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  1. diggedypomme

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    This is my current work on having a large map that randomises itself and updates the playfield as you go along. I previously did this with sectors that changed height, and did some testing with polyobject walls, but have settled on a pre-defined grid of linedefs with corresponding tids. An overall map works out the roads and positions of tile types, and then spawns in models as buildings, and sets the correct walls to blocking, then drops in items. Currently when you refresh the map, the dropped items are removed, but it would be great to store their locations as an array to allow you to walk back too. this is still in testing at the moment, but it is being added to the main mod as I go along
  2. diggedypomme

    Can I use 3D models to create true 3D levels?

    If it's of any interest - this is what I have been playing with for a little while - a system with pre defined lines for multiple layouts, individually addressable and then arranged in a grid of 9 by 9, with a random generator to build a map. It then spawns in the 3d models for buildings, and then sets the appropriate linedefs to blocking. This was from a little while ago, so I have a bit more since then, and can give info on how it works if you want
  3. diggedypomme

    DoomZ alpha 15

    Oh, you mean do it as an iwad? Yea, good call - I just haven't done that before, and currently there are textures and sounds etc that are referencing the doom/ freedoom iwads. That's definitely something that I can sort for future tho. Would make it smaller than including that whole extra wad etc, thx
  4. diggedypomme

    DoomZ alpha 15

    Got another version of my mod done - this time moved across to Zandronum, so it should allow for proper multiplayer, but could do with some testing, especially for mp which is difficult to test for. 26 weapons, a driveable car, and the need to eat and drink etc. It still has a fair whack of bugs which I'm working through, but the more I'm aware of the more I can fix. Downloads are at https://doomz.co.uk/ and there is a full installer with freedoom wad, or a pk3 for use with the most recent zandronum DEV version from zandronum.com. This needs to be run in opengl mode. Any feedback welcome - thanks!