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  1. Chicken Sandwich

    Custom Switches

    Thanks guys that helped alot! Just now i have found this guy on youtube. I dont think english is his first language but he seems alright.
  2. Chicken Sandwich

    Custom Switches

    I just learned how to add custom textures to a wad, but i havent seen anything on custom switches. I searched through a heap of tutorial lists and forum posts but cant find anything telling you how to do this. Can someone please provide a link to a tutorial or post here on how to achieve this? Preferably in SLADE3 Note: Not looking to replace existing switches in the game.
  3. Chicken Sandwich

    Increase Max ammo capacity using a custom backpack

    Thankyou R4L :) Even with all my searches that one still slipped by somehow..
  4. I wish to have standard ammo capacity at the normal amount. keep back pack capacity normal. but then have a second kind of backpack that increases it further and this is what i dont know how to do. I have looked at zdoom wiki's backpack decorate but it says nothing about max ammo capacity. any help is greatly appreciated :)
  5. Chicken Sandwich

    Increaseing health past 200%

    I am using Gzdoom to make my maps, and i have come to a point where i want to make the maximum health pass 200%. How would i go about doing this?
  6. Chicken Sandwich

    There will be more Chillax, but not plagiarized.

    Looks killer. Is all this meant to be played in single player?
  7. Chicken Sandwich

    Door Glitch in Doom Builder 2

    im using gzdoom builder atm and im getting a glitch where i go to operate the door as normal, and it goes down one step then back to its original position. ive made countless doors and never encountered this but for some reason these 2 doors just do this. only been building for a month now tho. i read what was said here, so i made the ceilings in the sectors beside the door even with the roof again, then raised the floor to the ceiling instead. operated the door and it worked like a dream. i dont know the technical behind it but it would be good to know if anyone can be bothered explaining.