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  1. Good luck and happy mapping, folks, I’m playing a show this evening but may get a chance to pop in!
  2. Thanks @galileo31dos01, that's some wonderful feedback. Kudos on catching some of those small texture issues, those kinds of things are just impossible to track down myself once I've run through all these areas a million times. Good idea on letting the player go back down via lift on the MAP01 nukage cave soulsphere, too. Re: MAP08
  3. Never tried making a WAD trailer before but here goes!
  4. Aha, thanks! It really wouldn't be a map release from me if there weren't a few random messed up hurtfloors. Will be fixed in RC2 :)
  5. Thanks, can't wait to finish watching these demos (the two MAP01 ones and MAP06 were great), very fun play style so far for the maps. Kind of a good point on the lady scientist alert sound, since she has a unique death sound. Hell yeah, this means a lot, especially from the creator of Arlington (which I really need to give a proper full playthrough). RC2 coming soon! Got some widescreen assets in the pipeline among other (so far) small tweaks:
  6. Seems to be working for me (just tried the link on my phone), seems like DropBox can be a little temperamental with these things.
  7. Just finished the video, thanks dude! Impressive secret-hunting throughout. Kicking myself a little for the broken crusher that left so many out-of-play enemies alive on MAP06, but it’s now fixed (I think). Along with mancubian, gonna add your name to the playtesting credits :)
  8. Alright bumping this up to RC1.2. Along with various minor balance tweaks, I've attempted to address the issues that @mancubian_candidate brought up with MAP05 and MAP06, which could prevent getting 100% kills on MAP05 (maybe) and MAP06 (definitely). I'm not sure I've completely foolproofed the pretty finicky little gimmick featured in these maps, but this should get things closer (unless I've fucked something else up in the process), and it'll be useful to see how it fares in the wild.
  9. No worries, I was actually just working on the MAP06 enemies--they should indeed be getting crushed, but it looks like the trigger to actually do it got removed. Update coming soon! Seems like I should go ahead and do some extra foolproofing on MAP05 as well to prevent accidental ghost monsters. These have been a big issue on MAP06, which I've nearly ironed out with some extra handling, but I hadn't seen them on MAP05 before. Whether one gets them or not can be kind of random, so this is definitely something I'm happy to get wider playtesting on now.
  10. Gonna go ahead and drop a quick RC1.1 to address the egregious MAP01 softlock that @mancubian_candidate found. (Linked in OP as well.) Also did just a little HNTR balance tweaking based on @SleepyVelvet and @Nikku4211 's very helpful (and definitely fda-approved) demos. Keep 'em coming, folks!
  11. Hmm, it looks like the Dehacked patch isn't loaded here, which is odd, since it's included in the wad file itself. This is what the same area looks like in DSDA for me--note the trees rather than green pillars. I'm actually surprised you were able to get that far if the Dehacked was borked, though. (FWIW, the Dehacked changes work right out of the box for me on GZ 4.12.2/strict as well.) Also to circle back around to @NenapoMinayuChtchiyasya, I'm also unable to reproduce the 666 door problem on MAP02. On GZDoom 4.12.2 with strict compatibility, doors open after the fire barons die and progression seems to work as intended. It looks like there are indeed, as I vaguely remembered, settings for special actions that can be set via the MAPINFO map definition property (SpecialAction_OpenDoor seems to be the relevant one here). But for me the KeenDie action already works as intended. I should probably study some other recent vanilla releases for best practices re: GZ compatibility, but I'm a little puzzled at the moment why I can't replicate these issues so far.
  12. Good find, that's a must fix! All these different pathways through the big levels makes oversights like this all too easy. Simple fix, though.
  13. Interesting—will investigate. This map uses KeenDie to open the 666 door when all the Pyrobarons are dead. Maybe some compatibility needs to be set with MAPINFO? I’ll be on it! Thanks.
  14. "Burdensome regulations have long stymied the United Aerospace Corporation's ability to innovate in the energy sector. However, recent pro-business rulings represent a welcome change of pace, clearing the way for us to open an exciting new facility in the Lone Star State. Come on down 'n' see us sometime, y'all!" OSTERITY is a 7+1 map vanilla "mega episode" for the Doom 2 IWAD, powered by OTEX. Basically, I've tried to squeeze what I think of as a 3-episode, Doom 1-inspired megawad into just 7 maps. The basic formula is to alternate sprawling megamaps with short boss/challenge maps, though I bend the rules a little towards the end. Continuing my personal "year of Doom 1", this release follows a "D1 enhanced" philosophy: Doom 1 assets are all 100% unchanged; Doom 2 monsters are all reworked, usually with a D1-inspired twist. Also features an original soundtrack by yours truly. >>DOWNLOAD RC1.2<< Previous: RC1.1 RC1 PLAY INFO Compatibility: vanilla Doom 2 (-cl 2) Mouselook: Ok, not needed Jump/crouch: May break stuff Difficulty settings: Yes Co-op: Yes, with extra monsters and items, though not yet systematically tested Deathmatch: DM starts included, though these maps are unlikely to be good for DM Tested in: Chocolate Doom, ChocoRenderLimits, DSDA-Doom 0.27.5 GZDoom not tested yet, hilarious bugs may be present. Let me know what you find. Known Bugs: Some sprite limit glitches, especially on UV, and drawseg overflows in vanilla, which can result in sprites disappearing and the occasional HOM from certain angles. Save game buffer overflow in vanilla due to the extremely large maps. Some in-level text may be harder to read in 320x200 resolution. Noclipping can trigger visplane overflow crashes in a few spots. In later levels, I use pure black textures to achieve a "second sky," so bullet puffs and projectiles can appear to hit the sky. Mod at your own discretion, there are a lot of DeHackEd changes here. Special thanks to all the playtesters who have tested various versions of the set over the years: @Biodegradable @Catpho @Optimus @gaspe @Phobus @Memfis @glenzinho MORE SCREENSHOTS Background info:
  15. Would be super cool to have a silver-y drill as the M_SKULL. I think separating out the title as an M_DOOM is def the way to go, but I wonder if it could pop more visually. The white nightmare text really jumps out in the original TITLEPIC, whereas this new M_DOOM, while overall an improvement, kind of blends in with the background. I like the typeface better than the classic nightmare font though, it feels appropriately metallic and industrial.