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  1. update the link idgames
  2. uptade the game its here link idgames
  3. update the idgame link
  4. uptade the realise on to idgames
  5. thank a replies and update sorry guys i forget the video demonstration upload now
  6. hello everypony I make new level here they is https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8avg7pm4a5ucg1/nasty.rar?dl=0 comments play etc also i did tried for fix and error VISPLANE error but maybe you can find one if you like
  7. do this count...
  8. 2 oh yeah, alsa a blue strip is a secret, if you presso n that it open a weall to the other area, can you find it? ;)
  9. it is fun level because it have, many revenant and Cyberdemon ;) good job i record demo https://www.dropbox.com/s/mjv04zt3wmsi642/CSGBDxdarkmasterx.lmp?dl=0 unfortunatly not my frst atempt because first time i have tag 0 action in option and it make the ceiling come down at the end and i stucked t_t
  10. make text file called, "decorate", copy this into file and drag drop file into zdom executeble, now he wont not die properly so wont kill all monster when he dei
  11. oh helo all ways if you hads trouble in a part i give tip: - u can hide behind a computer (like i show on video) on this part, so arch vile canot hit u -lol i know i troll onto such part ;), that is reason i put arch vile there, u have to kill wihout to lower a walls or maybe find the item which do not lower? ;) -on lower dificulty is much more powerup and on easy even a bfg and invulnerbalaty at the end ;), u think i should maid less monster in this level too? i could make uptade for the lower dificultys any way thanx 4 replys all who coment ;)
  12. update again i old video was into a mistaken resolution i fixe these now my mistake sorry
  13. thanks u 4 replys guy
  14. update the thread video
  15. updated again i replace the video i increase the kuality of the video because i gots a low output before sorry ;(