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  1. zokum

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    There are maps that are much harder than map30 on pistol start on UV. That map hardly changes if you come from map29 or play on easier difficulties. Try to get two rockets in on the way up the first time and another on the way down. Rince and repeat till you beat it. It's also one of the easier ones to beat on nightmare difficulty. Only 01, 08, 16 and 18 are easier. 27 is also dead easy if you know the trick to beating it on nightmare quickly. It should be noted that faster routes on all those maps are harder to do.
  2. zokum

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    I mostly play on UV with the occasional nightmare run. The original maps are a lot of fun when played on nightmare. The challenge is just right.
  3. zokum

    Block Rocking Bytes

    I'm not a hardware enginner, but here is my take on it: I think it's fairly hardware-dependant. There are two textures in the exact same space. With walls being drawn in parallell to the same z-buffer it all depends on which texture is written first to the Z-buffer. There might be some inaccuracies caused by the texel stuf manifesting as these weird patterns. All this is probably undefined bahaviour. The OpenGL standard says nothing about what to do in these cases.
  4. zokum

    Block Rocking Bytes

    I think the nodes are being rebuilt to be easily usable in OpenGL. The collission-only linedef is now generating a seg, and this leads to z-buffer-problems when there are two segs directly on top of eachother. This is a hard one to fix cleanly, but I can add some tweaks to make it easy to detect this to avoid it happening. Ideally, gl nodes should use the segs as a base, not linedefs. Thanks for testing @Coraline.
  5. zokum

    Favorite Source Port?

    #1 Doom2.exe, the original Dos port, version 1.9. #2 Chocolate Doom. #3 Eternity Engine.
  6. zokum

    Block Rocking Bytes

    On map01, check the stairs, if they work fine, it's all dandy. On map02 shoot at the stairs to check em. On map03 check that the alternating walls work ok. Legacy had problems with decals on the alternating wall. I should perhaps point this out better in the docs so people know what to look for. Map01 is basically a proof-of-concept that blockmaps larger than 65536 (64kib) are possible. There might be ports with odd alloctions or faulty blockmap tests. Thanks for the testing of Doom Retro :)
  7. zokum

    Endoom tutorial in ansi format

    Here's a quick endoom I made for Block Rocking Bytes. With such a long name making anything elaborate isn't very easy. It feels a bit unbalanced. Due to the height of the letters I can't push 'bytes' more to the left. That would have helped a lot. The letters are mostly from my font example, but have been tweaked to fit the overall design better. By making it a bit more jumbly, I could fit three lines in on what would normally only have room for two. The top line is left blank due to the dos prompt pushing the art upwards and the top line out of the screen. I have two more endoom screens I want to post when the projects they are in are released.
  8. zokum

    Block Rocking Bytes

    Must have been real tired, forgot to save in slade before i zipped and uploaded, and url was also wrong, i had only edited the text on the link, not the location, the forum interface is a bit wonky. Correct 1.1 uploaded 00:01 CEST 28.04.2018.
  9. zokum

    Port with Doom Alpha/Beta support?

    To be honest, this does sound more like something within the scope of Chocolate Doom. Being able to read the older data formats and play the press beta and alphas on modern systems.
  10. zokum

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I've actually submitted an update to the doomwiki. There are still some details that are missing, but it's a lot more complete and gives a better description of the format.
  11. zokum

    Block Rocking Bytes

    I've updated the doomwiki article about the blockmap lump and added a small stub article about this project. I have also received reports that all of the maps in zokblok1.wad work fine in the Eternity Engine. I have personally only tested them in Chocolate Doom.
  12. zokum

    Block Rocking Bytes

    This post used to be an indication of what the title of the project was referencing, along with a relevant Youtube video. Seing how several people got it immediatly, it's kinda redundant :)
  13. zokum

    Block Rocking Bytes

    Links and contact Web site: http://doom2.net/zokum/brb Download: http://doom2.net/zokum/brb/zokblok1-1.zip Contact: IRC zokum@EFNet,Quakenet,OFTC or the Doomworld forums. What this is A simple test wad designed to test compability in ports with regards to blockmap-related hacks, compression, special effects and optimizations. The maps are all designed for Doom 2 version 1.9, DOS / latest Chocolate Doom. This is not a map set designed to be played, it contains some very basic architecture in order to test the tweaked blockmaps quickly and reliably. As time passes and more research is done, more maps will be added with different tweaks. Version history 1.0 Initial release, zokblok1.wad 1.1 Minor updates on docs and added endoom screen, zokblok1.wad. Uploaded 28.04.2018 00:01 CEST due to pebcak errors. Tools used The maps have mostly been created with Anotak's Doombuilder X fork and then built with ZokumBSP. Some of them have then been opened in slade, had the blockmap exported and redone by hand in a hex editor before being imported back in. One of the goals of this project is also to add support for these algorithms and tweaks in upcoming releases of ZokumBSP. Maps map01 - Zero headered plus size. Uses a blockmap larger than 65536 bytes. It is 65622 bytes, 86 bytes bigger than the conventional max-size. The area with the overhanging block list is the complex stair like area. map02 - Zero header removed. map03 - Separate render and collission geometry-simplification. The affected wall is the one with alternating silver textures. Compability list for zokblok1.wad Maps will be added to the project as more techniques and discoveries are documented and testable. The end goal is a stress test wad for doom vanilla behviour compliance and documentation of algorithms doom tool writers can implement. The end result should be greater support for maps across all ports and the creation of bigger maps. No problems map01-03: Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, Doom Retro and Eternity Engine. map01-02: Doom Legacy and GZDoom, Edge. Minor problems map03: Doom Legacy and GZDoom - No decals on separate geometry. Critical failures map03: Edge - Rebuilt nodes causes render of more segs, z-buffer problems. Untested map01-03: Boom, MBF, PRBoom+, Zandronum, Zdaemon and Zdoom.
  14. zokum

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Sorry for that, I didn't mean to be rude. I tried to give accurate and fleshed out answers. I might have been a bit terse, but I'm not too fond of adding a lot of cozy fluff :) Over a year ago non-0-header blockmaps were tested in various ports and a list was produced with compability information: The thread is fairly long and messy (171 posts) and i just assumed you'd read all of it, since you posted in it. It covers blockmaps working in doom2.exe, chocolate doom, prboom with right complevel, eternity with -vanilla parameter. Only reported completely broken ones were: geezy & queezy, zdaemon. Later there's also mention of this snippet: "Presumably the "certain someone" is Graf who has already committed a change to the GZDoom code to handle blockmaps of the type under discussion." In addition there was a coder from another port that asked me to enable doomworld mail support to communicate with me. If I'm not mistaken EE had code added that makes adding the -vanilla parameter unnecessary. We talked about this mostly on IRC. As far as I understood it, it was fairly settled that this kind of blockmap would be fairly well supported in maintained ports. Zdaemon most likely still lacks support for headerless blockmaps. Support is not mentioned in the changelog, I just checked.
  15. zokum

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I really doubt most technical people know how integeres are stored, but it could be that a sizable portion of the people in here know. You're correct about the unsigned bit, iwas impreciuse/wrong there. It's only in some (most?) ports and ZenNode that one uses unsigned ints. When I was commenting i was thinking about the way it's being referred to in the many of the wikis etc, but I didn't state that. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Blockmap and doom-wikia-com/wiki/Bløckmap clearly states that unsigned ints are used and the end character is -1, which is a bit nonsensical. The proper doom wiki is more thorough, but it does omit some information about which entries are signed in the headers etc. I should have checked with the "real" wiki. :)