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  1. Pumpkin Hell, HMP Really nice little halloween map. Pumpkin keys and "pumpkin spice lattes" were great, and I'm always a sucker for orange in Doom. Nothing too hard here, gameplay wise. I liked all the swarms of monsters it threw my way, especially in some of the cave areas. I love it when maps blend a cave area with an artificial (well, more so) structure, and this map has that in spades. I only found one of the secrets, it being the one with 3 medikits that you can teleport to from out in the lava. Out of 7 to find, that's not my best showing. The level looked great, and the mood was perfect the whole time. Great map.
  2. Snikle

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    All Boom-compatible. (Although those LASR midtextures will probably render all fucky if I actually tried to play it there)
  3. Snikle

    Doom Streams

    Well I forgot to put the link here even though I had this thread open in another tab when I started. I finished now, but if you want to watch my first mapping stream ever you can see the video for it in the link. https://www.twitch.tv/snikleforce
  4. Snikle

    Doom burnout - does this happen to anyone else?

    I get doom burnout all the time. You can probably track my off-months by my forum participation. Hopefully my current Doom-kick will keep up long enough for me to finish the map I'm working on.
  5. Snikle

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2020

    I feel bad about not participating this month, seeing as how I had a map in the WAD for the first time (MAP41). Of the reviews I saw of it, I got the impression it had a mixed reception, which I pretty much expected. The map took about 10 days to make (I work slow - Most of my maps take me a few months) and the gameplay I put in it is understandably divisive, being just a big 'ol clusterfuck of monsters in a compact-ish area. When I finally release my main project, that's when I'll worry more about pleasing more people than myself (but only slightly). ...Anyway, I wanted to throw in a vote here. I said in one of the Discords that I'd try and play no matter what wins, but I don't know if I'm really in the mood for 1K lines. Same thing I said a few months ago when the first 1K lines won. I might try it anyway, but I rather go with +++Three is a crowd
  6. Snikle

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Very early WIP of MAP04 of my project. Playing with faux-3d in the void and solid black textures.
  7. Snikle

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    You could also use 1-wide sectors if you don't want to hassle with textures. This is from a map I'm working on:
  8. Snikle

    What popular megawads do you think are overrated?

    I guess BTSX E1 is the only modern one that didn't grab me. I know it's a really good mapset, but both times I tried to play it I lost interest, mostly due to the unchanging theme. I've read that E2 rectifies this a little bit, but I've never played it. I will pretty soon though, certainly before E3 comes out. Once we move into older WADs, I found Hell Revealed pretty boring and never finished it. And then Hell Revealed 2, which I played with the DWMC earlier this year, was horrible. MAP24 in particular, but there were a lot that were bad. That's really all I've got. I enjoy most WADs I play.
  9. Snikle

    Does anybody really value Cacowards?

    Yeah, the Cacos are definitely seen as special. Any WAD that's won or even been a runner-up is pretty much guaranteed to be quality and polished, even if the gameplay may not be everyone's cup of tea. Of course not every great WAD can get recognized, there's too many, but the Cacos are a great place to see a (relatively) short list of the community's best. Personally, I love reading them, and always look forward to when they come out. And maybe I'll win one someday, but I have to finish my project first...
  10. Surprised I haven't done this yet: Sunlust - 10 Eviternity - 9 Going Down - 8 Valiant - 7 Struggle - 7 Lost Civilization - 6 Stardate 20X6 - 3 Ancient Aliens - 2 Akeldama - 2 Preacher - 1
  11. Snikle

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    MAP30: Mind of Enmity Well now we know why the last map was a relative breather. I was expecting a regular ‘ol Icon fight, but I got something much, much better. This was a monster of a level, with amazing varied fights across a bunch of different environments. Not a single dull moment here. From the chaotic opening with a horde of revs and chainnies, to the numerous cyberdemons (and a nice Gotcha-style fight), to the Arch-Vile maze, and so on. The best overall part of the map was the massive outdoor area, which was a visual feast and combat slaughterhouse. Hopping between constructs, killing everything, such a fun time. The place to get the red key was maybe the only weaker link, being a single-room fight with nothing more than a bunch of turreted barons and an AV, with a few perched chaingunners for good measure. Wasn’t bad of course, just not as grandiose as the rest of the map. The absolutely massive horde of imps was fun as hell, as was the large fight in the semicircular hallway that followed. The end of the map was a treat, since I didn’t have to do any icon puzzles myself, just call in the bombers to take it away. That’s how it all would end in real life. Also the tank was one of the coolest things ever. So I’ve actually finished Akeldama! Sure, I ran a few days behind the club here at the end, but no matter. It was a very fun megawad. 1K lines doesn’t interest me much for now, so I’ll probably sit next month out, take some time to play or replay some other mapsets. As I usually do when I actually finish the month’s mapset, here’s a top 5 and “bottom” 5, in no particular order. Bear in mind that nothing in the bottom 5 is actually a bad map, just the ones that didn’t grab me as much. This high-quality megawad had no “bad” maps. Top 5: MAP07 – Large and complex, and also very fun and challenging MAP11 – A great way to cap off the first episode. MAP17 – A layout that boggled my mind in its interconnectivity MAP23 – Similar to 17, but on an even larger scale. MAP30 – Just amazing in every way Bottom 5: MAP10 – Middle of the map was great, but the beginning and ending had way too much hitscan BS MAP13 – The beginning of the map dragged down the rest. The green parts were great, the brown parts were not MAP19 – Visually same-y all the way through, got me lost a bunch. Also lots of chaingunners MAP24 – Not as intriguing as the maps around it. I enjoyed it still, but it didn’t grab me MAP29 – Fun map, but didn’t feel grand enough
  12. Snikle

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    MAP27: Bitter Waters Another favorite of the mapset so far (although this close to the end, I don’t know if the “so far” is necessary any longer). Valk gave us a nice river valley with a couple complexes built into and around it. Although all the stations were separate from one another, physically, visually, and gameplay-wise, the level felt coherent as a whole. The starting complex was built around interconnectedness and felt similar to Antares’ level from earlier. Found the secret soulsphere in the chiangunner alcove, setting up a trend for the level. Lots of soulspheres, some marked as secrets, others just in optional areas. Across the river was a gothic, marble, and above all, dark grotto with a cyberdemon and a bunch of other nasty shits. Luckily it also gave me the BFG, which came to great use later on. Going downriver there was another Cyber. This was the better cyber fight because there were other monsters around with him. Stop putting cybers by themselves, they’re always more fun when there’s other shit to deal with too. Here there were two more constructs, one on each side of the river. I went into the yellow-key one first, with all the hitscanners. That was a fun romp, but I didn’t find the key in this go-around. Then I went across to the other side, got the blue key which wasn’t in as interesting of an area, but the caves were very well constructed, and the glowing nukage was cool as hell. Then I went to find the yellow key, and then went again to figure out how to open the other gate. Turns out I never stepped on the pressure plate in the courtyard in the blue key area. Then there was a rev hoard, and then the end. Amazingly fun time. MAP28: Climbing Blood Mountain A large and naturalistic map that takes the player up the eponymous Blood Mountain. Map was a visual treat of course, and I thoroughly enjoyed most of the gameplay as well. There were a couple areas that annoyed me, although that could probably be blamed more on me than the level itself. The first Mastermind and her friends up above were one of those areas. The Mastermind itself went down easy, but took enough of my health with it that I was consistently one hit away from death for a while. Platforming at the end also irked me a bit, but it was over quickly. Most of the other areas were fun as hell though. The opening areas down in the caves were very well-made, I always appreciate a good cave. Weapons were scattered about in here, which I tend to enjoy more for aesthetic purposes than just putting them all in line like the previous map (although that is usually more practical, if the mapper intends for you to get all the weapons quickly). The middle parts of the level were enjoyable as well, more caves to crawl through and courtyards to blow shit up in. The fight to get the yellow key was probably my favorite part of the level, so much shit happening around me. I had a great time in here, let’s see where the final two maps take us. MAP29: Boglach This was still a fun map, but didn’t scratch the same “penultimate” itch that the last couple did. For a set of long maps, the slot usually holding one of the longest and hardest wasn’t too much on either count. This one was also marred by ammo starvation at a few points, and the fighting was still very high-octane and fun, but not any more so than some of the previous maps were. Ammo starvation was the worst around the yellow key and door. I needed to punch out the Archie up there near the teleporter. I realize this may have sounded negative towards the map so far, but that is far from the case. I still very much enjoyed my time here. Secrets were plentiful and intuitive, which is always a plus. The linearity of the map was pretty well masked by the interconnectedness. The final fight was fun as hell, too bad I didn’t stumble upon the secret BFG until everything was dead though.
  13. Snikle

    MAYhem: 2020 Edition - On Idgames!

    Alright, this should be a fixed version of MAP41 https://drive.google.com/file/d/127yOZ6O6b1gTPo-eNeKlNVs-Z-MQSB1C/view?usp=sharing
  14. Snikle

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    Damn, still behind. MAP25: Opulence Long and enjoyable map. Not as wild as MAP23, but pretty close. Lots of large monster hoards forcing me through the non-orthogonal compound. Only found one secret, the BFG, not sure how it opened. Also I didn’t find it until the very end of the level, of course. This was the kind of map where I needed to use the automap to keep myself from running in circles, especially near the end. I had to use it to guide myself to the large area housing the yellow key and its many guardians. Not really sure of the point of having the blue key there only for the end of the map, I figured there would probably be more to the map afterwards but there wasn’t. The open areas were the highlights for me, as I always enjoy large hoards infighting as I weave through them and help out killing them. I enjoyed this map, it grabbed me more than 24 did, but still had its annoyances, mostly due to chaingunners and getting lost. Looks like UV players had to deal with a cyber on the outside? Usually I’m against removing boss monsters for HMP but I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with that. A cyber by himself in a small area is boring as hell, although having the secret BFG would have helped. Also I never found a Rocket Launcher, which sucks. MAP26: Duskbound Very enjoyable level here. It had an interconnecting layout that never quit, but still managed to not get me lost. Visuals were a little brown, but they looked nice nonetheless. Lots of switch hitting, but it was never unintuitive. I didn’t find any secrets though, so damn. This map gave me a rocket launcher, thank God. Never had much ammo for it, but it was always there when I needed it. Combat here was pretty great. Great map all the way through, best in a while. On the issue of the cleaned automap, I’ve seen multiple people on both sides, both praising it and decrying it because they want to see all the detail. I prefer seeing the details, but I also acknowledge that a clean automap helps the gameplay, as it did for me here. The smooth AM is what kept me from getting lost at a few points. I love seeing utterly complicated visuals, so I love massive cluttered automaps, but I have IDDT for that.
  15. Snikle

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Akeldama

    MAP23: Chimera This was a doozy of a map. Huge and interwoven, I can’t begin to imagine planning out a layout like this. I probably only say that because I never really “plan” my own layouts, they just kind of happen as I map, and I imagine that’s probably how this level came together. This one was sprawling and everything was connected to everything else. I love layouts like this. Combat here was pretty fun as well, but I did really feel an overabundance of chaingunners and sergeants. Those dicks were everywhere, sometimes even pretty far away and hard to hit. The level was hard as hell in the beginning with so many of them around, but it eased up once I really got into it. There was a hell of a lot happening in this level, and god damn, I enjoyed it. I got the blue key first, then the red one, and then the yellow one last. This was a truly non-linear affair, as the only key-lock was for the exit. No points required me to have a certain key in order to get one of the other ones. The yellow key was the only one that I got lost trying to find, I didn’t notice one of the pathways that opened, so I didn’t go to where the shootable switch was until long after I should have. Speaking of shootable switches, the only secret I found was the one in the blue key room. MAP24: Alexandria's Library This one felt pretty standard in layout. Not much interconnection at all, just a bunch of rooms connected by hallways. Certainly not my favorite level so far. It had some fun fights, especially the cyberdemon at the end and the large room with the blue key. Just felt a bit boring to get through at times. I got a bit lost behind the blue door, missed the switch in that management office type place, and then ran around confused for a bit. At least I got the plasma rifle secret in there. MIDI was fun as hell. I’m a bit behind the club, so this is all I’ll write about this one. I know it won't win, but +++Doom Zero