ;P
  21. Oh yeah, I remember this being true though. The thing is just that most other monsters can't even hit themselves, so it's rather paid attention to I guess.
  22. Hmm, Spirit of the Night, Dead Eye(?), Bob's Brain, Dork Bum, Halo of Flies(?). Probably will resume playing this game today. Because I was so busy recently, I gave up playing this for quite a while.
  23. Wait... you're not playing the game properly, so the difficulty may be not fair, so nothing to talk about I guess.
  24. Oh yeah, it's true after testing. Probably I've never particularly closely observed this thing. Nice to know, and thanks for the explanation. @Nine Inch HeelsI used Map19 of 50 Monsters to prove that, nice to have new knowledge. Never mind... got outsped that you know you got outsped... ↓↓↓
  25. Wait... are you sure about this? I don't think so. You mean actually Revenant X's missile will go through Revenant X himself?