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Big Ol Billy

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    • spend 30 minutes writing super detailed post asking about a bug with my map 
    • "oh yeah, before I send this I should probably see what happens if I do this one thing, just in case anyone asks..."
    • godddddaaammmmnnnit


  1. It's official, just defended my doctoral dissertation. I'm now officially Dr. Big Ol' Billy, Ph.D. Now I need to get back on this megamap I've been cooking up during my writing breaks

  2. Thanks for tackling JOM4! Your playthrough of my map (E2M9) was probably my favorite of all the streams yet. All the little stories you make up and impromptu conversations you have with the monsters are hilarious.

  3. Finally got around to playing your map, will post some comments and an FDA in the next few days. But it was really enjoyable! Imho it showed good instincts for fun gameplay and memorable spaces, so hope to see more.

    1. Poorchop


      Thanks a lot man, appreciate you taking the time to play it and leave a comment. I definitely learned a few things from playing your map as well as a few others so if I ever get around to making another one, yours will definitely be an influence.

  4. I love voodoo dolls but after this map I gotta do something limit-removing to wean myself off using them all over the damn place. Still it just scratches that "tinkering with moving parts" itch.

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Who says you can't use voodoo dolls in limit removing? Oblivious little child. It's just that it becomes barrels instead of scrolking floors.

    2. Big Ol Billy

      Big Ol Billy

      *puts fingers in ears*

  5. tumblr_lynoy2qVew1ro7n0ho1_500.gif

    1. Doomkid


      ID was so damn great at gib animations during this era

    2. Xyzzy01
  6. Anyone going to DragonCon this year? My band just got accepted to play. XD

  7. Just sent off the first complete draft of my Ph.D. dissertation. Basically the grad school equivalent of a one-person 32-map megawad.