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  1. GRBs Strange Worlds (speedmaps)

    map03 uv fda: bob_mmm.zip (prb+) Nice, very enjoyable again. I had my doubts when I saw the first baron, which seemed excessive, but then I saw there was more to it than I realized. That slime pit is evil, but that's really what makes it cool in the end.
  2. Corrupted By Chaos - Object T11

    looong fda in prb+: bob_corrupt.zip Very enjoyable, the sense of place here is incredible and the combat is solid. Sorta following Antares' comments, I can appreciate the decision to not have much in the way of big set-piece encounters, though I was missing them a bit more. Over an hour is a pretty long time given that the intensity of the combat stays in a fairly modest range. The nukage fight was a major highlight, and the dark crusher section at the end was memorable as well (if a little annoying, since I kept getting crushed!). I definitely wouldn't have minded a few more moments like that. Especially early on, I also felt like I was spending a bit too much time doing "cleanup," plinking away at turret enemies (usually imps iirc) after they'd ceased to be any real threat. That said, the architecture and overall atmosphere kept me engaged the whole time. I love how there's such a variety of ways that the player moves from one area to another, not to mention all the clever bits of interconnection. It's just fun when you figure out "ah, so now I'm actually on one of the ledges looking down on that area I saw a half hour ago."
  3. GRBs Strange Worlds (speedmaps)

    Have a couple of prb+ FDAs: bob_grbsw.zip Pretty fun stuff, especially the second one. I ran out of ammo at the end of it, but that actually made it more exciting. I like the abstract, old-school style, something I struggle to get back to. For me, these have just about the right amount of cryptic elements to give the player a couple of "aha!" moments without being frustrating or a time-sink (compact size helps here as well).
  4. Best ending?

    Also--Double Impact's Cyberlicious final map is imho the most satisfying FPS final battle I've ever played. It's things like that that make me feel like "yeah, they keep making video games but the commercial industry will never outdo the Doom community."
  5. The DWIronman League dies to: The Warlock's Hearth

    bob_warlock.zip (category 1) 496/748, very similar story to VV above This was great, sorta felt like a gentler and less puzzle-y Rebel Sky. The transition to techbase, which I just barely got to see, was stunning. Gonna go back and give this one a proper full playthrough.
  6. Best ending?

    The megawad I always mention: Going Down :) Seriously, so good! First time I just assumed it was a no-exit "thanks for playing" ending, and then....
  7. The 65 prBooming 3DGEs (Community Project)

    Cool, I know basically nothing about 3DGE but I welcome source port diversity. This seems like a nice way to promote it. Out of curiousity, does anyone know of maps that really show off what EDGE mapping is capable of? I'm intrigued by the Boom option, but I'm also curious if there are some notable only-in-EDGE things you can do.
  8. New version: Doomguy's Initiation -- Difficulty settings fully implemented -- Basic coop support (still untested... :S) -- Numerous little visual and combat tweaks Original post above has been updated as well
  9. good city maps with custom textures

    Comatose and Lilium by Lainos, though gameplay departs from vanilla styles in some significant ways
  10. Why don't the majority of mappers plan out their creations?

    I've vacillated on the pencil-and-paper method, as seems to be the case with most mappers whose methods I know something about. Regardless, I doubt anyone generally maps "randomly," though this could be an interesting exercise (wasn't there talk of Oblique Startegies for mapping here somewhat recently?). I think "improvisationally" is closer to what you're describing. And here's the thing: for us mortal mappers, there's always an interplay of planning and improvisation, whether you're working directly with an editor or have an elaborate plan drawn up. Maybe Ribbiks, franckFrag, dobu, etc.-tier mappers have become One With the Game and don't need to play around with their maps any more than Beethoven needed to actually listen to his late music. But for the rest of us, I suspect, mapping is a long series of playful iterations, where something you planned isn't working right and needs to be rethought on the spot, or Just the Right Idea suddenly pops into your head and causes you to throw your plan out the window. I think there *are* important differences between the "affordances" of pen and paper (e.g., you can lay out high-level structure and progression really quickly) vs. pure GZDoombuilder improv (e.g., you can come up with strong visual/gameplay motifs and build out organically from those). But they're ultimately each just different ways of tweaking the balance between planning and improvisation for me.
  11. Here she is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f3k1tnukp3jskth/initiation v9 distro.wad?dl=1 (previous versions) Name: Doomguy's Initiation Theme: Masonic Temple Format: UDMF, tested with GZDoom 3.2.5 Jump/Crouch/Freelook: all ok, none necessary Music: 1) Overture from The Magic Flute / Mozart (Sequenced by J├╝rgen Kraus, edited for looping by me); 2) Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Major, 2nd movement / Bach (Sequenced by D. Hatlelid, edited for looping by me) Textures: Joy of Mapping 5, episode 4; Undying; sky from Joy of Mapping 4, episode 2; me Hell Knights: 150 Megasphere: 1 Thanks to Major Arlene for some initial inspiration; SOSU, 94's the best style, and 42PercentHealth for testing
  12. What are you listening to?

    DBTO really has it all: proto-BM (goofy) Satanism, proggy adventurousness & theatricality, Iron Maiden-esque melodicism, almost psychedelic atmospheric production. Not to mention That Cover, which is Platonic Ideal-level metal iconography. Just started listening to Fate's reunion album In the Shadows last night and am pleasantly surprised so far.
  13. Moonblood X [WIP]

    Cool! I got a little burned out on tech bases in Moonblood, but liked the nonlinear layouts and appreciated the level of craft and polish. Focusing on natural/ruins themes definitely piques my interest.
  14. 1) Tago Mago / Can 2) In Somniphobia / Sigh 3) First Come, First Served / Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith) 4) Slates EP / The Fall 5) Hank Williams Sr. singles collection Artists I couldn't include that I would most miss: Three 6 Mafia, Frank Zappa, Emperor, The Residents, Magma, Cluster, Iannis Xenakis, Prince, Loretta Lynn, Gucci Mane
  15. The DWIronman League dies to: Coffee Break

    bob_coffee.zip Too bad, dead on MAP04 just as things were starting to get interesting. Felt like I had a chance to go the distance on this one (although it might not have helped that midway through MAP02 I found out my bandmate was in jail over some silly bullshit and would need a ride home tonight -_-). Anyway, what I saw was fun enough though not too remarkable--lots of symmetrical enemy placement, obvious traps, etc. This was basically blind though I'm sure I saw some of this set in the MTrop retrospective episode of Evolution of the Wad; regardless, nothing stuck that gave me any conceivable advantage.