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  1. BadLuckBurt

    How would you describe the whole Doom/Doom 2 in just 4 words?

  2. BadLuckBurt

    What were your first Doom impressions?

    I convinced my dad to upgrade from a 286 to a 386 so I could play it. Played episode 1 for a few months straight before we got the full game, E1 is still my favourite set of levels from both Doom 1 and 2. I thought the levels themselves looked amazing, still think most of them aged well compared to other games. Once I got one of those level compilation cds it was on 😂 I remember beavis and Butthead and a star wars conversion that blew my mind. I also messed around with WadEd trying to build my house but instead made a corridor with too many monsters for my poor friends pc to handle.
  3. BadLuckBurt

    Reflections on identification rejection

    How is there nothing to reflect on? I'm probably taking this too literal but it sounds like there's no room to grow or change from your perspective. If it's more along the lines of just be content with what you are and what you experience then I can understand.
  4. BadLuckBurt

    Reflections on identification rejection

    So people can pretend to understand their surroundings and ignore the notion that all of us are part of a much bigger whole. Our similarities far outweigh our differences but watch a random news report and tell me what the focus is. I never understood people's needs to adhere to stereo- and archetypes, certain sides of their soul are overdeveloped while others are severely underdeveloped but I guess the saying's true, ignorance is bliss. I'm not too sure about flat out rejecting parts of what I perceive as my identity as I am about acknowledging and studying those parts to learn more. If you are not aware of your dark impulses, you can not control them either so I'd rather face it head on. I agree with materialistic security being superficial as it often leads to people ignoring the big picture and long term effects of their actions. The lower you set the bar for yourself and your behaviour, the easier it becomes to rationalise a justification on why you should screw other people over. On the subject of depersonalisation: I am not an ant, none of us are nor are we Borg drones. History has shown over and over that one individual can make a difference so in my opinion we are right to value it highly BUT we should be more aware that ego can work against us if we don't submit it. That might sound weird but ego is that thing that makes you lazy, complacent and entitled which are traits that are exhibited in abundance in the Western world. People say competition and free market is good and it is to a certain degree but if the people working against each other could set aside their egos and work with each other, much more could probably be accomplished. It's absurd that wars are the biggest catalyst when it comes to our technological developments, if only those damn aliens or demons would attack :)
  5. I think I've watched their 3D Dune game on a Longplay video, pretty sure it was on PC though. I still need to have a go at that one myself, the person playing it made it look like fun while it's supposed to be a bad game. The first Dune game wasn't even supposed to exist, they just kept working on it while Westwood worked on their RTS and when they presented it, the publisher liked it (rightfully so). I was able to get a hold of Hexen and play this proper, it's so weiiiiiird but I feel right at home slaughtering killer bunnies once I hit the forest :D I need to explore more of the map but what I've seen so far is awesome considering what you had to work with. I had no trouble navigating the forest and found locations roughly where I expected them to be. I like the feel of the town, especially the hill with Erana's staff, I prefer to sleep there instead of the inn in the real game. I'm going to see if I can finish this without your walkthrough video but even if I don't, I think this is freaking awesome. QFG is one of my favourite series in gaming and I will bring this mod up with anyone who'll listen. The same goes for your Trek mod, I really dig it. It feels a bit like Elite Force but in Doom and to me that's not a bad thing. I think I might try my hand at a map for this in a few weeks when my day-to-day is less stressy. Do you have plans for more maps and / or polish? Oh and I don't know if it's possible to do anything about the in-fighting but I witnessed Borg-on-Borg violence (which made me chuckle) when I was on the ship.
  6. BadLuckBurt

    Video game/movie crossovers you would like to see in Doom

    Evil Dead, a lot of the ingredients are already there
  7. BadLuckBurt


    Cube World is a cute tech-demo but screw Wollay's development 'cycle'. It's like DayZ finally reaching 1.0, who cares at this point. This game looks like it could be much better. It definitely has the same vibe mixed in with some Minecraft.
  8. BadLuckBurt

    Realm667 Texture Stock Page Error

    That's true, I just answered quickly from my phone when I was on my home. @NiTROACTiVE Nevermind the stuff below, I missed the last part of your post. I'll just leave these here in case someone else can use them. The Texture Stock pages seem to work if you go to the submenus directly, I wouldn't be surprised if that main page has no content. But I had no problem opening the following links: https://realm667.com/index.php/en/texture-stock-mainmenu-152-97360/doom-style-mainmenu-153-87237 https://realm667.com/index.php/en/texture-stock-mainmenu-152-97360/heretic-hexen-style-mainmenu-154-49305 https://realm667.com/index.php/en/texture-stock-mainmenu-152-97360/other-sources-styles-mainmenu-155-26369 @Foodles Hissy seems to lay off the pop up spam if you hide him by clicking the transparent overlay he comes with. Clicking the X on his picture seems to bring him back everytime.
  9. OMG framesets XD It really is a great throwback to my teen internet days. I think I used to have the same counter on my Angelfire site back then. Love how you mentioned the Dune game by Cryo, it's one of my favourite games from all time and I still play it to this day. I realised that this mod is meant for Hexen, not Doom. It did start up with the Doom 2 wad and I was able to get out the cave and talk to Katrina but this is clearly not the experience you had in mind :D I'll get my hands on a copy of Hexen and give you some feedback when I've played it proper. I wish GOG sold Hexen instead of Steam, I vowed to not sponsor Gabe until they start cleaning out the store. But even if what I saw was missing textures and had the wrong sprites, it's clearly a labour of love and I was already enjoying myself so looking forward to the full experience. I think I'll go check out your Star Trek mod first since I can run that just fine.
  10. BadLuckBurt

    Realm667 Texture Stock Page Error

    Yeah. The tutorials section also has that error. WordPress strikes again Some pages can be reached through a Google search
  11. BadLuckBurt

    Most recent movie you saw

    The film is awesome, took me back to the videos i used to rent on VHS. I first saw him in Star Trek DS9 and decided I should catch up on his work
  12. BadLuckBurt

    Most recent movie you saw

    I watched Re-animator for the first time ever, mainly because I love Jeffrey Combs acting. This year i plan to watch everything he has been in
  13. The Quest for Glory series is awesome. Going to give this a spin tonight, also need to look at your site when I'm not on my phone. Gotta love 90s websites
  14. BadLuckBurt

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    It's interesting to see how important this seems to be for some people. There are words that older generations consider rude where the younger ones don't bat an eye and vice versa, I feel this is a similar thing. When you are a single person that creates fully playable levels / missions / maps / thingamagibs and you are referred to as a mapper, the word has a different meaning compared to when you are part of a team and the person responsible for creating the level geometry and nothing else. I see a parallel with how some people tend to divide programmers into categories like programmer, scripter and coder when to me there's not a big difference, the rules and tools differ and that's about it.At the end of the day I couldn't give two shits about how someone else refers to my profession. In the end it comes down to punching the keyboard to make shit happen which is how I explain my job if people have no clue what it's about. My main gig at the moment is web development and if some people refuse to call me a programmer because of that, I couldn't care less. Insisting on being called a certain thing reeks of ego to me, just replace it with 'majesty' and see how ridiculous it sounds. I guess what I'm saying is: when you know you're good at what you do, why even care what other people choose to label it as? Just let your work speak for itself and it will distinguish you from the rest regardless. If people think you don't deserve a title and it bothers you, prove them wrong. It's fun when people underestimate you and you have an opportunity to show them they're actually the ones full of shit and take their ego down a notch.
  15. BadLuckBurt

    (solved) Air control in doom

    Thanks for posting the solution, I wish more people did that :)