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  1. Big Ol Billy

    Cheaters caught red handed

    Yeah, tbh the Memfis story seems more sad than anything else, if it's really the case that surprise medical bills pushed him into cheating for prize money. As USA Doomer, that's pretty (sadly) relatable.
  2. Big Ol Billy

    Doom II Community Lifespan

    Good point @Linguica. To be specific I mean the wider cultural impact, the feeling of Doom in the air circa the mid-90s. You're very right that the official history of id and Doom's development is well documented, probably among the most documented of any video game, really. This is just conjecture, but I know for me there's something special and motivating about actually living through that time where the spirit of "Doom as a public good" was new, vital, and almost mainstream. Kids trading floppy disks with WADs in the back of the school bus, all that jazz. We'll always have the official history of how a scrappy team of underdogs built and released a Great Game and, oh yeah, some people liked it enough that they made their own levels. But I think I basically agree with you--if that's all we have, Doom will be a museum piece and a historical artifact, not the living, breathing "art scene" that Jazz Mickle once described. I think the real trick, and probably the best shot we have at putting Doom in the pantheon, is keeping alive that idea of Doom as a canvas for your imagination. And I just wonder if there will be certain challenges--though hardly insurmountable ones--to preserving that aspect of the community once there are no people left who experienced that special time of Doom's initial cultural impact firsthand.
  3. Big Ol Billy

    Doom II Community Lifespan

    I’d like to think Doom has its shot at becoming one of the great, culture-defining games, on the level of chess, backgammon, go, mancala, etc. Whether that happens is hard to predict, especially since a part of it depends on how much *we* do to make it happen. I suspect the biggest turning point we’ll face as a community is when the living memory of Doom circa 1993 dies out. In some ways, even though it’s still decades off, I feel like that’s something we should start considering how to navigate, at least if we want to shoot for the stars and put our weird little space marine demon murder simulator in the all-time pantheon of games.
  4. Big Ol Billy

    Thing Type Names?

    Goddamn it yep right on the main page of the wiki lol Thanks Printz!!
  5. Big Ol Billy

    Thing Type Names?

    I finally figured out that EE can do the same kind of "summon x" and "give y" commands as good ol' ZDoom. Groovy. Only one problem--I can't find the default Doom II thing type names. I would have expected this kind of thing to be in the EDF thing reference, but no luck (unless I've missed something in my skimming/searching). Anyone have the list handy?
  6. Big Ol Billy

    DeHacked Ambient Sounds?

    The pain action plays the actor's set pain sound, so you can use that. Check the intro map for DBP16--there's a flaming barrel replacement that plays a sound on loop. (The infamous titular cyber, mid-colonoscopy.)
  7. Big Ol Billy

    reception of doom when it came out

    It's hard to convey just how big of a deal Doom was when it was released. I was 9, living in smallish town Tennessee, when it came out and kids were talking about it on the back of the bus, my dad's coworkers were talking about it, etc. Kids my age and older kids were passing around floppy disks with wads on them by the next summer (iirc), there were whole chunks of the internet dedicated to it, books on making Doom levels started popping up in your neighborhood bookstore, etc. It really was a phenomenon on a scale that even something like Fortnite today doesn't seem close to touching.
  8. Big Ol Billy

    DBP 16 : Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy

    Yeah, sorry for the delay guys. I just wanted to make one last effort at squashing this unusual bug before we submit it to the archives for posterity (or perhaps "posterior-ity" is more appropriate)
  9. Some of you may have seen me mention this issue in the release thread for DBP16, but I wanted to put out a specific call for help. In 3+ weeks of investigating this bug, I've... not made a lot of progress on solving it. But I now have more information that might help a clever soul figure out this problem. What problem? Well, to put it simply, we have a limit-removing wad that causes inconsistent Signal 11 crashes on some computers but not others (running with identical settings). The issue seems entirely confined to PrB+ ( apparent problems on Crispy, Eternity -vanilla, ZDoom 2.8.1, or GZDoom. Interestingly, the issue does not appear in the corresponding GlBoom+ version, either, which strikes me as particularly curious. I'm no stranger to Signal 11 errors, so I've checked the usual things like accidental PNGs, A_SkullAttack with no attack sound, etc. Unfortunately, it seems like Signal 11 is a very generic error message--as I understand it, it just means that the engine's trying to access something that isn't there. Over the past few weeks, we've gotten enough people to play the wad that we now have a better idea of the basic pattern. It's pretty complicated to explain, but at this point I feel like I need to lay out the known behavior as extensively as possible. So apologies for the wall of text, but I think it's warranted in this case. To reiterate the basic situation, several testers have experienced crashes in PrB+ -cl 2, with everyone's favorite cryptic error message: "I_SignalHandler: Exiting on signal 11" The crashes are unpredictable but not totally random. Some maps and areas seem more likely to produce them (for example the opening of MAP10 in the set is a pretty common culprit). Sometimes they happen as quickly as 30-45 seconds into a map, sometimes you'll get a crash 15+ minutes after starting a map. Crash points can vary quite a bit within the same map--on one try you might get a crash in the first encounter, but then on the next you might nearly complete the map before crashing, or even make it through without one. No one has been able to reproduce any particular crash very reliably. Demos, admittedly, will crash consistently in the same spots, but no one's been able to identify a common denominator that leads to the crash behavior. The crashes don't seem to be the fault of particular maps or DeHackEd behavior. In fact, removing all maps and the DEHACKED lump in the wad produces the same behavior (i.e. inconsistent, unpredictable Signal 11 crashes on IWAD maps, with just the wad's graphic resources loaded). Even when using the exact same configuration (PrB+ -cl 2), some testers get no crashes on any maps even after extensively playing the wad. Only some setups, in other words, seem to have the problem. For example: Catpho recorded this MAP02 demo, which plays fine on their computer but crashes consistently midway through on my PrB+. (Interestingly, Cat's demo also plays fine on my GlB+.) Some degree of activity seems necessary to trigger the crashes. On a computer that does produce crashes, just waiting around (standing still without activating any monsters or firing your weapon) doesn't seem to ever produce a crash, no matter how long you wait. Again, though, there doesn't seem to be any particular monster, weapon, item, decoration, texture, etc. that can be definitively linked to the crashes. At least not that we've been able to figure out. One tester found that the crashes don't seem to happen with -nodraw, reinforcing the suspicion that this is some peculiar, setup-specific (?), graphics-based error. I'm just about at a loss at this point about what to do next. Any ideas or suggestions?
  10. Big Ol Billy

    The Tower - My first map [update v1.3]

    Well this piques my interest! Especially combined with those gory, gothy screenshots
  11. Big Ol Billy

    is there any maps that use silent teleporters?

    This is a feature that was introduced in Boom, iirc, and consequently has been used in many Boom and UDMF maps, with varying degrees of subtlety. More recent UDMF maps generally use portals for the kind of effect you're describing, admittedly. Impossible: A New Reality (ZDoom-targeting) features, to my knowledge, the most in-your-face use of silent teleporters. I have a few of maps that have used them, including my maps for the most recent Joy of Mapping, Nova III and Interception 2. Silent teleporters are theoretically possible in vanilla with just a little graphic and sound replacement (or, more precisely, blanking/silencing). They'd be much jankier than the Boom equivalent, since they wouldn't adjust for the angle at which you entered the teleport. But it could probably work decently in some specific situations, especially for, say, a spot that you have to jump to reach or which was in a dark or already disorienting space. It would also mean that you wouldn't be able to have any traditional teleporters (well, some dehacked trickery might give you a reasonable simulation, but it would be dicey), so you'd have to do some careful design/theming. I don't know of any actual examples of this use, though.
  12. Big Ol Billy

    DBP 16 : Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy

    On behalf of the whole team, I'll wholeheartedly accept this award.
  13. Big Ol Billy

    What's the best Doom WAD of them all?

    If I had to pick just one, it'd definitely be Going Down (even if we're including IWADs in the possible contenders), at least in the megawad category. Single-map category would probably go to Miasma for me.
  14. Big Ol Billy

    DBP 16 : Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy

    Thanks for the comments and reactions, everyone! The DBP Krew is staying nutty with it. A special shoutout to @SuperCupcakeTactics for allowing us to use some extra-special custom graphics to take the visuals to the next level. Since we're still finalizing things and getting a proper credits file together, I should note that Cuppy's graphics are exclusively licensed for this set, in contrast to the usual Creative Commons license we otherwise use for DBP stuff. So talk to Cuppy himself if you're really itching to use these, he's a cool dude!
  15. Big Ol Billy

    DBP 16 : Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy

    Heh, I knew that if there was one person that was gonna appreciate the music choices here it would be you! :)