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  1. GarrettChan


    I guess you're joking right? But at least those eyes replace SS. To be honest, it's time for the first ever UV Max/Pacifist ;P
  2. Don't know why this comment looks so funny to me ;P Mostly in China, as a citizen, you are represented by somebody else. You have the "right" to vote, but probably in quotation marks.
  3. GarrettChan

    Is Miasmic Realms terry wadish? I need expert opinions.

    What a strange way to put the link in the question...
  4. GarrettChan

    Crispy Doom 5.2 (Update: June 20, 2018)

    Very nice. Thanks fabian. Will check out the new features now. Edit: Really love the timer for demo recording, so I'll use more Crispy Doom for D2/Final Doom compat maps.
  5. GarrettChan

    Hard maps with low enemy counts?

    SlaughterMAX Map07. If you read the stuff after Map06, this would be even funnier. (Well, probably not that well-placed, I guess) Some of the later 50monster maps like Map28 and Map29. E4M2, wait... It's easily done without taking damage though.
  6. GarrettChan

    Vanguard demos [-complevel 9]

    Map12 UV -Fast in 13:07 vg12f1307.zip A pretty casual run, and that Cacodemon stuck up there is so mean. Will try again later.
  7. GarrettChan

    Andy Olivera Mapset Project [-complevel 9]

    @Bob9001 I was kind of lazy, so I IDDQD-ed through the whole thing again, but I forgot to get back to you these day because I was too busy (and didn't feel well yesterday). I would say the courtyard still doesn't feel right to me. However, it's not necessary a bad thing because it's just my point. Interesting thing is, I expected an Arch-vile there when I press the switch. Glad that you added one. I actually like the Yellow Keycard puzzle quite a bit, so it's a little bad sad when I saw it gone. Other changes are good IMO, so I don't have much to say. Misaligned texture: This is a funny thing, not really a suggestion. This wall reminds me the wall I wanted to get rid of when I was remodeling my house. This wall is very similar to the wall between my living room and kitchen, funny enough, eh.
  8. GarrettChan

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    From the video, it seems the fish tank is divided into 9 parts that are corresponding to buttons. When the fish swims to a certain block, probably there's a sensor to capture input or something. It's quite popular that so many people watched this. (Of course, I heard of this because of I was watching non sense videos around YT.) Hmm, you must be the most intelligent one of that kind to find out such a good answer ;P
  9. GarrettChan

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    This reminds me there was a fish trying to play Pokemon or some sort... In my opinion, I still don't think humans are direct evolution result of some sort of monkeys or similar animals (don't know how to express my views clearly, but feel free to think I'm crazy/stupid). Therefore, the question is a no to me.
  10. GarrettChan

    Survive In Hell demos [-complevel 9]

    Map32 UV Max in 3:06 si32-306.zip Alter the priority from Revenants in the corners to Demons in the center. Mostly the time waster the last few Demons that don't want to teleport in or are lost in the middle. Therefore, clearing the middle field first will make them teleporting quicker and save time.
  11. GarrettChan

    Liking posts

    Mind blown. I feel like my mind is full of likes now ;P Sorry, I originally interpret that as Pirx said, but I don't use it like that. Also, I don't think this is very obvious because no one knows the "correct answer" except probably someone like Linguica came in and say it. Now everyone is just making assumption.
  12. GarrettChan

    Lets talk Doom 2!

    Ah, thanks very much to repost this into the thread because I haven't read anything like this, and this is a very good material to think about the size of enemy hordes or stuff. To be honest, some people like to say "something is everywhere" when that thing is not actually everywhere for some reason. This makes me think whether they just make up an excuse to hate something, not sure. Wait... this didn't happen to me in ZDoom though. Still the Cyberdemon wins most of the time. As I play more, I realize at the distance in Map20, Cyberdemon usually wins. If they are closer, Spider Mastermind could win more. In long distance fights, Cyberdemon wins most of the time.
  13. GarrettChan

    Liking posts

    Well, this is how I interpret that when I saw it. I thought maybe in the future these 4 would have different meanings, but it's problematic to "fix" the given ones, but I guess as long as they remain positive, everything should be fine.
  14. GarrettChan

    Lets talk Doom 2!

    Sorry, didn't get this. You mean SSG is OP?
  15. GarrettChan

    Will Doom Eternal Be Unfinished?

    Oh, you are right ;P Forgot to say, it seems that you're those who propose Classic Doom should be played without any saves. Nice to know.
  16. GarrettChan

    Will Doom Eternal Be Unfinished?

    Well, I thought it's about jokes that many things with Eternal in their names ended up badly, but it turns out it's not. "Did Doom 2016 have checkpoints? If so, hopefully Eternal won't have them or it would have the option to turn checkpoints off." You don't even have played the game, but you said Doom (2016) is unfinished and comes with a lot of bugs. You don't think this is self contradictory? IMO, you're the one needs to calm down and rethink your statements. From many reasons, checkpoints should be kept. Here are some of the them: 1. You can reset the whole level every time you die if you don't want checkpoints, so what's point forcing the developer to take them out? BTW, Doom (2016) sorts has what you said, called Ultra Nightmare. 2. Taking out checkpoints would only gain 1 audience like you, but lose so many other audience. You think a company can run without income? Expensive DLCs or too many DLCs are bad, but everything is free is not reasonable in the other hand. 3. I don't know what's the problem when the release the buggy, but the developing team is actively fixing everything. Using players as playtesters (sort of) is a good way to fix your game and it saves money if the game has large audience base, or you just don't like speedrunning glitches or stuff?
  17. GarrettChan

    Andy Olivera Mapset Project [-complevel 9]

    You mean the courtyard area? I think it's a good way to solve it. Mostly I don't like long distance Revenants who can walk sideways. Sorry, for some reason I thought those lifts are triggered by the door, but I went back and checked, and I found out it's trigger the a line around the door. Hmm, I see. I way I dealt with the outside is to get the Red Key and run into the Red Door, so the monsters will pile up at the door, so I can easily rocket them. I just use this as an analogy that a block line in this open area will group up monsters, which may be easier in my opinion. I originally thought that is a mistake, but it's not, so follow your instinct, not a problem.
  18. GarrettChan

    Andy Olivera Mapset Project [-complevel 9]

    Finished the map. I would say it's a very solid first map. I'm too lazy to read rd's comments now, so probably there is something repetitive. Also, some of my points may be just something I don't like, so I hope this doesn't bother you. (How you do know I like castle and pick my favorite music from TNT ;P) Aesthetic stuff: - I think some texture looks like metal (the texture generally used on the sides of lifts) rather than stone. Since this is a castle, I think a more stony texture is better. - The switch in front of the Red Door, I think it's better to put it into an indent rather than leaving the whole texture out. There are 2 switches shown now, which is kind of weird. - The side textures of the bookshelves look out of the place to me. - Minor HOM Gameplay stuff: - (I think this one rd had mentioned) Since there are so many high up monsters in the courtyard area, I think limiting their movement would be better. At least make them being unable to move inward since this makes them very unreliable to hit by rockets. This somehow makes the player to use the Chaingun, which sorts slow down the pace of the map in a wrong way. - I would say "open the door to lower the lifts" is not a very clear way here. I hope it could be a little bit clearer. - The hallway behind the Yellow Key Door, I think at least make the traps less revealing, or increase the variety of the monsters, or insta-pop something behind the player. - Behind the Red Key Door, the linedef below somehow prevents monsters from going through. Maybe it isn't necessary. - Behind the Blue Door, sometimes it's very difficult to hit the switches in the wall since the lifts is going up and down. I missed that switch so many times with both SSG and Chaingun. I think a better way to open those door could be used. - This lift shown below can only be lowered from the longer sides, but not the shorter sides. Probably switch to another texture to avoid problem. Imaging someone presses the side and find out it doesn't lower and wanders around without any clue. - Since the wall behind the teleporter of the final fight is only lower-able from one side, it would be a little funny that the player goes back to the rampart area, only finding out that he/she needs to find the teleporter again. Probably the wall can be permanently lowered by pressing one side. - Many secrets are kind of obvious. I think more variety can be implemented, such as a not-so-obvious switch in the wall or misaligned textures.
  19. GarrettChan

    Andy Olivera Mapset Project [-complevel 9]

    Wait... it's Boom format though. You shouldn't test this on Doom 2 1.9, I supposed? Will play it later today. It seems I'm stuck in the courtyard next to the Yellow Keycard. I noticed those 2 switches on the top, but I randomly activated those lifts on the side twice, but can't find where the actual trigger is. I did use IDCLIP to look around and found out those are for secrets, so I don't know how to lower the Yellow Keycard. Also, I noticed some dots around the pillars next to the Yellow Keycard, so probably I need some hint.
  20. Oh, I like these 2 games even though I'm not a fan of RTS. I recently bought them from GOG. It's kind of sad that Bullfrog, which is one of the most creative game developing companies in the history, didn't last for long
  21. GarrettChan

    Is this really you (Quasar) or some lame-ass imposter?

    It's funny that this thing is worth a thread...? Well, at least I learned the definition of abandonware. Of course, Doom is not...
  22. @AjoraI would say The Dark Mod is a very fun non official MOD thing. The time I was typing those sentences, I forgot about this thing... It's one way how the community is great IMO. @StarkillerI would say Deadly Shadows is a great game, but for some reason I don't really like it, but I don't hate it either. If I'm going to rate these games, this is my score: Thief Gold - 9 Thief 2: The Metal Age - 9.5 Thief: Deadly Shadows - 8 Thief (2014) - 5 The system in DS is sometimes quite wonky and funny in the same time. For example, NPC can go to some stupid places where they can't normally reach, or NPC can jump of the balcony and kill himself and count as you killing someone and failing the mission... I think the most complaint about DS is that a mission is usually separated into 2 to 3 parts. I'm not sure whether this is a limitation to engine or what, but indeed it damages the experience a little bit. Probably I can't really give a reason, but it seems I tend to replay T2 more than DS. BTW, why you two post in a same format, which somehow makes me nervous XD
  23. Thief Gold Thief 2: The Metal Age While Thief (2014) is pure garbage... It's sad that there's no real successor of this game. Just like Bullfrog, Looking Glass Studios went out of business after this and System Shock :(
  24. GarrettChan

    My Dexter wad for ZDoom and GZDoom

    ^ @Aquila ChrysaetosHuh, I know this term in Chinese, but I don't know it in English. Thanks for posting this address so I can learn. :D