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  1. Snikle

    what are some funny doomworld incidents

    Chris Gibbon "LittleTemple" | Down the Rabbit Hole (1:35:24)
  2. Snikle

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

  3. Snikle

    Do you guys have recommendations for any WADs?

    All of the Doomer Boards projects I've played were pretty fun. I'm about to finish Alien Bastards! now.
  4. In the hub map, the text that appears when you go near a level should stay on the screen a bit longer. I need to go back over the trigger twice to read it all.
  5. Snikle

    Favorite WADs from the past few months?

    "Hurt" by Elend and "Infraworld - the Hatehammer" by Stormcatcher are both massive single-map PWADs that fun and beautiful.
  6. Snikle

    Looking for more huge/epic scale maps...

    Infraworld - The Hatehammer by Stormcatcher just came out a few days ago, and it's huge.
  7. Snikle

    GZDOOM IDDT bug?

    That's it, thanks. I can IDDT my maps now!
  8. Snikle

    GZDOOM IDDT bug?

    I noticed this playing Eviternity a while back: Any linedefs that were set to "shown as one-sided on automap" disappear when IDDT is used. Is this intended behavior? It just makes the maps look wonky with IDDT on if the automap was altered to begin with, like in Eviternity or the maps I'm working on myself. Here's an example of what I mean (In the newest version of GZDoom, which I downloaded just a few minutes ago) regular automap: Map with IDDT activated:
  9. Snikle

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    I think the best way to go about changing layouts based on difficulties is with voodoo dolls. Set up a bunch of voodoo dolls outside the playable area, and set them up like normal, with conveyors and walkover linedefs. Set the dolls to certain difficulty levels so that they only activate certain linedef actions on certain difficulties. That way it all happens as soon as the level loads, and there aren't any unsightly torches or pillars blocking switches. Lord knows if I saw a switch with a pillar in front of it or a doorway/opening with a pillar in front of it, I'd be fucking around trying to move it or otherwise get in, especially if the rest of the level also has some more obscure progression.
  10. Snikle

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I posted some WIP shots of the second map of my OTEX hell episode here a couple days ago, and got some good reactions. I realized that I never posted any shots of the first map in the set, which I finished a few months ago. (There will be a few changes to it before I release, such as making the sky higher) Oh, and here's a new area in map 2:
  11. Snikle

    Top 5 Essential WADs

    Going Down Valiant Sunlust Struggle: Antaresian Legacy Stardate 20X6
  12. Snikle

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I didn't just find this out, but I think it's really interesting how the Dilbert comic from December 10, 1993 is about demons and has a 666 joke:
  13. Snikle

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Everything is from OTEX
  14. Snikle

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Map 2 of my OTEX Hell WAD is coming along nicely, but there's still a long way to go:
  15. Snikle

    Just for fun: My 5 favourite DooM mappers

    My favorites are probably Skillsaw, Ribbiks (Especailly his older stuff), and Mouldy.