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  1. Mondobizarrro


    Duke nukem? More like Doot Spookem!
  2. Mondobizarrro

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I like mecha anime, currently finishing zz gundam
  3. Mondobizarrro

    ZTDM Ends

    Oh i see thats what confused me. Thanks for clearing it up
  4. Mondobizarrro

    ZTDM Ends

    My team's extended games?
  5. Mondobizarrro

    ZTDM Ends

    I guess i have until sunday too
  6. Mondobizarrro

    ZTDM Ends

    Extension games? Whats that again?
  7. Mondobizarrro

    Most toxic gaming communities you have come across.

    This community may be toxic (well on the multiplayer area at least). But honestly, mainstream fandoms like overwatch, sonic, and Cod are way worse (especially on console)
  8. Mondobizarrro

    Wendy's all white-meat chicken strips

    Is it odd that every mcdonalds within 50 miles of me has working ice cream machines?
  9. Mondobizarrro

    ZTDM Ends

    Proteh and unknown are a good team, they should be a good match for us!
  10. Mondobizarrro

    ZTDM Ends

    I have a few backup partners, none who you like, but as long as i get a match in before the 22nd im good
  11. Mondobizarrro

    ZTDM Ends

    i want a7 to join this discord so i can practice with him @A7MAD
  12. Mondobizarrro

    ZTDM - 2v2 TeamDeathmatch Tournament

    my team name btw is, Completely Handicaped
  13. Mondobizarrro

    POWERGUN.WAD (Now with SuperPowerGuns.wad!)

    this seems way more fair, the only time i dont feel guilty with extremely op weapons is on a pwad like chillax since enemy cpunt on some maps is over 5k
  14. Mondobizarrro

    ZTDM - 2v2 TeamDeathmatch Tournament

    i can pair up with you my partner i signed up with dropped out, you fine with me