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  1. Snikle

    GatEs, a Microsoft windows theme Doom mod (V3)

    Screenshots? Nice avatar BTW
  2. I might start something in a few days. No promises on finishing a map, but I'll try to make something.
  3. There was a megawad made by Japanese people a few years ago, check that out. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Japanese_Community_Project
  4. Yeah, I agree with this. Having two techbase episodes was a problem. The levels were still fun, but they felt repetitive after a while. Other textures like the Red and Green ones were only really used in one or two levels. IMO, the megawad would've been better if the second episode was made up of green and red levels rather than more techbases. If not the whole second episode, at least levels 16-19. Still, great megawad.
  5. Snikle

    Popular/highly rated WAD's you're not a fan of?

    I liked Valiant's custom monsters more than the ones from Struggle. When I played Valiant I liked all the customs (Except for maybe the Arachnorb), but whenever I saw Anafriests or Anaterasians or whatever they were called, I always thought "God Damn it, not more of these". Maybe it's just because they seemed kind of bullet-spongey (Anaterasians would have been much better if they were garunteed to go go down in two SSG shots). Also, the Valiant monsters seemed to fit in better with Doom, probably because they're all modified versions of Doom monsters, rather than Heretic reskins. This is why I like the Sprectrocaco from Struggle more than the others: It was a modified Doom monster, not a modified Heretic one. The weapons in Struggle were amazing though. Not sure how a drill machine is a better weapon than a chainsaw, but it was. Take down an archie with that drill in five seconds, no blasts taken.
  6. Snikle

    Popular/highly rated WAD's you're not a fan of?

    Is there anyone else who prefers Stardate 20x6 over 20x7? I still enjoyed the latter, but the levels felt too short, and I enjoyed having the purple as an accent color instead of the main color.
  7. Snikle

    What are all the "reactions" supposed to mean?

    Maybe @Linguica can either explain what they're supposed to mean or go back to having one.
  8. Snikle

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    A nice bar or restaurant might have a small stage with drums and amps and such so they can have live music on certain nights. An even nicer, high-class restaurant might have a grand piano on the stage instead. An even nicer, high-class restaurant in hell... well, there's only one option, isn't there?
  9. Snikle

    What are all the "reactions" supposed to mean?

    They all literally mean the same thing. "Like" It just makes it so there has to be an extra click to like someone's post.
  10. Snikle

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    You could ask Ribbiks about using the Stardate textures.
  11. How about At least one-five-zero of the super duper mega big-boy ubermensch Hellish Knights from the dark nether regions and their tic-tac Facebook meme friends in a super-singular Wiseau film with no Morrison-led bands inside 4K Y2K HD HQ lol 69 420 no-homo orgy of HK fun with tanned-face object in shape of 3D circle new exclusive Donald J Clinton did nothing wrong Sunderesque fuck fest of maps I didn't build with the Knighty-Knights NEW mapset 2018 HDOOM sequel for the wonderful #DOOMTHESECOND xd
  12. Snikle

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Maybe we can get a "So bad it's good" out of this then.
  13. How do I make a voodoo doll do things? I built a corridor with a scrolling floor that brings it over walkover linedefs, but now every floor in the map is scrolling.
  14. On GZDOOM, can I autoload a .pk3 file?