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  1. xdarkmasterx

    Fearfully Frightening (Vanilla)

    Do you think I would have released it if I couldn't beat it XD To make a map :3
  2. xdarkmasterx

    Quake Remastered

    Another bug: The achievment for finding the secret exit on Dimension of the Past doesn't trigger for me. I'm playing on nightmare and without cheats. Even saving and reloading right before the exit doesn't pop the achievement. EDIT: Shit, I just read that mission pack has two secret levels >_< Disregard this post 😅
  3. xdarkmasterx

    Fearfully Frightening (Vanilla)

    Dog shit map I made in a few minutes. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t1kil8h8qcbknx3/fearfri.wad?dl=0 Story: You've done it now, private! You had to go and spill that martian ale all over the captain's nice new shoes! Now, you're stuck out here digging the trenches for the UAC's finest. Damn. How long as it been, anyway? Where the hell are you? You take a look around, and find yourself in the depths of hell! Shit, you knucklehead! Nobody told you to dig this far! Think you can make it out before they turn your skull into yet another key?
  4. xdarkmasterx

    Quake Remastered

    I was playing through the remaster and noticed a couple of minor bugs with mission pack 2 (DoE). 1- Guardian constantly plays his death scream after you kill him. 2- Impaled zombies have no animation for getting off spikes, they just vanish and then reappear on the ground. I didn't see a bug thread in the steam forums so I thought they'd get more visibility here instead :p
  5. xdarkmasterx

    Don't Cry (Vanilla)

    Update 2: Fixed some visual bugs (unpegged doors, sunken platforms) and made it possible to loop around the "city" from the left side.
  6. An enemy that fires projectiles (not hitscan) in random directions would be nice.
  7. xdarkmasterx

    What do you think about DOOM's Lore?

    I'm not exactly familiar with comic books or cartoons, but the story of it didn't exactly call to mind either of those things. With all its lengthy exposition about this lofty nonsense you probably don't care about, it felt more like one of the countless poor Tolkien imitators found throughout the fantasy genre. "Athathwe the fair slew Móthgóthgóg the bad on Mt.Thunderhammer on the eve of the 69th lunar solstice cycle" and on and on. I haven't got an issue with the "ultimate badass" schtick but it's just so full of itself.
  8. Ok, I added a secret exit to map31 and it shouldn't be possible to get the crusher stuck anymore. I also gave @Obsidian's map the right music. Hopefully this wad includes the zmapinfo changes that @Fiendish made. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r3mx00jz3kwgyld/OffSpeedWad v3.rar?dl=0
  9. xdarkmasterx

    Guess the map [2nd edition]

    1: Downtown (Wonder where I played this one 🤔) 2: Enoz Soahc (Scythe map32) 4: Illuminati Revealed (Ancient Aliens map18) 10: The Eye 17: Final Frontier (Plutonia map24) No idea about the rest :p
  10. I've gotten to map 31 and noticed a couple of issues here too: There's no secret exit (map32 unreachable), and it's possible to get stuck forever if you cross the crusher stop line at a bad place. The crusher can't be restarted even by pushing the switch in this case. I recommend removing the walkover crusher lines and putting a secret exit somewhere, the door near the TP secret would be a good place for it. I can do it myself if you want.
  11. The current v2 still includes the unbeatable level 13. I made a quick patch if I'm allowed to share (if not, I'll remove it) https://www.dropbox.com/s/5j4tqbryscse8z1/OffSpeedWad v2hotfix.rar?dl=0
  12. xdarkmasterx

    What do you think about DOOM's Lore?

    Old doom is servicable. It's a little mysterious, a little humerous, but it's out of the way. This is about the player's journey into hell and back agian, not about some characters you don't give a crap about. New doom, on the other hand, is the absolute pinnacle of meaningless fantasy garbage. It embodies all the worst excesses of modern video game storytelling. The only time I think it was any good (or at least clever) was at the very beginning of 2016, where doomguy punches the villain's monitor, as if to say, "Fuck this, you're just here to kill shit, aren't you?" Of course, the delivery of the story henceforth degrades into a matter of finding PDA logs and sitting around in rooms while 40k and marvel rejects talk at you for an eternity, like just about every other game out there, but for a brief moment it had potential.
  13. xdarkmasterx

    Don't Cry (Vanilla)

    In the thread title...
  14. thanks you 4 this threads, you're works ofart is realy inspire, pleas acept mine work i spend hares on him