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  1. Why do people have such a bee in their bonnet over headshots? They reward proper aim, which is what shooters are about :p
  2. Originally, every fight had more supplies, but it was cut down because I thought it was too easy to win by camping, and I didn't want to constantly lock doors or spam arch vile/PE to push the player forwards. Perhaps I could do the latter and add more rockets, or bring HNTR closer to parity with UV, only with more pickups.
  3. xdarkmasterx

    Best video game chaingun?

    Not Doom that's for sure T_T
  4. xdarkmasterx

    What does GZ in GZDoom mean?

    Gay Zombie Doom: Don't turn your back on the former humans D:
  5. xdarkmasterx

    Strong language?

    Gore and mutilation, people being ripped apart screaming, living torture victims writhing around on spikes - all fine. But swearing isn't? Classic USA XD
  6. xdarkmasterx

    What are your top 10 most beloved video games?

    -Dodonpachi -Castlevania (I) -Bloodborne -Mega Man Zero 3 -Final Doom (Plutonia to be specific) -Thief: Dark Project -Quake (I) -Ys Origin -Half-Life (I) -Contra III Just keeping it to 1 game per series here :)
  7. xdarkmasterx

    Which is harder, the final doom wads? Or doom eternal.

    Still, one can tell for himself which one they found harder. For example, Ninja Gaiden II to Kirby's Epic Yarn would be an even more remote comparison, but there's little question as to which one most people would think is more difficult :p Any way, I think Eternal is significantly harder on the highest "Non-gimmick" difficulty. There's a lot more to pay attention to in fights, even weak monsters are significantly more deadly than the higher end classic enemies, and it's much less forgiving in general with imps and zombies killing in just a few hits. I've never played Final Doom on Nightmare or Eternal on Ultra-Nightmare, so I wouldn't know about that.
  8. xdarkmasterx

    Which is harder, Wolfenstein 3D or Doom?

    I don't think that's fair to Wolf. For certain, the repetitive gameplay can make it quite unbearable to play for a long period of time, but it still has a few things that Doom doesn't: I think hitscanners are a lot more fun to fight (they're deadly, but more consistent too), the weapons feel much more powerful (what happened to the chaingun in Doom is a tragedy, I say XD), and the combat pace is a bit faster since you can clear even large rooms in a few seconds. I think that many of the levels really overstay their welcome (especially in the first episode), but it's still fun to play for a map or two.
  9. xdarkmasterx

    Extremely Hot Take About Classic Doom

    Cold take: "Lowest of the low", "Loser" and "Low-level thinker" (???) are, in fact, personal attacks :3
  10. Spider killed me once. Barely even had to move to beat Icon as he pounded random places in the arena where I wasn't :p
  11. The Cacodemon's masterpiece: Mapping without hands is hard :(
  12. xdarkmasterx

    do you know any doom wad/mod or retro FPS that has dragons?

    Boss in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic has a dragon (2006 is retro enough?)
  13. For anyone who wants to know, here is Scene in question, and my opinion of it Honestly, I cannot see any problems with this, whether misogynist or torture. There is no blood or nudity, and the text is quite silly and not at all graphic compared to things actually decipted in Doom. If there is common thread of violence against women in his WADS, then now would be a good time to post it, so that we can be sure that he is such awful and evil person before we decide to drag his name into the dirt XD
  14. xdarkmasterx

    How Would You rank the doom games by difficulty?

    From hardest to easiest (on the highest non-gimmick difficulty, so Nightmare for Eternal/2016 and UV/Veteran for everything lower): Doom Eternal: Average Master Levels: Average Plutonia: Average TNT: Average Doom 2016: Easy Doom 64: Easy Doom 2: Easy Doom 1: Super easy Doom 3: Super duper easy Resurrection of Evil: The Artifact nuff said 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪