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  1. According to the calculation, for RL, it takes slightly less than 30 seconds to take down a Cybie on average; for SSG, it takes slightly more than 30 seconds to take down a Cybie. However, there are some other factors to consider though: 1. You may miss a rocket and some pellets from SSG; 2. You can't get too close to fire a rocket since you may take splash damage from your own rocket; 3. It seems I have a higher chance to miss a rocket rather than to miss many pellets from a SSG blast. Therefore, I usually would choose SSG over RL for single Cybie in running maps.
  2. The last time I did wonder SSG vs Rocket Launcher on one Cyberdemon, but I didn't think of Plasma Rifle, but according to this 262.5 DPS, Plasma Rifle should be the best in these 3. In the first few years of playing Doom, I always thought Plasma Rifle is definitely useless when you have the BFG, but now I felt that was sort of stupid since Plasma Rifle still has strategic uses in some situations.
  3. I probably would pick PE because I always want to feed him/her until he/she explodes and leave nothing behind for some odd reasons. Don't click the spoiler please.
  4. As well as many opinions, I think all the monsters are good. They serve different purposes, and they can make unlimited combination of challenges for different maps. If you force me to pick one, I would probably pick Lost Soul. Although Arch-viles can easily ruin a run by their strange movement or continuous resurrection, but I don't really hate them for some reason.
  5. Map11 UV Max in 6:14 No need to be sorry. I would rather have my a$$ kicked rather than leaving a demo forever there and no one is interested in running that map. Racing against each other is a good way to improve my skills. To be honest, the most annoying part of this map is it has a high chance leaving straggler(s) behind. This ruined many potential 6:1X attempts.
  6. Map11 UV Max in 6:21 Thanks to Poncho for the route tweak, and there's another discovery to save time. It's sort of stupid that I repelled myself into the teleporter due to the splash damage and wasted 2 or 3 rockets. Otherwise, the run can go to something like 6:18.
  7. Nice route tweak. I didn't think of getting around like that and I totally forgot that teleporter to the final room. Probably there's a 6:30 potential after watching this run. I was thinking whether we should kill those troopers at around 2:30 before going in because they definitely wasted quite some time there.
  8. Wow, it seems I also made enemies with at least half of Doomworld since I really love Map08 of D2.
  9. Map11 UV Max in 6:53 Minor route tweak. Probably this is it for me on this map.
  10. Map11 UV Max in 7:07 Improvable, probably will run it a few more times in the future.
  11. D2 Map08 for sure. God, I really love that music and mapping now.
  12. I don't know whether my computer sucks. If there are a lot of things, PrBoom+ lags, so sometimes I need to switch to GLBoom+.
  13. How do you know I wanted to run your map for long? Even though I am neutral to dark maps, your map's fantastic looking attracts me. :D Separate versions are not a good idea to solve demo compatibility problem because WADs with multiple versions will cause confusion. BtSX E1 is a good example.
  14. The thing is that I don't want to risk the demo being desynced even though theoretically it shouldn't...
  15. I doubted someone had actually played these maps... TNT Map20 is my favorite in TNT, but I can't deny your point though.
  16. If the project is finalized, I am not sure why this needs to be updated so frequently... If you're going to do a re-map a certain map, why not save it for the next project or such... There are some maps that I wanted to run, but this frequent update makes me kind of worried about it.
  17. I guess the Chaingunner% and Revenant% is a good standard for people looking for WADs that they're going to play. Sadly it's difficult to do these statistics.
  18. For Archi UV Max: I think this is the only MrZzul map I can finish in my entire life :P
  19. So... the player is supposed to punch out the Baron? Because you'll stuck in the crusher forever... Is it a dark humor or something that you "died" like this...
  20. ^Wait... what -complevel is on? I guess 2? It works way differently on 2 and 9...
  21. ^Ahh, interesting feature. I don't know it exists because I usually keep things together.
  22. "Having a NM category in speedrunning ⇒ NM is one of the intended ways of playing Doom"? This seems off... Maybe also Tyson, Pacifist or other categories also are? Nice to read Steve D's ideas though :)
  23. Map31 UV Max/Reality in 12:06 For some reason, you can tag 3 or 4 secrets out of 2 in this map. I didn't do well to kill the Cyberdemon at last because of being nervous. Difficult parts would be fighting a group of enemies with some Caco corpses on the floor, so sometimes shots can sneak through enemies and hit you. Also, the Cybruiser in this WAD has more health than in Valiant/50mon, and he fires 2 shots in a row, so I need to take some time to adjust. Overall, it's towards the easy side because there's no hitscanner.
  24. Actually this is very true. I usually play strategy board games more than other types of games. Games like Descent and this are for me to have a change, but I'm definitely not very into it. Since I was not too serious about reading the rules as usual, I did make some mistakes during the explanation, so the experience could be affected. The first time (and last time) I played, I feel the DM is sort of weak, but it could due to many reasons like play style etc. To be honest, DM is sort of a tragic character here because you sort of need to set up a tough but fine challenge to other players... and you don't have a group of players to talk to and make moves... I'll be gladly to read your experience after you play the game.
  25. Benjo's map UV Max (first pass): Pretty fun cramped slaughterish map. Actually what does the Blue Skull do, or is it just a sort of waypoint?