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  1. A year in Doomworld

    Its been my first year here havent made anything besides one map but met some nice people on here some of them in this thread right now (Doomkid tell the truth about your age) nice to meet you and enjoy your time on here P.S. gotta say shout outs to dewsome because when i didnt know anybody on here he was the first person i talked to and helped me break the ice and feel right at home,thanks sir
  2. Who is the most promising newcomer?

    can you teach me rd?
  3. What are you listening to?

    RIP Combat Jack & Kate Fox
  4. finally gotten around to playing The Alfonzone and gotta say i am enjoying it 



    Shout outs to Pinchy with the maps and Alfonzo on the tracks, them midis SLAP 

  5. yo for all my Canadians (especially those in Nova Scotia) this is a thing https://donaircam.com/

  6.  this next one goes out to you my friend:



    1. Doomkid


      I'm 12 and wat is this


      (this song actually rules)

  7. We didnt talk much and i was intimidated by your skill as a player when i first met you, but DemonSphere you made me feel welcome you was a nice man.


    RIP sir, ill miss you 

    1. TootsyBowl


      That username is relevant for once.

    2. Heavyasadeathinthefamily
  8. ZTDM - 2v2 TeamDeathmatch Tournament

    hi im up for taking part in the 2v2 thing so if anybody needs a partner im here(also currently looking) whats the tournament rank for Beginners? cause id like to be in that please i should be avaliable but i do worry that one or two things might come up along the way
  9. WWII Movies for Wolfenstein Fans

    The Dirty Dozen Cross of Iron The Big Red One The Longest Day All Quiet on the Western Front I feel that Triumph of the Will has to be mentioned in here even though Leni Reifensthal was a disgusting person her influence on the perception of the Nazis and her use of propaganda is undeniable Doom usually gets brought up as being a hodge podge of difference influences and hobbies the team had while making the game but i think, the same approach could be made with the Wolfenstein games but the well of what they took influences from is smaller and less cross refferential. Private Ryan and Inglorious Bastards are good touch points when talking about the last 2 games. But i feel more so from 3D up to about RTCW as much as they played fast and loose with what the SS Paranomal devision really looked into with films they were specifically working from that same kind of space as stuff from the (40s-70s) ,good tough all american men going out their to protect freedoms etc(even if the US"s place in that story is slightly more dubious than what fiction will tell you) shoot outs in tight corridors,tense pacing and the like. (pardon me for getting rambly, it happens from time to time)
  10. so glad the summer is over I WELCOME YOU O MIGHTY RAIN

  11. Post Your Guilty Pleasures Here

    one of my cousins was a backup dancer for hear a few years ago
  12. What are you listening to?

    The man the myth the legend that is Trick Daddy Dollars
  13. I've been playing through RTCW lately, never got the chance to play it at the time outside of a demo of the PS2 version gotta say even with its flaws (enemies when shot aren't as responsive as i like/bullet spongey,kinda forgettable score,kinda heavy on the instant death) at its core it really is a solid little shooter from the early 2000s what about you lot where do you rank it in the series? do you have issues with it? how many times did you mash quick save/quick load? that one terrible stealth level YOU KNOW THE ONE!
  14. people who like Lil B in here


    Black Ken is finally out

  15. its good to see a Baron wearing a shirt for once