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Big Ol Billy

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About Me

Sociologist, musician, graphic designer, generally confused person. Doom has been a more-or-less constant presence in my life since co-op'ing Knee Deep in the Dead over dial-up back when I was a 90s kid. I think of the Doom community as one of the internet's real utopian projects, where people collectively pursue fun, creativity, and personal growth as rewards unto themselves.


Doom community stuff that has influenced and inspired me, in no particular order:


Going Down (mouldy) <--all-time favorite map set

Illium and Comatose (Lainos)

Brotherhood of Ruin (Kristian Aro)

Shadow/Rise of the Wool Ball (MSPaintRocks)

Double Impact (ROTTKing and Ralphi)

Bauhaus (Didy)

Crusades (Richard Wiles)

Earth (Roger Ritenour)

The Classic Episode (Jan Van der Veken, Anthony Soto, Nick Baker and Travers Dunne)

UAC_DEAD (Leo Martin Lim)

Swift Death (frankFRAG)

Breach (Viggles)

Echelon (Sverre Andre Kvernmo)

2016's "return of Romero" maps