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  1. Big Ol Billy

    The Thing you can’t Defeat - Ultimate Doom WAD for GZDOOM - [8 maps]

    How did I miss this? Especially with the Caretaker influence, very interesting sounding! Grateful for the bumps y’all
  2. Big Ol Billy

    Is there any such thing as a "Universal Demo?"

    Seems unlikely, but there are precedents for this kind of thing admittedly!
  3. I feel ya, I'm working on getting a vanilla mapset fully compatible with Z-ports. I'm guessing your best bet will be to overlay some ZDoom-specific elements with DECORATE (or ZScript?) while preserving the vanilla/DSDA setup as much as possible, preferably not changing it at all. That way, there's G/Z-specific stuff that other ports will just ignore, which preserves the (pretty cool) effect you've already got going on. For me, when you've already got something working just fine in "lower" compatibility it feels wrong to have to rework it fundamentally just to support a more advanced port that's supposed to accommodate a range of compatibilities. (I get that there are technical issues for the more advanced ports, of course, but to me it makes more sense to add in "patches" for those problems. I'm still figuring this out for myself, though...) I'm not sure what setup you're using for the voodoo doll portion (before it teleports to the cyberdemon). If you're using DeHackEd and have some free states and thing slots available, it might be possible to make dummy thing(s) that DECORATE/ZScript replace, which would block the voodoo doll from teleporting at all and then kill the cyberdemon. It depends on your specific setup, but it might be something like: 1 THING that blocks the voodoo teleport + 1 THING that, one way or another, insta-kills the cyb. And each of these custom things would be basically blank via DeHackEd (invisible, no collision, etc.) but then overridden via DECORATE to make the setup work in Zports. Sounds kinda hacky tbh, but it might work!
  4. Big Ol Billy

    DBK02: The DBK Holiday Special

    Who says Christmas comes just once a year? Not the DBK! Shove this big ol' RC3 in your stocking and get ready for bug fixes, thoroughly tested difficulty settings, and visual improvements galore. But that's not all! We've got a brand-new boss map and a secret bonus map to round out the experience! This one's heading to idgames soon (it's about time, right?) barring any major bug discoveries. >>DOWNLOAD RC3<< Major changes New boss map (MAP12) and a secret bonus map (MAP15), along with some more secrets to uncover on the credits map Difficulty settings are fully implemented and tested Numerous visual improvements, including some handy in-game visual indicators for the DBK dolls you can collect Countless bug fixes, map and resource tweaks, and polish added to the overall experience Screenshots
  5. Big Ol Billy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Waiting on some playtesting for my vanilla project (reach out if you want to join in!). Inspired by the SNES Doom manual and @Endless's "Player Guide" for Technical Issues, I decided to start mocking up a little something of my own...
  6. Wow, what a great conclusion to the contest! Thanks to Doomkid for masterminding and extra-thanks to all of the many, many formidable competitors who made watching and waiting for the results such a cool celebration of oldschool mapping.
  7. Big Ol Billy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Interesting question! From a technical standpoint, it’s a Doom 2 set that will run with the usual D2 IWAD. But it uses a “Doom-1-plus” design philosophy—all Doom 1 monsters and decorations are unchanged, but the D2 monsters have been revamped to create a sort of extended D1 bestiary. (SSG is still present though, don’t worry!) The map sequence and story also riff on the classic 3-episode structure of D1, with some twists of course! Thanks for the interest and kind words. I’ll probably post more about this in the near future, but I’m starting to hit people up for private testing. If anyone is so inclined message me!
  8. Big Ol Billy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Getting my vanilla side project ready for testing! Learning to love those chunky pixels.
  9. Just chiming in to confirm that my map looks to be the correct version. Nice work on the compile! By my count, this is my third community project secret map, joining Nova III and ISOLATION: Strain 1. Pretty cool if I do say so myself :p
  10. Big Ol Billy

    Jumpwad (7 platforming maps by Ribbiks and me! :D)

    Played two maps and peeked at the third (yowza), amazing stuff. This sort of feels like a nu-generation Cyberdreams, in the sense that people have sort of discovered a completely different game within the engine. Big respect to the creators. I kinda wish it was even more casual-friendly, admittedly, since a lot of jumps even on MAP01 seem only possible if you're strafe-running. Platforming in Doom is tough enough even when you're not approaching everything from an awkward sideways angle while holding multiple keys down. Maybe I'll adjust to the jump mechanic more, but I feel like even MAP01 expects a lot from the player. Which is too bad for players that might be on the fence about a platforming-based experimental WAD--the basic jumping feels good enough that it would be plenty of fun to play around with in a couple of more forgiving early maps first. Still, this is incredibly impressive on both a technical and visual level, and it was already becoming pretty addictive when I stopped just now. Oh yeah, I'm almost more excited to dig into the .deh. I had my money on the key-gems using the melee=self-kill trick, but there's stuff (like the jumping mechanic) that I'm totally baffled by at the moment.
  11. Big Ol Billy

    fave castle/tower/dungeon/stone maps

    Mossvale Dungeons from Alex Parsons’ unfinished World’s End series is a little dungeon-themed gem (thanks to kmx for hipping me to it).
  12. Took this for a spin on my lunch break, Ironman-style. Dead on MAP08 but absolutely loving it. I like how it just embraces the vanilla Doom engine. There's no super-tricky technical stuff or straining attempts to make Doom into something else, there's just rock-solid design letting the engine do what it does best. Continuous balance has been great so far. bob_ARfda.zip (DSDA-Doom, forgot to set complevel lol)
  13. Update to my map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sctfzhmrkip4teh/umrkV2-jamaljones.wad?dl=1 Fixed a few minor visual things Minor de-cheesing measure added to one fight Coop-only things improved/expanded throughout. @Peccatum Mihzamiz this is the one to use for co-op testing :) -solo-net play now makes for a pretty fun UV+ type experience, you're into that sort of thing. Try it out if you want an extra challenge! previous map post will be updated too
  14. Cool idea, may reach out. My map’s got some completely untested co-op only monsters so should be interesting XD
  15. FYI the file name for my submission was “umrkV1-jamaljones.wad”. I don’t think I changed the upload at any point, so presumably this is the file you have. (An earlier working version was just named “umrkV1.wad” so I wanted to make sure you didn’t somehow grab an early version.) My map post has the correct file linked, which I’ll also link here to confirm just in case: https://www.dropbox.com/s/us60jx1obmu19n7/umrkV1-jamaljones.wad?dl=1