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  1. BadLuckBurt

    Games that Desperately Need Sequels

    Yes, XL Engine seems to have slowed sadly, it runs quite a few interesting games. I hope Lucius picks it up again when he's ready. OpenMW is the Holy Grail for me, once Tamriel Rebuilt is finished, I can lock myself in a room for the rest of my life, eat sweetrolls and beat the crap out of those pesky n'wahs invading my beautiful Vvardenfell. There is no escape! And I just thought of another one that deserves a sequel, Turtles in Time
  2. BadLuckBurt

    Doom 5 (2030) should have/be...

    The anti-piracy thing was more viable when we didn't have the download speeds we do today. When it takes up to 30-45 minutes to download 1 MP3 track, you start appreciating compression ;) But the compression I meant is the kind where you decompress your assets up front during load, not the one where you sacrifice data for the sake of space.
  3. BadLuckBurt

    Converting MIDI to MP3 via a command line tool?

    SoX is cross-platform, never used it but it seems to be the only viable result from my Google Search other than the converter you already found. http://sox.sourceforge.net/ Beware when downloading stuff from Sourceforge, some software coming from there these days is accompanied by toolbars and bullshit apps that try to sneak in through the installer. Guess SF needed money, anyway I hope this is of some help.
  4. BadLuckBurt

    Games that Desperately Need Sequels

    Pong ET Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing But on a more serious note: Banished 2D city builders in the vein of Caesar, Emperor and Pharaoh Suikoden Test Drive Unlimited (ONLY if Atari's not involved) Daggerfall / Morrowind (at least they're kept alive through XL Engine and OpenMW, opening a whole new realm of possibilities) OFP / Arma / Arma 2 (not going to happen sadly, Arma 3 is nice as a platform but I hate the future setting) DayZ mod (done proper, not that disaster they call stand-alone) Gabriel Knight Codename Iceman Space Quest Goblins The Incredible Machine
  5. BadLuckBurt

    Doom 5 (2030) should have/be...

    At some point I think it was a deliberate tactic to deter piracy, I have no doubt that most modern games could be compressed to at least 50% of their full size. When CDs were still expensive, everything was compressed to the max similar to how code was kept as compact and short as possible. Disk space, memory and bandwidth are no longer an issue for most people these days so now we get these games that take up insane amounts of space (imo).
  6. BadLuckBurt

    New to posting maps? Read this first!

    I'll fourth it
  7. BadLuckBurt

    A little level design tips thread.

    Experience is key although some people just have a feel for it. It's similar to the sprite art in Metal Slug, I've marveled at the way those are animated. This is a bit off-topic but I think quite a few people here will enjoy this GDC talk by Mark Ferrari which pretty much deals with doing more with less:
  8. BadLuckBurt

    What could force you to give up Dooming forever?

    An EM pulse big enough to fry every electronic device on the planet \o/ This is another reason why those space probes from my other post need to be able to run Doom.
  9. Not a megawad but I'm making a vanilla Doom 1 episode, no new nothing. I'm slightly annoyed by the lack of certain linedef actions but forcing myself to stick with it.
  10. Hahaha, erg he :P Er is vast nog meer van dat gespuis hier
  11. BadLuckBurt

    The future of Doom

    In the 22nd century, thanks to genetic engineering, Doom can literally run on a potato. People will worship the gholas of John Carmack and Romero, quote from the Doom Bible and send out space probes (capable of running Doom) in search of Tei Tenga. This will spread Doom across the known universe and all shall bow to the God-Emperor Doomguy. Remember, the maps must flow.
  12. BadLuckBurt


    I never considered Windows 3.1 an OS since you had to boot into DOS first to run it.
  13. BadLuckBurt


    It used to be Windows XP in it's final stage but Windows 7 is even better. It will probably be the last Windows I ever use.
  14. I regret nothing! I will do this if it took me a long time to get there. I play to have fun, not to get frustrated, especially if a map doesn't have more than one difficulty level.
  15. BadLuckBurt

    Documenting the history of Doom community

    Belt onions! Kidding aside, I like the idea but as you pointed out, that would be a whole lot of work. Isn't a lot of it documented already in one or more ways?