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      ID was so damn great at gib animations during this era

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  2. Anyone going to DragonCon this year? My band just got accepted to play. XD

  3. Just sent off the first complete draft of my Ph.D. dissertation. Basically the grad school equivalent of a one-person 32-map megawad.

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      Good luck.

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      Nice, good luck!

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      Whoa. All the best.

  4. Well 40 and Alfonzo are the bourgeoisie of DoomWorld (Doomgeoisie?). I mean, they literally control the means of (podcast) production.
  5. 1. I have vague 90s memories of BF_THUD! Mainly just awe at the idea that someone had replaced (almost) all the maps, since I pretty much thought of extra Doom levels as one-offs you downloaded from AOL's Doom WAD section. 2. Almost beat Scythe legitimately in college. But once I got to those last few levels I was like lol nope. Actually I assumed that they were bizarro jokes, b/c I didn't imagine anyone being able to complete them. Going Down is the first 32-map megawad I remember beating legitimately, though it probably wasn't the first. That one got me seriously interested in the Doom community and exploring mapping again, though, and remains my favorite Doom add-on of all time.
  6. IIRC guys like this were based on scanned photos: While guys like this are pure pixel art and consequently a bit more cartoony: edit: Turns out that the first guy was indeed adapted from a photo, and not just any photo!
  7. Looks pretty metal! Blood rivers and the IoS wooden arch/gate are groovy. Fireblu in the last pic looks a little weird, though. Also you might want to reconsider mixing the photo-scanned hanging guys and the hand-drawn ones. They have really different aesthetics so they look a little weird right next to each other (to me). Cool to see someone doing a confined play space in a *big* environment, lots of gameplay possibilities there!
  8. Finally updated my second map ("Exhibitionism") based on @rdwpa's feedback and playthrough. Not a huge rehaul, but it eliminates a spot where you can get permanently stuck as well as making some other tweaks. Original post on page 6 has been updated for convenience. Hopefully this this will work for the meantime—I'm currently without a PC so I'll be out of the mapping game for a minute unless some new Mac options pop up. :/
  9. Love it. Looks good, tough, the skull key pillar walkways are a cool motif, fun secrets. Ammo situation pushes you into new areas (at least from pistol start). I like the unpredictable end vile too, very cool. I would suggest a wee bit more health in the starting area--RNG can leave you in a bad state that you can't really overcome, at least from what I experienced. Took me a lot of tries to get past the first 30 seconds and everything was pretty smooth sailing after that, which just seems a bit off.
  10. Hello new Green marine.

  11. Whoops, looks like you're right @R1ck, I shoulda looked before assuming!
  12. I think he means for the whole megawad? (So far?) That is gonna be trickier to figure out for Boom, given music repeats in Doom II. MAP1 and MAP15 will ultimately have to have the same music (whatever's in the D_RUNNIN slot) for example. Assuming I understand correctly...
  13. This has the makings of a great Dead Simple replacement, but it's also got major problems imho. The opening is great both from an atmosphere and a gameplay perspective, and there are some fun touches like the demon torture room. Overall, ammo seems too scanty from pistol start. The last few mancs and arachnotrons were a chore to kill that involved some pretty cheap tactics on my part, and I think this was directly due to lack of ammo/weaponry (i.e., waiting for a 'tron leg to peek around the corner to chainsaw because I had no ammo left). The indoor crusher is bizarre in a number of ways, most not-so-good. I could never figure out exactly what the first two switches were doing (the skull one almost never worked), what caused the crusher to start, etc. There are also unpegging issues and to me it's really not good to have sectors that are only there as lighting decoration to move out of sync with the room they're in--it spoils the whole illusion. (I played with GzDoom btw.) The one fun part of the indoor crusher is going into each monster cell, blasting the dude, and ducking in right before getting crushed. Try to keep that but otherwise I think that whole section needs to be rethought. Don't have the setup to record a demo right now unfortunately, but I think this is a case where you really need to see someone who doesn't know the level play it. There's a lot of potential here, though!
  14. Haven't had the chance to collaborate in my rather short time of mapping for an audience beyond myself, but it's something I hope to try one day. The Evolution of the Wad episode that covered Double Impact had some interesting stuff about Ralphi and Rottking's process. It sounded like how I would want to work--making parts of levels and then sending it back and forth dozens of time. I do most of my musical work in collaboration with one other bandmate (basically Lennon/McCartney style) and that's how we do it. The whole creative process for me, with any medium, is basically critique and iteration--make something, examine what doesn't work about it/is incomplete, rework it, and keep repeating that process until one starts getting the sense that it's close to completion. Then there's always a grindy part at the end! I think have complementary strengths and weaknesses and distinct but compatible sensibilities is probably important. For me, I feel that visuals and progression are my stronger suits, and I'm still learning a lot about encounter designs. I've been amazed watching playthoughs of my maps that some people play the game in a really different way than me because their skills are just way more advanced. So there are gameplay considerations and possibilities that a more skilled player would be able to open my eyes to. Plus, you can tell by the way some people play that they just have a really sophisticated understanding of the mechanics, which would be invaluable. That said, it's hard for me to imagine having one person doing layout and another doing monster placement. I don't like to design visuals without some fairly concrete idea of enemy/item placement (even though these often change drastically) and to me there's a lot of design possibilities you lose when you segregate the various aspects of the game too much.
  15. Thanks, will check out the FDA! Lots of possibilities to keep track of in this one, so playthroughs are super valuable.