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  1. xdarkmasterx

    Share your PWAD! I will review your WADs as fast as I can.

    cheers for that man ive got easier maps still so next time ill give u a one or the other... thanks for playing ;)
  2. xdarkmasterx

    Share your PWAD! I will review your WADs as fast as I can.

    hey, i have a WAD for you play appreciation of any recieption that he will have
  3. xdarkmasterx

    The Darkness of Evil

    sorry i had four flat markers by accident so it wuldnt load the flats try download again
  4. xdarkmasterx

    The Darkness of Evil

    link updated the same beat thats been playing since months now updated the textures fixed in source port
  5. xdarkmasterx

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    Hey I have a couple of map thich im interested to see feedback here they are https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2ebh5eracd38za/dethtemp.wad?dl=0 ftp://ftp.fu-berlin.de/pc/games/idgames/levels/doom2/d-f/fungo.zip and comments is appreciated :)
  6. xdarkmasterx

    Texture dont fit good in-game

    It's too large for vanilla, make it 128x128 instead (or alternatively split it into 4 textures each of that size)
  7. xdarkmasterx

    Random Video Thread

  8. xdarkmasterx

    Things in modern gaming that you dislike

    They're still there, but there are less of them, and they don't go on for as long. Lot of NPCs who talk to you but they don't lock down the level like they do in HL2 so you can just walk away from them.
  9. xdarkmasterx

    Castlevania Fans?

    Mine is the very first one. Nice compact game, interesting levels and the bosses after stage 3 are surprisingly fun and complex. I prefer classicvania to the "metroid" ones by far (but some of the boss fights are great like PoR dracula).
  10. xdarkmasterx

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    i started to playe shooters again, this my highest score in CHO REN SHA 68K
  11. xdarkmasterx

    unpopular retro opinions

    I prefer Quake's singleplayer to that in any other classic FPS game
  12. xdarkmasterx

    Crispy Doom 5.6.3 (Update: Oct 04, 2019)

    just ried it ant it worked, thank you :) i played a full level without any freezes
  13. xdarkmasterx

    Crispy Doom 5.6.3 (Update: Oct 04, 2019)

    i'm having bit of a problem with this port, it will periodically freeze for about 6 seconds at time... does anyone else have such problem? or know how for fix?
  14. xdarkmasterx

    The DWmegawad Club plays: SIGIL & Nihility & Back to Basics

    e3m8: Halls of Perdition - UV IDK very easy compared to just about everything we've seen before. This level's appearance are as unique and interesting as all before (i have preference for those dark passages with lava cracks), but the gameplay is nothing particularly remarkable. the final battle against a spider and then cyberdemon is not at all difficult due to wide space of movement and easy to find the BFG. maybe John thought we needed a break after all tribulation into he others level before him XD
  15. xdarkmasterx

    Recommend me YOUR wads

    i've got a "few" XD here's one of my most recent