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  1. Developers not want take Doom so seriously! Doom:Eternal felt game made for gamers who love not genetics is it just have fun with it! Like mostly the skins we get Zombie,Doomicorn,Mullet Slayer and recently new Cosplayer Slayer, how amazing seeing this cosplay in cutscenes and gameplay just killing demons with style of you’re costumes you’re wear in shooting raze. Also if id Software continues with future updates with more skins in future? Here are some fours skin ideas would like seem in Doom:Eternal future updates. Also no one have a problem with playing as Women or A Black Person! Because two of four skins are from Quake III Arena (It believed it canon?) both Crash and Phobos. Also the four skin is from another series who fans make fan arts of doom slayer and have similar interesting killings monsters and both share last name that “Slayer” my son. And what you’re think about skins ideas what you’re thoughts and what idea for slayer skins. According to leaks demons have more skins than Slayer (with only 4 slayer skins) nothing wrong have more skins for the Doom Slayer. Right? Night Sentinels Skin Phobos 2nd (the character and changing model of player) “My spirit is indomitable. I will persevere and survive this.” Crash (Changing The Models of Doom Slayer) Goblin Slayer (model still be same. But with different hair and scars on his face)
  2. With Doom Slayer Unicorn skins is most Doom Community is talking about! But get idea for skin in Doom:Eternal you're going to love,if love anime like Gobiln Slayer? Here a petition created ask id Software developers to added Gobiln Slayer skin in Eternal,slaying demons dress as another slayer who only slaying goblins. Rip,Tear and Raze through hell as badass anime protagonist,so sign this petition and help share this petition on other social media platformers to get more attention and more people signatures from fans (Doom & Gobiln Slayer) https://www.change.org/p/id-software-make-gobiln-slayer-a-dlc-skin-in-doom-eternal?fbclid=IwAR0qh0P7mTjPgReRxXP87723mT_7tIxC8V2xcD9pxDoXKxyJyfm9BZdLm_M
  3. With Doom:Eternal have reveal all this gameplay,trailers,conpect arts,lore,QuakeCon,E3 Showcase Presentation and reveals all this demons,it look freaking sick as hell. That get me thinking about Planet a game idea i have around since 2017 and i posted on Doom World (talking about) since 3 years later haven't done much with that idea for project game,but i did wrote down concept like enemies,story,main characters,setting & imagine gameplay. Recurring now haven't done much about "Planet" been busy with School,Work,Planning for My future,time,financial,don't have equipments and learn general acknowledged about program,developed and writing video games. Get many ideas for Planet have all bit figure out but needed working out and twick it in writing & characters. Also their lists eight projects needed improves and don't mistakes,craft game well Eight major problems 1.Writing 2.Worldbuilding & Lore 3.Criticism 4.Story & Characters 5.Dialogs & Pacing 6.Gameplay,Level Design & Development 7.Get screwed over by AAA publishers Writing,Lore & Worldbuilding bit focus. Planet is not spin off,it more loose connection to Doom universe and not want build off Doom lore but borrowing some things and setting in own universe and own characters separated from Doom characters. And story Story:(Spoilers) You're get to play as Fallen Sentinel (once a Night Sentinels) he once like Doom Slayer. Have he homeworld "Agrent" falling to hands armies of hells and seek revenge against the betrayer who have betrayed their people they swore protect from evil. Fallen Sentinel seek out The Seraphim gifted he super human powers of speed and strength. But Seraphiam denied he request but Fallen Sentinel strike Seraphiam with his own sword and took "Grimm Suit" (simple to Praetor Suit),journey to hell find betrayer and along tearing through demons & hell . But ultimately he have similar fate as Slayer. Priests brought down the temple upon the Doom Slayer, Along with Fallen Sentinel,they place in sarcophagus in place two Sentinel warriors in different place of hell. Fallen Sentinal awakening up battlecruiser in space. Ship getting under attack by creature demon hybrid. No time waste Sentinal get his armor & few weapons. Started tearing through creatures a part and Sentinal during fight he come a cross a mercenary (who maybe cost this?) and two accept working together get off ship But ship core is damage by a infected demons hybrids,ship crushing landing on planeyt call "Durial" is once lovely wy5ttorld with people living on it but now it turn a hellish apocalypse fills with mutant infection demons hybrid and demons from hell habbit surface of planet. And rest is long,if you're want know more & backstory of "Planet" if you care? Let met know want hear more of story? Number 4 & 5 Story isn't problems but don't too heavy focus on story (find balance not too little & not too much) of this game think it slow down "fast paced power fantasy" of game. Don't want planet just copy & paste of Doom (2016) or last three lasted Wolfenstein games,did some ideas mechanics for game (can't remember) & wanted have open level players can explore finds secrets,easter eggs and more (like days of old school shooters). Characters the two (unnamed) have began playing around who are like party members (similar to Mass Effect & Bulletstorm) my biggest fear is characters being boring & flat,that don't want happened want them seem interest and have personalities. Fallen Sentinel...Yeah he do & don't know what to do? He is silent protagonist want put bit weight and depth to Fallen Sentinel with having bit having human emotions with little social reaction those to characters Number 1,2,3,6-8 Making a game isn't easy road,as semi-gamers who enjoyed gaming as next fellow gamer who wanted make a game their very own like indie game,but want big budget triple a game is very big and scary. If you're want make a good with AAA company that screwed over all hard working developers treat like scums is very scary & nigrmare. As criticism from gamers,imagine you're this person who made first video game release but..Sadly sometime criticism bashing down on you're hard working put you're time,energy and soul towards that project of game you're work so hard but ending being good or worst or sometimes a mixed in general. Mostly like AAA company's who get greedy and affiliated with project making a bucks don't care about game & player base community (Like Fallout 76) Now lacks of acknowledged of gaming development and influence. Me have lacks true know how mostly write/created idea conpect of my game and wanted to premiere my game pitch to id Software about "Planet" how is connected to Doom (reboot series) and gameplay general and everything. Their many issue 1.Good Story 2.Being Rejected (okay with being Rejected) and 3.Having go in good details about the game as well disused about development who control over production of game. While don't get a clear inspections! Seem never play Doom (beside demo version 2016),Quake,Wolfention,Serious Sam,Duke Nukem and classic fps shooters to give influence from and what good first person shooter? Don't play must fps games while growing up (didn't play Halo,Enough TF2 or Half-Life). Did play portal (demo),Bulletstorm,UT3,Fallout 4,Halo 3 & Reach (not campaign),Ghost in the shell: stand alone complex (2004 video game).Destiny and couple (like 4) COD games. Overall wanted to play more FPS get acknowledged what love & hate about first person shooters from past & present. Need that want to play DooM to find out! But i can't (maybe another lifetime and another place get to chance play fathered of all first person shooters) Planet is bit not dead,one half wanted to continues that dream making planet happened one day and other just abandoned it all complete is a stupid idea of game,even story is like bad fan fic (similar to Hunt Down The Freeman) and waste of money to make with AAA studio to make So what you're all think? Complete give up on "Planet" without any put works towards it or still hold to it,one day could turn that dream game to reality!
  4. 2 years ago back in 2016,I have created this idea for Action First Person Shooter game while back in 2017 in it development calling game "Planet". It take couple or more years making happened plus learning about making a video game like programming,music,gameplay,engine, writing and mostly everything to very details. Already laying out everything story,character and almost everything how got prefect Developers and Publishers. People Can Fly (Developers of Painkiller,Gears of War:Judgment and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition) and MachineGames (Developers of Wolfenstein) also Certain Affinity . With Bethesda ( published games like Doom,The Elder Scrolls,Fallout,Rage,Dishonored,The Evil Within and Prey). Also got voice cast members are prefect Matthew Mercer,Nika Futterman,Lucie Pohl,Alesia Glidewell,Me (also as addition voice,one of co writer,director,beta tester and executive prouder) and few voices needing to cast in game. Gameplay be mix of old schools (Doom,Wolfenstein 3D,Quake,Duke Nukem 3D,Serious Sam and Shadow Warrior) and modern (Bulletstorm,F.E.A.R.Halo,The Darkness,Crysis and Black) similar to 2016 reboot of DOOM,Painkiller,Bulletstorm and Wolfsenstein,reason use Bethesda for they engine id Tech 6 or maybe id Tech 7 use for Planet wanting feel game more live with equipment,places like city or rainforest,characters and every detail in game,plus the kills melee system like in Doom "Glory Kill" or "Executions" from Gears of war like that. Noting more say about gameplay but still wanted to talk about it in future like at QuakeCon,PAX or E3 presentation about Planet Now story well this bit interest to say,Fallen Warrior (as player) awaking up on battlecruiser starship it under attack some strange animals/demon's hybrid like rats or inflect humans like zombie,you gone up grab you're suit and weapons shooting though enemies on ship and helped the soldiers in fight. Then in half way in hallway you're greeted to mercenary pirate hunter (voice Matthew Mercer) offer to help to get off this ship but ship engine is destroyed by some bigger both of you crushing landing on "Durial" a apocalyptic hell hole filled with demon's hybrids call "infects" and mutant gang bandits call "Quasit" with planet population humanity civilization decreased 89% (remained humans are escaped from Durial or living underground). You (Play as Fallen Warrior) and Mercenary join together though this hell so call planet finding away off this world,but later met this female soldier (voice by Nika Futterman) officer them taking to her people behind this operating on Durial. All went to hell,Demons are ripped this parallel dimension to invade to taking over Durial and merged this world and rest of planets in solar system they own, Now Grimm Warrior wanting stop hell invasion . Plan change now it up to Grimm Warrior join by Soldier and Mercenary adventure thoughts cities,rainforest planets and even hell alone (that you). Enemies will bigger,challenging,brutal and rage. But you be even more worst and scared some enemies to hidden in where they from,doing that with some back up Story sound familiar and it unoriginal (like PCF and Id other games not to name) but it was inspiration from not only games self as will also movies and novels as well like Planet of the apes,Predators,After Earth,Jurassic Park (there novel series before films) and Pitch Black give me idea and concept story for Planet. What do you guys think about my future game idea incredible is going hit with development by two amazing games developers one made gears of war and one reimagine/revision grandfather of all first person shooters all together give us a step grandson to Wolfenstein,Doom and Quake. Wanting a lore behind events and history like Durial not let you guys (gamers) felt confused what going on in world of Planet get concept lore in my head needing writing down and feasting whole thing out, alsoand who is Grimm Warrior (or prefer Fallen Knight) let say Planet have a tire in connection with Doom not saying they in share universe. But Grimm Warrior and Doom Slayer once knew each they will allies,enemies or who know? only time will tale. In like 10 or 11 years going make this game happened will turning into reality and will guys going love "Planet" going 9/10. It will having everything you guys love like from all you're old schools and new schools shooter's, it pay on that
  5. Last month in December here was a possible teases about Spawn and Doom Slayer going Mortal Kombat 11,in 2019. It sound really amazing,first both Doom and Mortal Kombat starting rating system for gaming back early 90s evolved in gaming,both games claim video games are made for some kids. Spawn as well be perfect fill in world of Mortal Kombat as player character dream come from 1990s,spawn is incredible choice for guest fighter. Now if this is truth if going happened, I made this list of ideas guest characters should be DLC Kombat pack or single Kombat pack like Queen Myrrah from Gears of war should be in Mortal Kombat 11 for Xbox exclusives version kind like Kratos was in MK9 for PlayStation 3,so thinking maybe NetherRealm Studios should do same with Microsoft Studio characters adding in game as DLC for only on Xbox. Don't forget license characters like Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Mortal Kombat 11 is published by Warner Bros like most gaming publishers they wanting addition they characters to developers games like Mad Rockatansky,Point Man,Juliet ,Agent 47 and Talion. And even characters from comics,movies and games like Jackie,Hack and Ash William from Evil Dead,Ash is possible going be in Mortal Kombat 11 series already got Freddy,Jason and Leatherface but Ash William is most likely going see in one of Kombat pack in 2019/2020 in future So what you're guys comments and thoughts about Spawn,Doom Slayer and rest of characters i just talking about in this topic or what characters like to see in Mortal Kombat 11
  6. while back late 2016 on Facebook there was group of people who shared ideas like book,movies,TV series & other stuff,I pitched my game idea call "world war hell" it was heavy influence by doom,duke nukem,wolfenstein & old school shooter's game,First pitch on group comment's it was negative & not good it say "WW2 game done to die"& "WTF" WW666 was scrap meanwhile by time i moving my other project's still development. so after a yeat pick back up the game rebuild,change up story now war world hell is planet,now I should do a another game beside planet will I am gamer but don't wanted to writing's for only video game's,I want writing another thing's as novel,films, & series,one day Idea come to me I would still created world war Hell Turing into parody well you call a parody? The game call Doom nukem wolf serious quake warrior What is DNWSQW It video game satire parody of old school shooter's the main one's are doom,duke nukem,wolfenstein,serious Sam,quake & shadow warrior with Other fps game's including hexen,heretic,blood,Strife,Eradicator,system shock,chex quest,redneck rampage,marathon,Rise of the Triad,Dark Forces & more to come,all this together you can shooting alien demon Nazi in space.it featured gore kills,babes,guns,locations & feel of old school it just mod map like doom or duke nukem 3d game well "NO" it not mod it video game with story.it like amalgam comic series it not parody just two or more series coming together becoming as one that wait DNWSQW yes it parody first second it mash up all your favorite game's coming as one Story 60 year's after World war 2 ending American & alliance's won the war Nazi still exist planned to take over world,jump forward in 2000s nazi founded Ancient gateway in egypt opened portal to alien planet filled with demon's inhabit alien body's released demon's from gateway. Demons possessed both Nazi & alien started invasion earth now all world leader's needed a hero that hero name "Dam Wang blazkowicz" he meathead Japanese-american blonde G.U.D.F.W (Global Union Defense Force Warriors) Marine ordered by government's to stop Nazi hell invasion you must travel to Japanese,Egypt,back in ww2,Europe,space, and hell to stop Nazi,alien,demon's,zombie,ninja & even mastermind behind all this invasion, now"you" with your man's,babes,guns,vehicle like motorcycle & spaceship,beer and your one liner's to stop all this. What game featured There setting from easy to very difficulty call 'to easy" from to "I am the greatest one baby" each level hardest with enemy's are more active & more damage you get hit in stage's. Coop's":you can play online up to 4 player's with selected characters join dam journal to USA all way to hell,this character's are Dylan Rodriguez lucy"hell shell holsom Phobos Bidwell You can give ammo,armor's & weapons to other player's Modbox Use this sandbox you can use maps,add add-ons (http://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/addons,http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/news/doom-2016-weapons-addon-for-brutal-doom-is-out,http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/addons/project-brutality,http://www.moddb.com/games/wolfenstein-3d/addons,http://www.moddb.com/games/duke-nukem-3d/addons,http://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/addons) with weapon wheel's (https://www.google.com/search?client=tablet-NUVISION%2FNUVISION_8_INTERNET_TABLET%2FTM800AXJ&biw=610&bih=381&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=4EX2WYrtFerWjwTO76bgBw&q=doom+weapon+mods&oq=doom+weapon+mo&gs_l=mobile-gws-img.1.0.0j0i24k1l4.14990.16932.0.18335. you ability released your creative killing spawned,let waste on those so call "enemies,rip & tear, rip your head off and shit down your neck,set the world on fire,teabag every last one of the alien,demons,Nazi's,zombie's,ninja & freaking creature's with modbox everything is unlimited,created & add what ever you want just have fun with it share with your friend's. Developer's programmer's & engine I needing help make DNWSQW i seek some People's from doom mods community, people who made brutal doom,duke nuke forever, &, more This are developer's & team coming together collaboration they name are "Sergeant Mark IV,Kinsie,Zio McCall,DBThanatos,quake2xpteam,gambini, Mike12 & mikko sandt company". Dnwsqw be brutal like brutal doom,project brutal doom & brutal wolfenstein with blood,gore,fatalities,explosions with driving from DNF. game story will written by me,here be I didn't known about many episode with 9 or 10 also I directed them all each. engine the game use is mix of doom & build engine merging into together (so how) mix with serious engine & blender for cutscenes.there well be voice acting in it,I don't fine any voice actor's in time. It well be available & release on steam,gamejolt,apple store & Google play and you needing paid to play the game reason needing make money to pay developer's for they hard helping me created once failed abandoned idea turned on into a just throwbacks Best old school shooter game absolutely featured so must enemy's,guns,driving,blood,hot Chick's & your supported Please Leave a comments down below.
  7. Batstick

    What was your first PC game?

    Fate Developer by WildTangent Publishers by WildTangent, Encore Software & Spider-Man & Friends
  8. Batstick


    Group of gamers from steam name are Pan,Biomechanoid,Kaffeebohnson,and noam 2000 call teamfourfps who create duke nukem forever mods for serious Sam 3:BFE here links this mods (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=150409788)and youtuber name:Kaffeebohnson upload video using all mods in game with duke,weapons,enemy and more Here video: meanwhile doom slayer was announced be in quake champion so I get a idea started December 2017 or winter or spring 2018 I create mods for serious Sam 3:BFE I call DOOM:BFE it mods replace Sam,weapon,enemies with doom slayer,weapons & demon from doom 2016 and you can help with this project send your mods to steam let see your mods you create for DOOM:BFE