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  1. Can’t participate at the moment, but I support this project! It’s certainly a creative challenge, given the usual opinions about ol’ ZZZFACE in the Doom community. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out like... a certain other UDMF project that challenged mappers to make something fun out of a seemingly annoying combat scenario. FWIW, I would encourage people to be careful about overusing Zdoomisms. I think it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that advanced features and the broad creative freedom they offer make it easier for mappers to overcome the underlying design challenge of a project like this. But the wonders of GZDoom can just as easily make the player experience worse/more annoying than would have been possible in Boom, vanilla, etc. Take it from someone’s who’s been there! That said, I think that UDMF format makes a lot of sense for the project, especially for being able to have a weaker boss shooter for a first “episode.” Anyway, good luck to all!
  2. Big Ol Billy

    Cold Open: Single Map WAD for Boom

    This was a tasty treat! Rare for me to finish a map on the first go, but I made it this time: bob_cldopn.zip . More importantly, it felt really good--no filler, nothing too crazy, but totally engaging throughout. Lava/white rock visuals are really lovely too.
  3. Big Ol Billy

    New And Lost

    Welcome! There's some good advice in this thread already. Whether you should start with limit-removing (basically vanilla Doom without some of the arbitrary constraints like limited number of visible surfaces, moving sectors, etc.), Boom, or GZDoom format mapping is a contentious subject around here. I tend to agree with Aquila's recommendations above, but ultimately you should follow your muse. One thing I would highly recommend regardless is to set yourself a simple, manageable goal and have some points of reference. One of the great things about Doom modding is that pretty much everything is right out there in the open to learn from and copy (though always give credit of course!). You can literally see how Romero, Peterson, skillsaw, mouldy, [your favorite mapper here], did everything in their maps--though these things are easier to figure out in less complex formats, which is why I lean toward encouraging that approach. So look at a couple of small maps, say E1M2 or MAP02 or some early map of a favorite megawad, and try to make something on that scale (number of sectors, overall footprint, monster count). If you want to go GZDoom, at least limit yourself to a single, simple goal like "one 3D floor in the map" or "one script" or "vanilla-style map that just also has dynamic lights," etc. so you reduce the complexity of things you have to figure out all at once. Maybe try to structure your modest map around this one feature. And have a specific reference, ideally something from an experienced and highly skilled mapper, for anything that's advanced like that so you can go into GZDB and really figure out how they got it all to work. But, again, try to challenge yourself to start small. It'll be a lot better for your development as a mapper to go through the entire process of completing several modest maps than it will be for you to get overwhelmed a quarter of the way through your quest to make your own personal Miasma/Lilium/Breach.
  4. Big Ol Billy

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Thanks man. An extra double (or all three) key path is an interesting idea. Could be good for a MAP15 secret exit or just something crazy. I did try to give the player some benefit to doing both, though. The BSK path leads to a rocket launcher and possible secret BFG, while the YSK gives you an SSG and possible secret blue armor, so you have a unique immediate reward and bonus secret on each path. Though it’s probably most enticing to do both for continuous run benefits, but really I’m ok with that.
  5. Big Ol Billy

    Infernew, a Community Project

    New version of Infernal Return: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1sr0ehw88z9hcfx/bigolbilly-infernal_return_v2.wad?dl=1 BSK area beefed up RSK fight spiced up... yum Minor visual and encounter tweaks here and there Original post has been updated.
  6. Big Ol Billy

    Just for fun: Subtitles for hypothetical pwad sequels

    Maskim Xul 2: Electric Shuggothaloo Counterattack 2: Counter-Counterattack The Given 2: The Gotten The Given 3: No Take-Backsies Toilet of the Gods: Back 2 the Shitter Going Down 2: Coming Up Going Down 3: Back Down Going Down 4: Actually Just Gonna Stick with Moving Horizontally This Time JPCP2: Gaiden Doom: The Movie: The Official Novelization: The Game
  7. Big Ol Billy

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Plutonia Experiment

    I also haven’t actually played Plutonia (other than peeking at a few maps once and a while). I admire the aesthetics of the stereotypical vision I have in my head—jungle-themed IWAD-tough maps with dickish chaingunner placement—though we’ll see how true that really is. Looking forward to this, though I suspect my chances of survival are gonna be even slimmer than usual. This will hopefully be a good chance to (non-Ironman) play through the whole set at last.
  8. That’s me! I’d been admiring the DBPs from afar and decided to throw in this month. Great experience, especially enjoyed getting to collaborate with community legend memfis (real talk, I felt pretty fanboyish since mem has a map in Swift Death, one of my desert island sets).
  9. Big Ol Billy

    Announcement: Near Death Experiences: A Community Project

    Cool idea! I’m down for a map. I’ve vaguely thought about doing some #deathpositivity maps before where the object is for the player to die rather than (necessarily) kill demons. Does that sound like a doable idea?
  10. Big Ol Billy

    Infernew, a Community Project

    FDA back ya, @Urthar: bob_urth_penta.zip I'm kind of obsessed with this map. There's just so much coolness here: the red/green use is inspired, the pentagon motif is neat visually and keeps the combat fresh, the progression and monster use (on UV) hit that "oppressive but fun" sweet spot for me, door crushers are a surreal and hilarious surprise, the two staircase traps are great. I could go on. I did catch one weird (not quite mis-) alignment here: Great job, I gotta check out some of your stuff.
  11. Big Ol Billy

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Cool thanks for th review @Urthar! I did go for more of a tribute to Inferno in my style (under vanilla constraints) than a DTWID-style “lost map.” I was really inspired by bonnie’s description of the Sandy Petersen hell aesthetic, so I was just running with that general vibe. I’m ok with scaling back some details if bonnie wants, but I’m really happy with the map—probably my favorite in my short mapping career so far.
  12. Big Ol Billy

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Darkening E1 & E2

    E1: Dead on MAP09 E2: Dead on... MAP09 Essentially blind though one of the E1 maps looked vaguely familiar to me. Interesting pair of sets. I'm a little surprised how dissimilar the two were, though. E1 felt like an old-ish school grab bag. Lots of fun to be had but rough around the edges with some hilariously useless monsters and goofy oversights (Mastermind that can wander into a teleport for an easy telefrag, high chance of ghost monsters on the same map). I died in a fucking bullshit tricky secret slime pit just as I finally was figuring out how to escape it. E2 is a real "experience" with great Doom-but-not-Doom atmosphere, cool textures, and demanding gameplay. I would've hated it if I had died on MAP01, which I really should have based on my playing. Some lucky breaks allowed got me past the first couple of grueling levels, and then I *really* started getting into navigating these oppressive bases, rationing my equipment, etc. By MAP09 it was starting to get a little wearying after a few too many "uh how do I get back to that keydoor now that I have the key??" moments, which probably had something to do with my skellie-sandwich death. Still, good stuff. bob_darkenings.zip
  13. Big Ol Billy

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Infernal Return UPDATED to V2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1sr0ehw88z9hcfx/bigolbilly-infernal_return_v2.wad?dl=1 OLD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x4s45yq4w3g2ufw/infernal return v1.wad?dl=0 Most inspired by: Warrens, conceptually Build time: 20 hours plus a few more learning about visplanes, medusas, tutti-frutti.... Music (if known): "Kvlt Classic" by me, written for this map Coop support: limited DM support: not yet Description: Hell really doesn't make any sense... Screens: More: Wanna hold off on demo recording to get some feedback if that's ok
    • spend 30 minutes writing super detailed post asking about a bug with my map 
    • "oh yeah, before I send this I should probably see what happens if I do this one thing, just in case anyone asks..."
    • godddddaaammmmnnnit


  14. Big Ol Billy

    Nova III - mapping deadline 31st October!

    Here's an FDA on HMP: bob_lunarcomms.zip. One pretty amusing death. I dig it, definitely has an early episode feel. The non-linearity is cool and gives it a certain "base"-ness, although it starts getting a tad sloggy if you get deep into the map without having found the SSG (had a little of this in my second playthrough, but I knew from my first play that the SSG was somewhere close so it wasn't a big deal). The environment is pretty uniform visually, and combined with the non-linearity that makes navigation challenging at points. But I never felt frustrated, and I like having to use automap from time to time to scout out unexplored areas. Combat was fun and breezy on HMP, and the finale was the only real heart-pounding moment--seems about right for an early E3 on skill 3. Also really liked the parkour-y zerk secret. Found a couple of minor visual things, which you'll see in the FDA. The major one was a bleeding flat right outside the finale area.
  15. Big Ol Billy

    4800 Hell Knights. 94's and Therektafire's adventures in Quake. Alpha 3

    Wasn’t there talk at one point of having a final icon of sin that only spawns HKs? That sounds more feasible than spriting out a new final boss, and it seems like it would be pretty intuitive to players.
  16. Big Ol Billy

    Infernew, a Community Project

    If we’re actually brainstorming names, I’d put in for “Infernal Return.” (Which also serves as a bonus pun on a venerable religious studies concept.)
  17. Big Ol Billy

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Hmmmm put me down as interested. I was gonna take a break from mapping this month, but the idea of a short ‘n’ sweet Infernoesque map is too tempting. I’m 100% on board with your description and appreciation of the Inferno aesthetic.
  18. Almost de-lurked to jump in on this one. Good looking stuff. Doomer Boards has been putting out some killer projects in terms of quality, consistency, and polish—and at a pretty impressive pace.
  19. Big Ol Billy

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Darkening E1 & E2

    Cool, cool. I fell off for the last two, though not for lack of trying—in both cases I ended up getting caught up in repeated practice runs and never worked up the confidence to do a proper attempt. (I blame the choice of Double Impact—I love that set so much I didn’t want to do a run where I didn’t get to see all the maps!). But fingers crossed that I’ll get my shit together and lower my personal expectations this month.
  20. I’ll take MAP25. Can I make my non-map by deleting an existing map, or should it be not done from scratch?
  21. Big Ol Billy

    4800 Hell Knights. 94's and Therektafire's adventures in Quake. Alpha 3

    In my playthrough (this also happened to Mega) when you step into the blood teleporter, your screen instantly changes to the teleport location, no green flash or teleport sound. Like the silent teleport to line action, though I don’t have the map available to see how exactly it’s done. Not having the usual teleport sound/green flash just makes it unnecessarily jarring imho
  22. Big Ol Billy

    4800 Hell Knights. 94's and Therektafire's adventures in Quake. Alpha 3

    Heh, I know platforming tastes very greatly in the community, and I definitely support people following their muse. But to clarify—it’s not so much the platforming itself that bugged me, but the turret enemies in the room that you had to deal with while platforming. Also fwiw I might be more sensitive about upscale monsters than others, I think something about them just irrationally rubs me the wrong way. Let me look through the map and see where the worst offenders are as far as the more complex grid patterns. I really like the simplicity of the colored grids and arrows, just wanted to help that shine through more.
  23. Big Ol Billy

    4800 Hell Knights. 94's and Therektafire's adventures in Quake. Alpha 3

    also here's my pic for the hub map:
  24. Big Ol Billy

    4800 Hell Knights. 94's and Therektafire's adventures in Quake. Alpha 3

    Feedback part 2! @Pegleg (new version) main area is interesting and fun to fight in, though it's hard to get a foothold at first health seems a little scarce at the beginning, lots of effective insta-kills from snotball storms this is another map where I longed for a more-powerful-than-BFG weapon, there's just a lot of HK swarms teleporting in that make things exhausting secrets seem essentially mandatory on UV. I don't want to imagine what playing this map with no BFG would be like. I like the theme, but the visuals are a little underwhelming for me. There's a lot of orthogonal angles for a flesh-based map here, and not a lot of lighting variation. Admittedly this does give it a certain oldschool flavor. The eyeball switch lifts at the beginning and end are a fun, atmospheric touch, though. The blood insta-teleporter really needs some teleport fog. Even once I figured out what was happening, I still backed into it a couple of times and had a moment of "wtf kind of glitch is this? why did my screen completely change?" @DMPhobos Pretty excellent map. The scripted "prison cells explode open" conceit works really well--it's clear what's going on, where threats are gonna come from, and keeps ratcheting up the intensity. The modest length is a breath of fresh air for the set as a whole. The grenade launcher is actually fairly useful here, but can still be annoying when you're trying to kill HKs still in a prison cell--the low angle of the projectiles and the small step up to the cell makes it pretty easy to insta-kill yourself with two rockets. This is a problem with the weapon itself imho, though. Some texture and flat alignment problems in the current version (I know there have been some issues in compiling): @Myst.Haruko cool and memorable, fun theme executed well FWIW, I could stand to see more of the regular grid patterns, less of the grid with extra criss-crossing diagonal lines the platforming room is pretty annoying. I would maybe make hitting the floor itself teleport the player to make falling down less tedious, maybe also ease up on the repopulation Upscaled boss barons look weird. Similar to dexiaz's upscaled cyber, it's kind of hard to tell exactly where they are, since upscaling makes them look like they should be closer than they actually are. @Plusw Another personal favorite, I dig it. It keeps you moving and having to strategize, but doesn't feel too grindy or unfair. Grenades are actually useful here. You can walk out of the shuttle in the final cockpit area into the vacuum OF SPAAAAAACCCEEEEEE @DeXiaZ Impressive technical stuff, also provides something unique to the set. That said, tbh I feel like the cyber boss doesn't work on a couple of fundamental levels. For one, it's really confusing to tell where it's supposed to be since it's upscaled--the way you're used to using resolution to gauge distance in Doom just breaks down, and it kind of fucks with my head. Also the boss doesn't feel very threatening, since you have so much room to move and need to get supplies anyway. The big cyb also seems to spend most of its time fighting the HK horde, hard to even keep it's attention. It also took me a while to figure out what was even happening when it fired vertically, because I was never remotely in the same area by the time the rockets landed (for most of the fight, you can barely even get killed by the vertically fired rockets if you want to—if you stay in one place the HK balls will kill you much more quickly). Since the cyber boss is the real focus of the map, it feels weird that it doesn't end when he dies. Clean-up afterwards feels pretty anticlimactic. @Voltcom9 Fun theme! You really make putting the 3D into Wolf3D work. Ammo and health generosity are good and much appreciated. But glad I have to move and work for the RL / BFG, I think that helps strike a nice balance between giving you stuff and making you work for other stuff. Switches could be a little more user friendly. I wouldn't mind "x switches to go" messages, but at least it would be good for switches to be 1-use, so you can tell readily that you definitely didn't hit that switch over there earlier. @Empyre Nice to have a brief map with a strong visual idea. This is also maybe the purest version of the original prompt for the set. Combat isn't very interesting, mostly just involves circle strafing. But given the map's brevity this doesn't seem like a huge dealbreaker; this map is another one that feels nice to have in the mix for variety's sake. @DerFurer'sFace Really unique and memorable theme that must have been a lot of work to pull off. A lot of the combat is really frustrating to me. There's a lot of detail that's easy to get caught on, spaces too narrow to dodge HK projectiles, constant HK projectile hell in every outdoor area. Comp. demands seem pretty steep, it was even lagging pretty significantly for Mega--which makes getting stuck on detail even more prevalent and annoying. My experience was pretty similar to his playthrough, really. All that said, the HKs on planes are just epically hilarious. Overall: I think the biggest issue the set as a whole has is slogginess (my map is as big an offender as any). The shorter maps are definitely the ones shining through on the whole, with a few exceptions. The custom weapons don't do any favors to the set as well, unfortunately. It would really be nice to have a weapon more powerful than the BFG that could really cut through nobles. As it stands, fighting a large group of HKs with the railgun or PR feels about equivalent to fighting a horde of imps with the pistol, and even the RL/grenades don't feel much better. Both of the custom weapons have kind of annoying features imho. You can't hold down fire on the grenade launcher and the angle is weirdly low; the railgun has strange reloading (after every three shots?), plus feels underpowered to me. Another issue that carries across multiple maps is snotball hell—HK projectiles coming from a bunch of different directions or with no real cover, where effective dodging feels very RNG-based. This can get especially annoying when there isn't armor available, meaning that 2 or 3 hits will kill you. Here it's easy to start feeling like the level is just making you save-scum through the encounter. Playing through the whole set was pretty exhausting, although I think some of that will be alleviated by a hub structure, which will allow players to peek at all maps readily but not feel as obligated to complete a certain one before moving on to others. I also don't think we should be too down on ourselves, since this is supposed to be a ridiculous and freewheeling kind of project. But as I've said before, the more we can (reasonably) do to bring the fun forward, the better.