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  1. Went ahead and compiled ZDBSP and ACC on my MacBook for myself—and for whomever else cares to have those things running on OS X 10.12.x, here they are, AS IS etc. acc-zdbsp-osx-sierra.zip
  2. Yeah, I tried to find copies of MacBSP, machexbsp, and ZenNode that would run on modern OS X, but with no luck. The latest build of ZenNode was made in 2004—for PowerPC Macs! :P Does anyone have a link to a nodebuilder compiled for Macs from, like, the last five years?
  3. Welcome to Doomworld!

  4. I am having trouble finding nodebuilders that can compile maps on Mac OS X; are there any available to download? I've gotten GZDoom and Slade 3 up and running, but cannot find a build of ZDBSP or any other nodebuilder that will run on OS X. Would appreciate any and all help in finding one, as I want to be sure maps I create are compiled and can be run easily by others—even if they're not running a flavour of ZDoom. Thanks in advance.