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  1. hello everypony i buildet more areas into there level there is a cave with demon corraption in it and it have some enemys in it but weapons also
  2. dont be afraid man u kno i meant well ;) well its can be very dangerous because hafve ma lot of hard monster revnant arch vile but maybe wont be if avoid damage very well like XD
  3. well wear to begin the army base have disable communication with theyre base after suspected enemies attack, and sended all marines of uac to look, you have became separated form your squad and stucked into a hole with wall that cannot pass your shouts and they will not hear you, after a time you free yourselfs from the hole and what do you find objective of a level was to kill all the demon who stand into the base and steal theyre research also there are alien building at the lab was expedition into but the demon also taked over there and they must be stopped "all that glitters is not gold" - JK rowling i think EDIT oh sorry i beg you're pardon i saw it was shake spear that said that not rowling All that glisters is not gold— Often have you heard that told. Many a man his life hath sold But my outside to behold. Gilded tombs do worms enfold. Had you been as wise as bold, Young in limbs, in judgment old, Your answer had not been inscrolled Fare you well. Your suit is cold— Cold, indeed, and labor lost.
  4. hi everypony the level a wip the uac lost contract with a lab you must find out what do happeneds unrelease so far the level
  5. update idgame link
  6. update the link idgames
  7. uptade the game its here link idgames
  8. update the idgame link
  9. uptade the realise on to idgames
  10. thank a replies and update sorry guys i forget the video demonstration upload now
  11. hello everypony I make new level here they is level VANILLA comments play etc also i did tried for fix and error VISPLANE error but maybe you can find one if you like
  12. do this count...
  13. 2 oh yeah, alsa a blue strip is a secret, if you presso n that it open a weall to the other area, can you find it? ;)
  14. it is fun level because it have, many revenant and Cyberdemon ;) good job i record demo https://www.dropbox.com/s/mjv04zt3wmsi642/CSGBDxdarkmasterx.lmp?dl=0 unfortunatly not my frst atempt because first time i have tag 0 action in option and it make the ceiling come down at the end and i stucked t_t
  15. make text file called, "decorate", copy this into file and drag drop file into zdom executeble, now he wont not die properly so wont kill all monster when he dei