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  1. Well, thread title delivers at least. Weirdly, the map description in the first post ALSO rips off BioWar's description, of all things: "Biowar is a doom2 megawad in the spirit of ICARUS and others. It consists of 18 regular levels and 1 secret level. The levels range from moderate to hard and are all very well done." Philosophical aside: perhaps the Doom community's high standards for crediting people and asking for permission are a bit of an anachronism in a time where there's been a major musical movement based around cheekily ripping off old pop songs. Still, I think it's one of the really utopian things about the community--if you do work people enjoy, you will be remembered and appreciated. Personally, I'm glad people are defending that so forcefully.
  2. as long as I'm procrastinating.... i am hipster scum yes
  3. Towards the end of my time in NYC I started thinking I should immortalize my time there in some Doom-themed way. Still got a lot of photos to go through, though, not to mention pixel art skillz to learn. These are all from Ridgewood in Queens.
  4. Here's my FDA. This was a pleasant surprise. At first, I thought all the big, sorta empty boxy spaces were a bad sign, but by the end I felt like they were actually the map's biggest asset. There were a lot of times I felt threatened, had plenty of room to maneuver, and was still dealing with just a few well-chosen monsters--and that's a really cool feeling, since it really lets you get into the mechanics. The blue key area, dark HK/manc room, and the red cyber/mastermind soccer match were the most memorable examples (though the spectres in the HK/manc room pit are a little trollish for me, since the low light, nearby rocket launcher, and autoaim make it way to easy too blow yourself up). I also had a lot of fun with the BFG, as you'll see in the demo, which led to some unique combat situations. Finally, I'm actually quite taken with how the old school visuals hit a certain blend of abstraction and "representationalism" (is that what we call it now?) so consistently. It has that old school UAC_DEAD.WAD charm but deployed with a lot more discipline than you'd find in most actual mid 90's wads. Some minor nitpicks: Agree with people above that the first big trap (with the PE, imps in cages, chaingun) feels off. To me it's a difficulty spike that I'm not sure justifies itself. I see a bleeding flat in the HK/manc room on prBoom+ It's kinda in keeping with the old school visuals, but I still would rather have the dog at the end as a sprite (maybe replace a decoration you haven't used?) rather than a texture.
  5. Finally got around to playing your map, will post some comments and an FDA in the next few days. But it was really enjoyable! Imho it showed good instincts for fun gameplay and memorable spaces, so hope to see more.

    1. Poorchop


      Thanks a lot man, appreciate you taking the time to play it and leave a comment. I definitely learned a few things from playing your map as well as a few others so if I ever get around to making another one, yours will definitely be an influence.

  6. So proud of myself for making it to map 8 of Endgame. Not through map 8, of course. Meant to do this totally blind but gradually started to remember that I had played the set in the middle of a big Jan Van der Veken binge last year. Great map set. Somehow the levels have you feeling lost a lot, but at the same time you keep progressing with relatively little downtime. Sequencing is way weird, though. The progression from maps 1-6 is great. Map 07 is great on its own but feels out of place theme- and difficulty-wise. And the less said about Map08 the better. After a decent showing on Endgame, I was stoked to dominate Endpoint. Even peeked at SSGMaster's video. Yeah.......didn't go so well. Died in a silly Map02 HK trap while panicking, despite approaching it with absurd and ultimately counterproductive caution.
  7. Can anyone provide an idiot's guide to getting prboom-plus to work on recent OS X versions? I briefly got it running under El Capitan somehow (though most times I would just get a crash/empty window), though after a certain point it seemed to stop working entirely. After upgrading to High Sierra no set of options seems to get anything to happen. I've been looking through DW off and on today for ideas on what else to do, but the most relevant posts seem fairly old and/or go way over my dumb head. Further details:
  8. Seconding this. I had a similar idea awhile back, with the additional stipulation that each mapper should try to improve the map after recreating it (but say not add more than 1 significant area). Makes it a little less like telephone, but you would potentially end up with a more interesting Groundhog Day-like megawad, where every "day" Doomguy relives the same map, but it's a little different and there's usually a little more to do each time.
  9. I love voodoo dolls but after this map I gotta do something limit-removing to wean myself off using them all over the damn place. Still it just scratches that "tinkering with moving parts" itch.

    1. bzzrak


      Who says you can't use voodoo dolls in limit removing? Oblivious little child. It's just that it becomes barrels instead of scrolking floors.

    2. Big Ol Billy

      Big Ol Billy

      *puts fingers in ears*

  10. Thanks @Poorchop, appreciate hearing from another pet-themed Wad author XD Also don't be afraid to play it on HMP. That was my original vision for the map. I toughened it up for UV at the suggestion of people here. I'm pretty happy with how UV plays, but you aren't missing the "full experience" if you do HMP.
  11. This is an interesting idea. Haven't played it yet, but I'm intrigued and will check the map out. Based on rdwpa's comments (which you should definitely take seriously—he's been very helpful to me in the past), I might suggest one thought: what if levels began with a quick countdown before depressurization stops? Give players a few seconds or more—maybe depending on the map—to quickly look around, look for environmental clues, and come up with some initial strategy.
  12. well this is definitely one way to market your mod I dig CGA palette 1 though
  13. Late to the party, but this deserves a bump anyway. Love it, though I suck at puzzles--I'm two hours in and have 4 of the main puzzles solved (enough to exit). Raising/lowering the colored platforms was my favorite so far, still have to figure out the arrow on the ground and skull islands, which have really stumped me. Btw I played on PrBoom+ on my MacBook and it ran great (GzDoom was basically unplayable though, like watching a slideshow if I looked at the middle of the map). I p much second all the superlatives--great concept, atmosphere, visuals, music. Maybe the most impressive aspect to me is the creative use of stock textures. And overall I can't emphasize enough how absorbing an experience it is. Curious what your inspiration was and to what extent there's a precedent for this kind of thing. Cyber Dreams is the only thing I've played that might qualify as a puzzle wad, though I vaguely remember a thread for a puzzle-oriented CP some months ago. Anyway, I'm kinda hungry for more now!
  14. Updated my second map Exhibitionism, original post has been updated as well.
  15. Believe it or not, I distinctly remember getting stuck on my first playthrough of E1M1. I was maybe 9 or 10. For some reason I couldn't find the big door, or maybe I just didn't recognize it as a door. I must have spent at least 10 minutes just wandering around the starting room/green armor room, trying to figure out how to get outside, where I assumed you had to go. I think I ragequit then came back to it the next day, found the big door, slapped myself in the forehead, and blasted all the way through E1. Something I always remember when thinking about conveyance in my own maps...