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  1. So, after being gone for quite a while, after randomly checking back, this reminded me that I was still not 100% satisfied with the map I made, and considering I liked some suggestions, I decided to make a quick-fix of MAP31. The yellow zone got a bit of a rework regarding the sequence of actions in order to leave the area, mainly that the "pressure plates" now give feedback (with the help of voodoos), and there is an extra one placed right before the exit (due to the closing door, that is the first to be triggered, it was done so to avoid accidental sequence-braking and getting stuck in that area, fyi; that was possible). The secret green area now has switches, thankfully they don't look too out of place. Also done a little bit of retexturing, the stairs are now somewhat more visible in the closed areas, and the left one (leading to the blue zone) won't hurt your eyes anymore when playing on lower resolutions. TL;DR: Am I too late with this? If not, here's an update.
  2. Minor texture bug spotted right at the beginning of MAP04. Picture As I'll be going through all the maps in the upcoming days, updates will be issued on this post. ------------------------------------------------------------ Two texture misalignments found in MAP06 (Your map, FractalXX). One is the backside of some crates next to the red keycard door, the other one in the northmost area, the part of the wall that is initially hidden by an obstacle (it is lowered by a switch on the other side of that room). Picture ... Testing: am I doing it right?
  3. Holy... I did not expect a video about my map, let alone a semi-speedrun! Thanks!
  4. This texture I also found in cc4-tex.wad, though it's not a regular sky texture, it worked just fine for me. Weird. Yes, the green secrets are on purpose :) The major monster infighting was also intended, tha idea behind that is if someone wants to speedrun the map, they're going to have to put up a real fight. On the other hand, taking your time makes everything much easier. Well, I apologize because of those "pressure plates", I don't know how to make them more obvious to step on. If somebody could help with this case, I'd appreciate it. About the hidden secret area, I think the 2 walls that needs to be lowered first are easy to find (since automap doesn't hide them and they're directly activated) so they offer no reward, but there should be some difficulty finding the secret exit, which I think one can put the pieces together only when seeing the exits (the white and green telepads), so they may want to backtrack. I fixed the misaligned vertex right away. Thanks for the heads-up. In the yellow area, the medkit placement was my mistake, they're supposed to be in the middle of the lowering platforms, that is also fixed. + varied a little bit on the green area between the blue and yellow areas. link
  5. I tested it with cc4-tex, but to fit the nature of the map, I'd like it to be a white sky. Nevermind, I used the skytransfer as you suggested. Here's the updated version.
  6. Good news: I'm already done with the map. Funny thing is, I didn't want it to become a slaughtermap but it ended up being one anyway. Okay, then I'll leave the music up to your choosing. Also, there's some weird stuff happening between ZDoom and PrBoom+: With ZDoom, the map uses SKY1 as sky, which is ideal, but PrBoom+ uses SKY3. The map should use SKY1 as sky at all times. I mean, is it possible to do that in Boom? When I was testing (with ZDoom), I spotted something odd: The normal exit also takes the player to MAP32, what's up with that? I made 2 separate exits, one of which is a secret exit, so I don't want that to happen. (...) Tested it with PrBoom+ as well, and there, it works as I wanted. Anyway, here's the map: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2w9mu4xb2m5wa1v/map31 - Monochrome Mood.wad?dl=0
  7. Alright, I was the one who applied for the 'job', also, I just made an account here, so to inform you about my progress and to get feedback from you later. This will be my second published map, and the first to be made Boom-compatible. This will also be my first contribution to a greater project, there is a lot I'll ask after I'm done with the building of the map. For example, the music for it, but mostly the integration of said map into the megawad. I kindly ask you to help with these matters.