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  1. So are there any actual Digimon-themed Doom mods to date at all?

    1. xdarkmasterx
    2. SealSpace


      I wish there was one akin to Pokemon Doom...


      Wouldn't mind beating up and shooting Digimon as Doomguy or my other favorite Boomer Shooter heroes from the 90's in Samsara like Heretic, Hexen, Blake Stone, Corridor 7, Rise of the Triad, Strife, etc. 


      Okay I don't necessarily have that much of a spiteful hatred against Digimon (at least not Tamers or Frontiers or most of the other subsequent seasons, but going up against Adventures 01 and 02 would be hilarious for a Doom mod).

  2. xdarkmasterx

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    3/10 Just gimme a pickax and a couple thousand years
  3. xdarkmasterx

    What is your opinion on ADS / Aim Down Sights?

    It's stylish
  4. xdarkmasterx

    What do you think the lowest age for Doom Eternal should be

    Average NuDoom player
  5. xdarkmasterx

    Doom II enemies if they were insects (with pictures):

    Wolfenstein SS: Anophthalmus hitleri
  6. xdarkmasterx

    Caligula [VANILLA]

    Very hard and very stupid. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8apaphw1mngl1g/caligul.wad?dl=0
  7. xdarkmasterx

    I ban you because...

  8. xdarkmasterx

    Dusk is Overrated.

    I don't see how this is a mark in the game's disfavour. When you have full control over the game's code you don't need to resort to hacky solutions like this to create unique gameplay
  9. xdarkmasterx

    Let's find out doom 3 weapon inspirations

  10. xdarkmasterx

    Let's find out doom 3 weapon inspirations

    The shotgun is clearly inspired by a dagger :p
  11. It's based on E4 so I thought I'd better use a Bible quote for the title :3
  12. Update: Made blue key fight more difficult and fixed being able to trigger it early Thanks for the comments everyone!
  13. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jygco3ij7o6aonz/circum.wad?dl=0 Thy Flesh inspired map and all the toxic floors and awkward combat that entails 😃 Replaces E1M1