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  1. Every single map should be maxable (at least in theory). If a map is not maxable, this map is considered to be incomplete. I have played map33 with both GLBoom+ (v2.5.1.4) and GZDoom (v3.2.5). Demo: The demo with "gz" is recorded by GZDoom and the other is recorded by GLBoom+. Compatibility settings for GZDoom is Boom (strict). Currently there is no solution to fixing the kill counts in GLBoom+ but it can be set correctly in GZDoom. Just add command "+set dmflags2 67108864". The correct kill count should be 2053 instead of 4114. Also one or two nazis (mostly 2) are likely to get stuck in the pillars. videos:
  2. Even joke maps are maxable, aren't they?
  3. One more question about map33. Enemies in the last sector 11 are counted so it is impossible to get 100% kills with PrBoom+. How to set these enemies not to be counted?
  4. Some questions: 1. How to fix the music problem when loading maps 33-36 with PrBoom+? I can open maps 33-35 but the tracks are incorrect. Map 36 cannot be loaded with a "bad music" error message. Also the map titles are not shown for maps 3-36 in automap. 2. What are the required compatibility settings for GZDoom maps? My version is 3.2.4.
  5. Good Morning Phobos (-cl9) Map13 UV Max in Map14 UV Max in
  6. Breach UV Max in (-cl2)
  7. Some maps of Good Morning Phobos. I don't know why there is no thread for this megawad. All are run in -cl9. Map03 is not Boom compatible and I skip it at the moment. Map01 UV Max in Map02 UV Max in Map04 UV Max in Map05 UV Max in Map06 UV Max in Map07 UV Max in Map08 UV Max in Map09 UV Max in Map10 UV Max in Map11 UV Max in Map12 UV Max in
  8. Is map03 still not Boom-compatible? I find that 2 secret doors cannot be opened in -cl9 and therefore these 2 secrets cannot be revealed.
  9. Two standalone maps (idgames link below): Darkness Flaw UV Max in (-cl2) Tau Sigma Phi's 10th Anniversary UV Max in (-cl9)
  10. And probably I have the most UV Max runs in eagles mapping series.
  11. A random UV Max run. Tau Sigma Phi's 10th Anniversary UV Max in
  12. Actually this situation reminds me of map15 in pigeon02. It is likely that the 3 barons cannot be telefragged in that map.
  13. Have done UV Max run of this map and faced an annoying situation. Darkness Flaw UV Max in The situation is that I tried to telefrag the AV with the secret teleporter but failed twice because the AV platform is not small enough. Annoying.
  14. Just have enough time do do some runs after finishing UV Max runs of eagles10.
  15. All UV Max runs have been done. Titles of some maps are too long and I have to remove them from my video title. Map01 UV Max in Map02 UV Max in Map03 UV Max in Map04 UV Max in Map05 UV Max in
  16. Eagle Speedmapping Sessions 9 - Joy To The Eagles This is version 2 of this wad and still needs updating. But They have no plan to do major changes to the maps so I think my demos won't desync. Map01 UV Max in Map03 UV Max in
  17. Pigeon Speedmapping 3 -- 50 Christmas Pigeons (Actually the same link as above) Just did a few runs because this wad is still updating. Map01 UV Max in Map02 UV Max in Map04 UV Max in
  18. Map32: Blood Fund Gang UV Max in 7:04 Youtube version Haven't updated this wad for a long time :( Well one secret opens at 5:00 and closes at about 5:05, so the timing is very important. It is known that Toooooasty loves building/ruins theme much and most of his maps are good. The music of this map is from The Binding of Isaac.
  19. You forget to mention NeedHealth. I don't know if he is a newcomer but he is beginning to form his own mapping style of short maps.
  20. Also PrBoom+. I don't know the time "when they were supposed to do so" is when the teleporters are triggered and there are no living enemies standing on the places where monsters should spawn? Because in the newest pigeon mapping session there are also several maps with the same issue and this bug is still not solved.
  21. Last one has a time conflict with others. 3 maps with one bugged.
  22. I have done UV Max runs of map01 and 03. Map02 has a fatal bug mentioned above and cannot be maxed. Map01 UV Max in Map03 UV Max in
  23. fatal bug of map02: 5 enemies cannot teleport in, preventing you from getting UV Max.
  24. Texts on the intermission screen for all maps are broken. They are actually texts of eagles08.wad.