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  1. GarrettChan


    I'm not sure whether I have some setting(s) not appropriate because the monsters spawned by the spawn cubes are stuck on PrBoom+. Also, I would say Map04 is a little bit too annoying for UV Maxing. Other than this, Map01 through Map03 are very enjoyable. Thanks for the efforts.
  2. GarrettChan

    "Not The Cacowards"

    What a nice name!
  3. GarrettChan

    "Not The Cacowards"

    I really like the design of the trophy. Well, I would say this is a good idea. Last year, I was sad that TNT: Revilution and Moonblood didn't make it into the Cacoward. For writing problems, I would say probably non native speakers could good at writing. As my personal experience about learning English, speaking is definitely the most difficult part because you need not only decent amount of understanding of the language, but also to construct a proper sentence in a short period of time. Although I've heard a lot "don't afraid to make mistakes", or "don't care about grammars too much" when I was practicing my English back then, you can't pull a sentence out of thin air if you don't have enough knowledge about English. I consider Chinese and English are different enough to make me confused and have quite a bit of difficulty when learning English. On the other hand, writing gives you plenty of time to correct your mistakes, so I would consider writing is an easier job than speaking. I would say my writing is decent enough to review a certain WAD if there's a chance, but if you ask me to talk about my opinions directly, I would probably can't express myself properly.
  4. GarrettChan

    Urania demos [-complevel 4]

    @Bloodite KryptoWell, every time I watch your demo, I feel I'm not a good enough player to try speedrunning Doom. I'm comparing to one of the most powerful Doomgod out there, so it's not that bad. ;P Well, the level of confusion is definitely not the same caliber as Eternal Doom, but it makes this WAD quite a niche interest IMO. It seems most of the level design is non linear IIRC, and from Map04 onward, it's quite large. I remember I took like 1 hour and 30 minutes to finish Map04 blind. However, I don't really have good raw skill, so I usually savescum through the level if I play blind. Then I develop my strats after knowing everything. I also play Wolf3D quite a lot, and I don't think I have too much navigational problem. However, Eternal Doom likes to hide thing in regular textured walls or something like that, so probably it's not comparable in many ways.
  5. I somehow feel that my i5 got insulted by a really bad map.
  6. GarrettChan

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    - My UV Max run for disjunct Map10 is missing a monster (since Player177 is the true boss to discover how to kill the last Arch-vile...) - The UV Max run for tntr Map03 by jjthebird has "-cl 3" instead of "-cl 4" (I checked with a hex editor to make sure he didn't make this strange mistake)
  7. GarrettChan

    Urania demos [-complevel 4]

    Oh god, after watching Krypto's demos, I lost hope on myself again, JK ;P That's really cool if you're going to fill the whole table because maps feel ridiculous complicated. I've only played the first 10 maps or so, but it definitely can feel the "direction" of this WAD. I would say this could be another Eternal Doom, which I mean it's fun to watch a demo, rather than playing the whole thing by yourself, or maybe it's very fun to play if you know the routing. However, it feels like hell when you play it blind... I've only watched the first level now, but I'm agree with GoS that Map01 is already quite difficult to route... Also, there are a lot of cramped fights which I can see there are a lot of trouble with those when you're going fast. The first map's run is really fun to watch with risky low health in the later parts. I can definitely see a lot of deaths associated with a good run in any of these maps.
  8. Hmm, interesting although you said you've never been into the "bubble". It seems Japanese players are usually automatically good at video games ;P
  9. Rofl. BTW, the person who has money is always right, we know ;P
  10. That's the best idea right from the start. Thumbs up many times.
  11. Well, I pretty much figured this out, but still it's funny. More funny thing is that someone think this counts as a proof. Oh, well.
  12. GarrettChan

    Brand New Doom 2 Trick

    This should be named "ZerioRocks".
  13. GarrettChan

    My Introduction To Doom

    Oh yeah, 4 MB RAM, I really like this as a memory to me. I played Doom 2 on my cousin's computer first, and I wanted to play that on my computer. Then, my cousin told me that you need 4 MB RAM instead of 2 MB RAM. I had a 586 back at the time. Still, it's kind of funny to think about back in the day, you have 1/1000 or even 1/4000 of RAM right now.
  14. If you really want some Doomgod to be involved, make a Boom map instead of UDMF map.
  15. Oh, it's not the first time. Interesting. However, he's the one who gives out money. Why should he care about performance issues when you have no luck gaining the price? ;P Since OP doesn't care about actual feedbacks on his maps, it's more likely that he just solely wants to beat DW community.
  16. It's funny that someone asked others to play his map by having real money as a price, but players are complaining about how badly design the map is. To be honest, it seems not very reasonable to me that OP offers higher and higher prizes for his map, and continues to develop the map into a monster or something. Then, you see the "additional" rules added for each new version of the map. It feels OP just wanted to beat DW but he found that he always left something behind for someone to cheese his prize, especially with 2 hours limit right now. Not only requiring GZDoom doesn't interest me, the look of the map doesn't interest me either. From the beginning, the lag problem seems a bad or dirty design of a map. Well, my feeling is correct.
  17. GZDoom being required makes it unbeatable for me ;P
  18. You're a really good player, no doubt. Right now, it seems OP just want to make something unbeatable, so he can say his map is unbeatable by the DW community.
  19. To be honest, it's not the way to compare things like this. A well polished 30-second run can take way longer than a not so well polished 6-minute max run. Overall, there's no real easy correlation between run type & run length and time consumed. Yes, generally a longer run takes longer time, but having (at least) 2 variables is not really a good way to compare. You may think a Speed run could be easier because you don't care about killing all the monsters, but it needs more hard work on the movement side than a Max run.
  20. Oh, did I insult you out of nothing? If so, I apologize for that. I totally don't understand what you meant here. Probably because I'm a non native speaker. I still stick to how to get an effective proof from the start, but the thing is that there's no such a way to do it.
  21. Grazza: Thanks for the quotation from your book. It's very interesting to read even I only know the rules and some very basic strategies of Chess. Vorpal: Do you mind explain why you only stick to this demo rather than other "extreme" demos? If you insist in verifying one demo just for your site, you should probably verify all of those records you put on your site. I don't understand why you don't care about other records. Maybe a 5-minute demo requires more time than a 4-hour demo.
  22. I'm curious how to cheat in chess. The closest thing I can think of is there's someone or a computer helping you out to calculate the best move right now. Just want to know, maybe there's something more besides this?
  23. I did mention the verification process is very costly and make Classic Doom speedrunning a chore, rather than being fun. Putting up video footages can't 100% solve the problem. On the other side, it seems you don't care about how much damage will this deal what if the run is real. I don't know why you stick to the 4-hour thing and won't let go. It seems ZeroMaster's TNT Nightmare! run has similar difficulty to me with even more randomization and uncertainty. ZeroMaster didn't actually perform in real time (if there's any video, I would love to see), so maybe eventually every Doomgod will have this problem.
  24. However, things in ZDoom don't behave as intended... It's kind of sad that most of these things don't really have evidence to clear any suspicion. Even with videos of keyboard/mouse and your face, the player can cheat, but it's just harder. Right now, it seems the situation you talked about is the worse case I can imagine. This could lead to people talk about TAS thing even they have no idea what is TAS, or people are watching a TAS video even they don't know what it is supposed to mean and think that's a live performance. It seems any sort of verification method is quite costly relatively. As mentioned above, having videos for extra stuff doesn't really prove anything. It takes a lot of time to analyze everything. Even with this, it's hard to prove everything.
  25. It's funny that these things usually can have a clear debate. You can only choose to believe or not believe. BTW, PrBoom+ usage is not a way to argue about this since this is probably the most popular port. I watched the later maps and the style is rather conservative compared to actual single map record for that map. Given the fact that Ancalagon can play well in most single map runs, I would say these changes convince me enough to believe this is an actual single segmented run. Another thing is that doing speedruns can improve your skill to a level beyond expectation. It's difficult to explain this because it's more a feeling thing, but I would say casual playing can improve your skill but it will eventually reach a difficult-to-cross threshold. Even under the pressure of single segment run, you get a lot of improvement of your skill. I would say, players' skill beyond someone's expectation is a normal thing to see. Another thing is what's the point of cheating on this. Classic Doom PWADs are just niche interest, not to mention probably AV is also borderline this because it's not an official game or something. I can understand cheating on popular esport games, but not this because probably no one outside the circle would care or do something to it.