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  1. Cackledemon

    Jupiter Hell (Successor to DoomRL) in Early Access

    Thank you. So many developers think that permadeath+procgen are what makes a game a roguelike. Incidentally, I remember reading a post somewhere that used Doom as a comparison -- imagine an exploration-focused game that has fast movement, requires careful target prioritization and a bit of ammo management, and features monster infighting as a major mechanic... but is a platformer instead of a first-person shooter. If you wouldn't call that game a Doom clone (a word people hardly ever use anymore), it doesn't make sense to call a game a roguelike unless it has more gameplay mechanics from Rogue than just procedural generation and permanent death. (I'd argue that permanent death isn't even an essential gameplay element, but this post is already off-topic enough.)
  2. Cackledemon

    Would it be cheating if i..

    The better part of a week later and I find myself coming back to this thread to elaborate on a drive-by shitpost I left behind. Heh. I never thought I'd end up a Vanilla purist. I really didn't. But when I first played Chocolate Doom, I found that it was a totally new experience. Weird little things about the game suddenly made sense. It really hit me just how much about modern source ports I had been taking for granted. I realized that if you want to experience the original games as they were originally designed -- you have to play it in Vanilla or in a very conservative source port. Even things like graphical quality have a measurable effect on the gameplay experience: if your screen resolution is higher than the max settings that Vanilla allows, you will be able to clearly see monsters in the distance that would otherwise just be a barely-recognizable blob of pixels that has to be identified by color scheme. Is '90s-era graphics a better way to play the game? Not necessarily, but it's how the game was originally designed. I don't doubt that id would have made the graphics sharper if they could have, but they couldn't, so they didn't, and we got what we got. If you want to experience Doom as it was back in the day, as the game that would become the progenitor of the modern first-person shooter, you have to forgo some modern niceties. Of course, that's a gigantic "if". If you just wanna play some Doom, just play some Doom. Eat the meal you cook for yourself with the seasonings and condiments you like, not the just the ones that the twenty-six-year-old recipe asks for. In doing so, you will be giving yourself advantages that may not be part of how the designer designed the game. If that's not cheating, then warping to your previous position on a lower difficulty certainly isn't, since that doesn't actually give you any advantage over having started from the beginning on the earlier difficulty. tl;dr yeah it could be considered cheating, but you are almost certainly already doing things that could also be considered cheating. It's up to you to decide what "cheating" means, so you might as well give it a definition that lets you have fun with the game instead of bashing your head against the wall.
  3. Cackledemon

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Aaand that was it. Thanks!
  4. Cackledemon

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    For some reason it seems like PrBoom+ wants to run extra fast on my system (Ubuntu Bionic). Is there some well-known gotcha I've tripped over? The increased speed applies both to demos and to gameplay.
  5. here's mine, it's Hecatia lapislazuli from touhou project


  6. Hail to the Queen.

    By which I'm referring both to Basilissa and to Kurashiki.
    (Couldn't get a collapsable spoiiler to work so I'll just link to the image)

  7. Cackledemon

    Would it be cheating if i..

    There's a part of me that wants to define cheating as "not playing the map in Chocolate Doom".
  8. Cackledemon

    ZDaemon's new update has a virus?

    It bewilders me that signature-based detection was ever a solution.
  9. Hey, it's VIVIT. I know you from Remilia's server. Nice to see you here!

    1. Gaia74


      Nice to see you're here too!

  10. Cackledemon

    Doom map tropes you love & hate

    Like: projectile-throwers hiding in the dark. Dislike: hitscanners hiding in the dark. Enemies in the dark can make for tactically interesting moments, because you don't know where they are until they attack. This is fun with projectile-throwers, because there's time to react to a fireball whooshing your way even if you weren't expecting the fireball, but with hitscanners, you can only reliably avoid getting hit if you know the hitscanners are there in the first place.
  11. Cackledemon

    Revenant Punch-Out

    I've repeatedly heard that the best way to fight a revenant is to get in its face to bait its punches and step back to avoid them while you shoot it 'til it dies. I've tried this before, but I've never been able to pull it off. Reversing momentum just takes too much time and I either get hit by a punch or by a homing fireball. I've heard this bit of advice enough times that there has to be something to it, but my experience has quite consistently been that it's much less trouble to just use a chaingun. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Cackledemon

    Memorable Mapnames

    "Dead Simple" from vanilla Doom 2. Unusual, yet ominous and foreboding. You know it's not going to be simple. The Biblical references in Thy Flesh Consumed are also neat.
  13. Yeah, people's politics leak into everything, but there are ways not to be obnoxious about it. That said, I've yet to see a wad that I've had to put down because of politics.
  14. Cackledemon

    Whic enemy is least dangerous in large numbers?

    See scifista's post. Pinkies are chumps, even in large numbers, if you play footsies and bait their melee attacks.