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  1. Big Ol Billy

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths

    It was a dark and stormy night, and Doomguy had just spent another evening locked in his study, examining an ancient occult tome. But what was that strange, evil music coming from far away? Dungeon Synths is a 9+1 map musical odyssey from the Digital Bards Krew, merging the worlds of medieval fantasy and vintage synthesizers. This is the first of (hopefully) many bimonthly ZDoom-oriented community projects organized by several veterans of the DBP series, run on the ZDoom forums. The project targets ZDoom 2.8.1 but has also been tested with recent GZDoom versions. Dungeon Synths features an ogg soundtrack of music from classic RPGs, particularly Legend of Dragoon and Dark Cloud 2, newly arranged for (virtual) vintage synthesizers and drum machines. >>DOWNLOAD RC1.1<< Previous: RC1 IWAD: Doom 2 Freelook: Permitted, not necessary Jump: No Crouch: No Swimming: Required--if not using freelook, make sure to have swim up/down controls bound Difficulty settings: Yes Multi-player starts: 8 per map, currently untested You are highly encouraged to play with sound and music on. Please also mod carefully, as there are several custom monsters and decorations. MAP LIST 01. "Keys Open Doors" - Big Ol' Billy 02. "Sombersong Sewers" - BearInThaWoods 03. "Kasparov's Claim" - Scrangus McBrickdad 04. "Knights of the Patch Cables" - Big Ol' Billy 05. "Tone-Setter" - Scrangus McBrickdad and Glenzinho 06. "Low-Frequency Incantation" - Big Ol' Billy 07. "Synthful Journey" - Glenzinho 08. "Vlad's Carpathian Concert" - Doom_RO 09. "The Icon of Synth" - Big Ol' Billy 10. "Digital Bards Krew" (credits map) - 4MaTC and Big Ol' Billy Screenshots:
  2. Big Ol Billy

    Favorite Metal subgenres?

    Black metal tends to be the most interesting and appealing stuff for me, although you never know where you're going to find a cool artist or album. Been listening to a lot of Voivod lately, which has made me interested in learning more about 80's thrash. Lamp of Murmuur and Grim Tormentor are two current black metal projects that have caught my ear, fwiw
  3. Big Ol Billy

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths

    Thanks @Vile, glad you enjoyed it! Good catch on that softlock, it'll be fixed in RC2 along with some other improvements. Still have some more playthroughs to watch first...
  4. Big Ol Billy

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths

    Thanks for this, will do! This is my first time leading a G/Z type project so I’m still getting up to speed on best practices re: compatibility, performance, etc. for the format. Tips like this are appreciated!
  5. Big Ol Billy

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths

    Thanks Phob. And yeah, the credits map goes on 4 lyfe! ;) My apologies to Bear for introducing RC1's GZ bug in a last-minute tweak, that's on me!
  6. Big Ol Billy

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths

    Important update! RC1.1 (now linked in the OP) fixes a GZDoom-only showstopper in MAP02 :)
  7. Big Ol Billy

    DBK01: Dungeon Synths

    Not exactly a sidequest, although the Fall of Society “sidequest” project did lay some groundwork for this. Several of us had been talking for a while about projects that wouldn’t necessarily fit the DBP format (although DBP37 shows there’s still plenty of life in that classic format!). Particularly the ZDoom format and a longer and slightly looser development period were attractions to me. I’ve made something like 55 DBP maps (or I think ~80 if you count credit maps and such) so it was about time to switch things up! :)
  8. Big Ol Billy

    Metroidvania Style Wad?

    Yeah +1 for Bury My Heart Knee Deep, it’s fantastic in its own right and (to my knowledge) the purest translation of the Metroidvania structure/approach to Doom.
  9. Big Ol Billy

    All About Secret Maps

    Very cool to get a lil shoutout from the Dean himself! Early on in my mapping career, I consciously made "generous/cool secrets" one of my general mapping goals (sometimes going a bit too far with it) since that was something I always enjoyed in maps. Secrets are often a good place to inject some extra personality into your mapping, and that often holds especially true for secret maps. I generally think of them as a place to give the player something they haven't seen before, and to let your creativity run a little wilder than you might usually do. In lower formats the two extra text screens are a cool affordance, too, which give the mapper a chance to introduce a little extra narrative (as Going Down does to an amusing effect) or break the forth wall (as in Plutonia). A little bit about "Solar Powered," which might be relevant to the general discussion here: the map actually came from just building out from a unique affordance that the Nova III leaders gave the MAP31 slot--namely, that the secret maps could use unique skies. I wanted to figure out a cool way to make having a unique sky something more than just a visual change, which is what gave me the idea to make a map centered around manipulating things to get the sun in the sky texture to shine on a series of solar panels, so that the sky was (in a sense) involved in the actual progression of the map. (Admittedly, you can sorta just hit switches and not really pick up on this, but still it gave me a way to structure things as a mapper.) Everything else grew from that, really--the mesoamerican/tech hybrid theme, for example, quickly emerged as an easy way to sell the basic progression hook. There are some things I would change about the map from my POV as a mapper today, but I'm still pretty proud of it overall.
  10. Love it, how do people even do these 3rd-person replay type animations? Really adds a lot and makes the explanations crystal clear.
  11. Big Ol Billy

    DBP 16 : Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy

    Amazing, I appreciate it @Seppe! With the recent attention this has gotten I need to bump this up in the finalizing queue...
  12. Big Ol Billy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    The saddest of all keys!
  13. Big Ol Billy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

  14. Glad to see plenty of Going Down music defenders, I'll also chime in to say that I actually really like the repetition of tracks in particular. It really gives the whole thing a definite musical signature, and tbh I wish more projects would do something similar (despite being a musician myself, I just find it kinda hard to recall any particular piece of music from most megawads, even when I'm digging the music in the moment). Back on topic, I love the idea of a music pack for Cyberdreams. It's such a different kind of experience that the stock Doom II music is really not very fitting--the text file even hints that the authors were planning on doing music for it eventually!
  15. Thanks Jimmy! This ended up being quite a competition, and I'm thankful for the honorable mention. Now I'm really thinking about whether to develop my map a little bit more, I do really dig the concept and am definitely vibing with the people who wanted to see a little more of it... XD
  16. Name: Last Saucer Off of Mercury Map Format: UDMF Ports Tested: ZDoom 2.8.1, GZDoom 4.4.2 Build Time: 15 hours mapping time, some additional hours for music and menu graphics Textures: Jimmytex (run with jimmytex.wad) IWAD: Doom 2 External PWADs: jimmytex.wad Requirements: Freelook, jumping, and crouching allowed (but not necessary) Music: "Joy Indefatigable" by Big Ol' Billy Credits: Rain effect & decorations from Mercury Rain; sky from ROTT; logo uses fonts from Jang Pung 3 (Sega Master System) and Super Star Soldier (TurboGrafix 16); TITLE/INTERPICs based on a photo by kr3st0; exit sound from Arcane Dimensions + Wolfenstein 3D Comments: The weather on this planet is terrible, time for a vacation! Uses Jimmy's famous Mercury Rain rain effect—this time as a hazard. The music was written specifically for this event--since it's a 15-hour contest for Jimmy's 15th Doomiversary, the tune is entirely in 15/8. Custom title graphics and M_DOOM included just for fun. >>>>Download<<<<
  17. Big Ol Billy

    DBP32: Tomatomania!

    Thanks for the love and bug reports, y'all! I'll be working on them while attempting to recover from the coronavirus (just one of the dramatic challenges that popped up towards the end of development!). Heh, that was definitely the vision for this project—something like the old 90s mash-up projects where you might end up with Barney, the Energizer Bunny, Beavis & Butthead sfx, etc. just thrown together in a big nonsensical wad blender. Just a bit more purposeful in this case, hopefully!
  18. Big Ol Billy

    Share Your Sprites!

    Love this, particularly the rubbery animation on the XDeath. Great take on a cartoony "little green man"-style alien soldier. My one nitpick would be the helmet—I think it's kinda hard to translate the helmet texture you have in the original concept sketch into the the size/palette restrictions of a Doom sprite, and consequently it comes off looking a bit messy without conveying what you're actually trying to get across visually. I wonder what it would look like with a smooth & shiny type helmet (although on the other hand, this might bring the costume too close to the TF2 soldier). Still, pretty impressive for a "my first Doom sprite"!
  19. Big Ol Billy

    The 2020 Cacowards

    A bit of a necro-bump at this point, but congrats to all the 2020 winners, runners-up, and mentionees! As always, the choices show what a vibrant lil community we've got here—the "new age of slaughter" style standing proudly alongside classical limit-removing megawads (25YoE), retro-flavored cheese (Rowdy Rudy 2), and magnum opus megamaps like Ar Luminae and the extremely enticing-looking Mutabor. I was particularly intrigued by the write-ups for Three is a Crowd and Running Late 2, which sound right up my alley. I confess that the relentless pace of the DBPs alongside other projects I did this year meant that I barely had time to play anything new (or anything in a non-development/testing context, really). Even helping with the finishing up of DBP31 and prepping the long-discussed DBP32 have left me little brainspace to process the Cacos this year, hence the late post! But there's certainly a lot of awesome looking stuff to catch up on... someday... Of course, it's humbling to have been in the running for creator of the year, especially when it involved facing off against the Martin Luther of Slaughter himself! Things just lined up in my personal, professional, and creative life this past year such that I was just somehow constantly super motivated and inspired (I say "somehow"--but all the people I interact with in the community have been a big part of that, naturally). I don't know if I'll ever be able to have another Doom year like this past one. Just for the purposes of the historical record, it's a little disappointing that the DBP series didn't get a mention in passing at least, but overall I'm thankful that the series has gotten such a warm and fair reception here over the years, all things considering. And with Rowdy Rudy 2 in the winner's circle, I feel that tradition of 90s-ish creative, lo-fi fun that I dig so much is well represented regardless.
  20. Big Ol Billy

    DBP31: Santa's Outback Bender

    Sorry for the double-post, we figured out the issue with the boomerang pickups on MAP15 (yep, potential 666 special failure if KeenDie actions trigger too close to one another) and also fixed some deep water rendering issues in certain ports. Leaving this RC1.2 here until @Catpho can update the OP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z2l7glfdyiaqjip/DBP31_RC1.2.zip?dl=1
  21. Big Ol Billy

    DBP31: Santa's Outback Bender

    Thanks @Jovian, glad someone got that Hillsong reference! (Several playthroughs I’ve seen have people like “Wait is this supposed to be a church or a big concert?” lol.) Too bad I couldn’t officially work in the SMM as “Brain” Houston in the intertext XD Also interested to hear more about that softlock. There should be five boomerangs—grabbing the first one should trigger the big fight, then it’s a matter of collecting the remaining four to open the bars and see Santa getting baptized. Seems unlikely that you missed any of them from what you describe, that’s puzzling. What port were you using? I assume the rangs worked fine on other maps? Maybe there’s something going with KeenDie actions triggering very close to one another... hmm...
  22. Big Ol Billy

    Farm animals sprite

    With a little resizing and polishing you can get some of the RR animals looking pretty Doomy in my experience XD
  23. Big Ol Billy

    2021 Goals & Intentions

    <<< This is the DBP mascot, Tomatoman, who as of late has been dressing up for each month's DBP (most recently, the old-west-themed The Magnificent Five). They're all based on the silly TOMATO graphic from Mock 2, which SuperCupcakeTactics introduced way back in DBP12. After DBP18 he's taken on a bit of a life of his own!
  24. Big Ol Billy

    2021 Goals & Intentions

    We've always had big plans for DBP32 since it's such a magic Doom number. After that, I might be changing things up a bit! I feel ya, MAP01 of UP was a real accomplishment. I didn't wanna dogpile the year's mentionation thread but DBP18 was secretly my pick for best all-around DBP. Excited to see what you're gonna cook up in the future!
  25. Big Ol Billy

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doomer Boards Projects 26, 7, 19

    The story here, such as it is, is pretty different than the film, so you don't need to refer to that. I've avoided saying too much because it's interesting to see what people come up with, but I'll probably lay out my full headcanon at the end. You do get an explicit backstory at the MAP07 text screen, though: