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  1. lirui1001

    What popular megawads do you think are overrated?

    Overrated megawads: THIS SUXX! 1337 cyc-384 urania killing adventure Journey to Hell End of this thread.
  2. Map04 UV Max in 3:13-1kl204-313.zip
  3. Map09 UV Max in 3:32-1kl209-332.zip
  4. lirui1001

    Whispers of Satan demos [-complevel 9]

    Map20 UV Max in 6:58-ws20-658.zip
  5. Map02 UV Max in 5:22-1kl202-522.zip Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this map after 500+ tries
  6. Map01 UV Max in 2:29-1kl201-229.zip
  7. 1000 Lines 2 - Community Project 1.0 Is "1kl2xx-yy" an acceptable format :) Map29 UV Max in 7:06-1kl229-706.zip
  8. lirui1001

    3 Heures d'agonie 3 demos [-complevel 2]

    Map13 UV Max in 3:16-3h313-316.zip Fuck the exit jumping
  9. lirui1001

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Czechbox Map01 UV Max in 0:44-cz01-044.zip Map02 UV Max in 1:35-cz02-135.zip Map03 UV Max in 1:47-cz03-147.zip Map04 UV Max in 1:19-cz04-119.zip
  10. lirui1001

    THT: Threnody demos [-complevel 9]

    Map13 UV Max in 5:00-th13-500.zip
  11. lirui1001

    THT: Threnody demos [-complevel 9]

    Map02 UV Max in 2:02-th02-202.zip
  12. lirui1001

    THT: Threnody demos [-complevel 9]

    Map04 UV Max in 5:01-th04-501.zip
  13. lirui1001

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    1000 Line Community Project Map32 UV Max (?) in 6:55-1kl32-655.zip Dunno if this is accepted since 10 imps get stuck and cannot be killed in this map.
  14. lirui1001

    50 Monsters demos [-complevel 2]

    Map27 UV Max in 1:33-50m27-133.zip
  15. lirui1001

    Doom 2 in Name Only demos [complevel -2]

    Map02 UV Max in 1:37-d2i02-137.zip