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  1. Big Ol Billy


    I'm thinking of dressing up as King Diamond again, which went p well a few years ago:
  2. Big Ol Billy

    The Secret Energy (Boom level)

    I'm a mid-tier player at best, but I love your style man. Still haven't beaten this sucker, but I just got damn close: bob_energy.zip I've been grinding on this on HMP for the past week or so, making a little more progress each time, and it's been fun trying to figure out each encounter and get closer and closer to that exit sign each time. It kinda put me in that old-school NES Ghost 'n' Goblins / Ninja Gaiden zone where it was just about gradual improvement in the face of harsh-but-fair difficulty. I'd say it's a good sign when a weaker player can have a good time like that, so kudos!
  3. Big Ol Billy

    Level design tropes you use

    One trap trope that I've found myself overusing lately: keycard at the end of a long hallway-->player picks up keycard-->monsters spawn in so that player has to hack through them to get out again. Can be a good way to apply pressure, but it's starting to become a crutch in this megamap I've been working on. Related: sandwiching the player between two hordes of monsters advancing from opposite sides.
  4. Big Ol Billy

    Name a single distinctive trait from each decade of Doom mapping

    ‘Scuse me while I get Hegelian on that ass... 90’s: too big rooms with too few monsters (thesis) 00’s: too small rooms with too many monsters (antithesis) 10’s: too big rooms with too many monsters (synthesis) (Just kidding, slaughter crew, I love y’all)
  5. Big Ol Billy

    What is Hell ?

    One interesting thing about Doom 1/2 hell that I never quite understood (but I’m also glad they didn’t try to explain) is what exactly is going on with the tech/hell fusion motifs that pop up everywhere. It’s even right there in the Doom logo—pseudo-occult hieroglyphs fading into wires and electronics. I get that when hellspawn invade the UAC facilities they ended up corrupting the personnel and tech there—but apparently the whole invasion was masterminded by a mechanized demon brain, and the other big bad is a cybernetically enhanced super-demon? Where did they come from? And what does hell really need human tech for anyways since they have all the powers of the dark arts? Like I said, though, I’m sorta glad OG Doom never tried to explain that in any detail. That underlying hell/futuretech contrast just gives you so many aesthetic possibilities, and personally I feel like it scratches something deep and primal, i.e. the relationship between rapid technological progress and the persistence of some (generally) religious ideas like the existence of absolute evil. It’s why I tend to see the Doom world as a surreal, dreamlike one—actually closer to the psychedelic whimsy of Super Mario Brothers or the later Keen games than the realistic shooters that took over the FPS genre for a while (or even something like Duke3D which had a specific, cartoonish take on the real world).
  6. Big Ol Billy

    StalungCraeft Texture Pack

    Excellent work, these screenshots look great! I only map for Doom, but I've been itching for a new texture set to shake things up.
  7. I messed up my first run earlier in the month, so decided to try a category 2. Ended up being the closest to survival I've gotten yet! After surviving MAP01, the pressure was on, and it felt like a real adventure. Unfortunately 'Shaman' won in the end, but I put up a good fight. bob_is_sd.zip (558/621 kills)
  8. Heh, just played this last weekend after many months of seeing it in my "WADS to play\high priority\play these first\OK seriously play these first\" folder. It's good, folks, and absolute must-play for puzzle and/or Lovecraft-aesthetic enthusiasts! If you managed to put off playing it even longer than me, help a Doomer out and give it a spin for 'sid. Maybe you'll even find a new bug or two for him to squash :P
  9. Interesting debate here. I'm kinda encouraged to hear that people are critical of prepared runs, since the major reason I miss out on some Ironmans is that I either get really into a map or just die stupidly, and then I tell myself that I'll do another run sometime--which I never get around to actually doing. I do agree that it makes it more exciting from a player experience standpoint to go in with the mentality of "You only have one shot, do not miss your chance to blow [demons away]." But the trade-off is that it's a less equal competition, at least as long as we stick to WADs that other people have a chance of having already played. (The idea of having specially-made Ironman WADs is an interesting one--haven't some Doom communities done that? I seem to remember some WAD text files describing something like that.)
  10. Can’t participate at the moment, but I support this project! It’s certainly a creative challenge, given the usual opinions about ol’ ZZZFACE in the Doom community. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out like... a certain other UDMF project that challenged mappers to make something fun out of a seemingly annoying combat scenario. FWIW, I would encourage people to be careful about overusing Zdoomisms. I think it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that advanced features and the broad creative freedom they offer make it easier for mappers to overcome the underlying design challenge of a project like this. But the wonders of GZDoom can just as easily make the player experience worse/more annoying than would have been possible in Boom, vanilla, etc. Take it from someone’s who’s been there! That said, I think that UDMF format makes a lot of sense for the project, especially for being able to have a weaker boss shooter for a first “episode.” Anyway, good luck to all!
  11. Big Ol Billy

    Cold Open: Single Map WAD for Boom

    This was a tasty treat! Rare for me to finish a map on the first go, but I made it this time: bob_cldopn.zip . More importantly, it felt really good--no filler, nothing too crazy, but totally engaging throughout. Lava/white rock visuals are really lovely too.
  12. Big Ol Billy

    New And Lost

    Welcome! There's some good advice in this thread already. Whether you should start with limit-removing (basically vanilla Doom without some of the arbitrary constraints like limited number of visible surfaces, moving sectors, etc.), Boom, or GZDoom format mapping is a contentious subject around here. I tend to agree with Aquila's recommendations above, but ultimately you should follow your muse. One thing I would highly recommend regardless is to set yourself a simple, manageable goal and have some points of reference. One of the great things about Doom modding is that pretty much everything is right out there in the open to learn from and copy (though always give credit of course!). You can literally see how Romero, Peterson, skillsaw, mouldy, [your favorite mapper here], did everything in their maps--though these things are easier to figure out in less complex formats, which is why I lean toward encouraging that approach. So look at a couple of small maps, say E1M2 or MAP02 or some early map of a favorite megawad, and try to make something on that scale (number of sectors, overall footprint, monster count). If you want to go GZDoom, at least limit yourself to a single, simple goal like "one 3D floor in the map" or "one script" or "vanilla-style map that just also has dynamic lights," etc. so you reduce the complexity of things you have to figure out all at once. Maybe try to structure your modest map around this one feature. And have a specific reference, ideally something from an experienced and highly skilled mapper, for anything that's advanced like that so you can go into GZDB and really figure out how they got it all to work. But, again, try to challenge yourself to start small. It'll be a lot better for your development as a mapper to go through the entire process of completing several modest maps than it will be for you to get overwhelmed a quarter of the way through your quest to make your own personal Miasma/Lilium/Breach.
  13. Big Ol Billy

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Thanks man. An extra double (or all three) key path is an interesting idea. Could be good for a MAP15 secret exit or just something crazy. I did try to give the player some benefit to doing both, though. The BSK path leads to a rocket launcher and possible secret BFG, while the YSK gives you an SSG and possible secret blue armor, so you have a unique immediate reward and bonus secret on each path. Though it’s probably most enticing to do both for continuous run benefits, but really I’m ok with that.
  14. Big Ol Billy

    Infernew, a Community Project

    New version of Infernal Return: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1sr0ehw88z9hcfx/bigolbilly-infernal_return_v2.wad?dl=1 BSK area beefed up RSK fight spiced up... yum Minor visual and encounter tweaks here and there Original post has been updated.
  15. Big Ol Billy

    Just for fun: Subtitles for hypothetical pwad sequels

    Maskim Xul 2: Electric Shuggothaloo Counterattack 2: Counter-Counterattack The Given 2: The Gotten The Given 3: No Take-Backsies Toilet of the Gods: Back 2 the Shitter Going Down 2: Coming Up Going Down 3: Back Down Going Down 4: Actually Just Gonna Stick with Moving Horizontally This Time JPCP2: Gaiden Doom: The Movie: The Official Novelization: The Game