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  1. Big Ol Billy

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Major agree on this one. Even compared to the (arguable) other standout example, Mortal Kombat, the Doom art holds up so much better and contributes such a distinct atmosphere to the games. With all the Doom imitators, it’s kinda surprising that no team ever seemed to quite hit that sweet spot between digitized photos and pixel art, even though plenty were clearly trying.
  2. bob_udtwid_rc2_e4.lmp.zip (recorded in EE v.4.0.0, -vanilla) Dead on E4M2 Not even mad about it, I'm pretty proud of finishing E4M1 after having gotten myself into a pretty tough situation with the final encounter. Unfortunately, that meant coming into the second map with barely any health or armor, which sealed my fate. Really enjoyed that first map, though, beating it was one satisfying personal achievement.
  3. Big Ol Billy

    2018 Wad Catalog [+Updated!]

    Cool idea! A couple of notes: Vicarious Reality should be in the (non-Adv) episode category, not single map Demonastery (single map) Bury My Heart Knee-Deep (single map) These last two sorta make me wish that there was a “megamap” category for single maps (or maps that arguably feel like single maps like Maskim Xul) that take, say, 45 minutes or more to get through on a normal play through. Probably too many shades of grey to really make that a workable category, though (>45 minutes for who? How do you define the “feel” of a single map? What about maps that get their extended playtime more from challenge than size?).
  4. Big Ol Billy


    Nice visuals and cool backstory. Definitely interested in testing! FYI it’s not so simple to determine compatibility if you’ve been testing in ZDoom (2.8.1, I assume?). Scripting would definitely put it in “(G)Zdoom-only” territory, so your intuition is right on that point, but vanilla has a complex set of limits and behavior to account for (and actually custom textures and DeHackEd patches don’t necessarily even rule out vanilla compatibility). Line specials—how you trigger sector actions and such—are a whole ‘nother can of worms. ZDoom and Boom-compatible ports have their own ways of adding to the standard set of vanilla actions, which will make a big difference in compatibility. Sky behavior can actually be really annoying to standardize across ports, too. Most likely your map could be made boom-compatible or limit-removing-compatible, though doing so might not be worth it at this point. No worries, though, this is one of those issues where the flexibility and rich community history of Doom, two of the game’s overall strongest aspects, sometime interfere with accessibility. Looks like you’re starting off with a nice project, so keep on truckin’ with the map in whatever way works best for you!
  5. bob_tntrenres.zip (EE 4.0.0, -vanilla mode) Dead on MAP04 (chaingunners got all up in my wormhole) and MAP02 (spooked by a vile). Blind! Congrats to an_mutt, enjoyed the thrilling conclusion on suitepee's stream yesterday XD
  6. Aha! Actually I vaguely remember running across this post before, come to think of it. Those instructions are still pretty intimidating for someone like me tbh, but I smell a Thanksgiving project ;) Thanks for the info!
  7. You can record demos in most Mac ports by running Doom via your chosen port from the Terminal and using the -record [mydemoname] parameter. I've personally done this with ZDoom 2.8.1 and Chocolate with no issues. Some ports, like Eternity, have a user-friendly demo recording option built into the standard GUI (a great and in my experience very reliable feature). Your biggest obstacle for entering the speedrunning scene in a major way is that, as far as I can tell, PrBoom+ (the most common choice for submitting "official" demos) has been broken on modern Mac OSes for a long time now. Most other ports have excellent Mac versions, from what I've seen. I presume that because of port differences, though, that you won't be able to directly compete against PrBoom+ speedrunners as a Mac Doomer so long as the port remains broken.
  8. Big Ol Billy

    Every possible theme using IWAD textures?

    Going Down is probably a useful reference point here, as it does some awesome themes with stock textures (demonic asshole, fever-dream cube farm, underground gladiatorial arena).
  9. Big Ol Billy

    Best Single Map WADs

    +1 Warlock’s Hearth, that’s a real gem if you like adventurous, mysterious megamaps!
  10. Big Ol Billy

    Best Single Map WADs

    I love me a nice one-and-done affair, whether it’s a megamap adventure or perfectly self-contained snack. No mortal Doomer can compete with Viggles’ fastidious visuals, but there are a number of mappers who have given us unique takes on the concept. Here are some maps that I’ve found particularly memorable: Miasma Comatose Lilium Object 34: Sonar Saturnine Chapel dead.air dead.wire The Eye Rebel Sky The Backyard Demonastery Doomsday of the UAC (aka UAC_DEAD.WAD)
  11. Big Ol Billy

    Why the first 3 maps of Plutonia are so bad?

    At the risk of sounding contrarian, I actually think maybe the strongest aspect of Plutonia is its visuals. Compared to the aggressively game-y and non-representational design of Doom II proper, I think Plutonia has almost uniformly a stronger sense of place and atmosphere, which the grungy new textures and oppressive gameplay help support. (Off the top of my head, maybe only the Inmost Dens and The Spirit World from Doom II feel like part of some kind of world, as opposed to fun gameplay scenarios with techbase/"city"/hell wallpaper.) I'm probably least taken with Well of Souls because of that goofy bridge, but Congo and Aztec imho not only look great and play great, but do so in a way where the visuals and play complement each other really nicely to give you a sense of a harsh, semi-abstract jungle/cave complex. I can sort of see Plutonia as taking inspiration from 'Predator' in the same way that Doom I did from 'Alien' (KDitD has a very Alien-esque feeling of space isolation, whereas E1 Plutonia is more of a macho "match your wits and skills against these crafty jungle monsters" challenge).
  12. Big Ol Billy

    DOOM 404 - complevel 2 megawad - now on idgames!

    I’m almost halfway through this and really enjoying it, although the pistol starts are starting to get pretty tough! Love the low-detail, weird angle, small-but-tough style, and the computer/techie themes are a fun way to tie it all together (feels like a natural continuation of Doom’s historic popularity with hackers and computer geeks). I’m just about to make it to the music-less maps so I’ll keep an ear out. I actually have some unused midis kicking around at the moment...
  13. Ah thanks, I was under the impression that PrBoom+ didn’t work on newer OSX versions. Definitely gonna check out the linked thread. (Although there is something very pleasant about the feel of EE now that I’m playing around with it.) Now I just gotta figure out a Mac mapping option, but that’s a topic for another thread.
  14. Lost my PC access again so I'm going to have to find a Mac demo recording solution. With Eternity, what's the easiest way to set compatibility with the contest conditions? EE doesn't appear to have PrBoom+ complevel or ZDoom compatibility mode equivalents, just individual feature options. And some of the individual options are a little head-scratching to me...
  15. Big Ol Billy

    Kuadrat - A vanilla map for the Ultimate Doom

    Nice E4 feel. Have a Chocolate FDA: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1prudsvnjfovtmh/bob_kuadrat.lmp?dl=1 (warning: it takes me a little bit to figure out that I don't have the use key bound correctly -_- ) A couple of comments: -- This had a scrappy E4 feel without actually being too hard. Had to rush past some enemies and manage them while hunting for health and ammo, which made for tense and fun play. Some of this challenge may have come from my boneheaded use key binding issue, admittedly. -- Really like those compact wood rooms where you have to fall from one into the next. There's probably more you could do with that idea if you wanted to expand this map or make a multi-map set. -- As one gets further into the map, it becomes darker and more confusing to navigate. I like that on paper, but hunting for the red door at the end (admittedly after backtracking a fair amount) was kind of annoying. -- Also would encourage marking that exit switch so the player gets to choose whether they want to explore more. -- Looks like you've got some bleeding midtex's on the window railings. You can fix this by changing the light level of a sector on one side or the other of the midtex so that the two sectors bordered by the midtex don't have the same light value.