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  1. That geocities site is dead. anyone (inc. author of post) still got the demo files?
  2. It would be VERY useful if the Register link at the top changed to Log out... It seems that the only Log out link I can find is on the front Doomworld forums main page... and it's right at the bottom of the page. All other pages there's none. I was using a public computer and wanted to log out... and depesperately couldn't find it...
  3. Anyone know how to get hold of Robin McLeod, author of wHeretic 0.5a Build 9? The email on the SourcePort page doesn't work. Same with Sheldon Clarke, author of Hexen32 0.2.4. A lot of the urls on the sourceports page are broken. Maybe some of the websites died. I suggest doing a http://web.archive.org/ way-back machine lookup on them and link to that instead.... (for the broken dead site links)... rather than deleting ...
  4. I just noticed that to play Doom1 or 2 online (eg. with ZDaemon) the client needs to have exactly the same file/checksum doom2.wad as the server. I then notice that there's updates (1.666, 1.9, etc). How does one know what current version is their doom2.wad file? Is there any utility to find out?
  5. kevingpo

    WDMP 0.9

    I just like to say that I have noticed all the links related to WDMP 0.9 (source port) are broken. I think 3ddownloads may have changed the links or something. Luckily I really liked this source port and saved a copy on my website. Just incase you never find the binarys/source files again, you can redirect the link to my site at: http://members.lycos.co.uk/doom2d/downloads/WDMP/ which coincide with: http://www.doomworld.com/doomgl/other.htm
  6. kevingpo

    QUERY: rcon query woes :S

    How does one rcon a server? I know what you prefix all normal commands with the word rcon. However, how do you gain access first of all? I remember in Half-Life days one had to type in: rcon_address <ip_address> rcon_port <port> rcon_password <password> rcon listplayers etc. How does one do this in Doom 3?
  7. How do you enable cheats in multiplayer. Assuming you are the server?
  8. kevingpo

    HELP: Doom III machine

    do you know what cpu can handle Doom 3 at 1280x1024 without jerkyness when all the monsters come out to play? how about this? http://hothardware.com/viewarticle.cfm?articleid=701&cid=1 (scroll down to bottom) carmack probably has a AMD Athlon FX 57, Geforce 7800GTX SLI (x2), 4 x 300GB Hard drives on RAID 1, 4GB Low Latency memory Anyway, I need recommendations on a BEAST of a Doom III machine.
  9. Don't you think this resembles a bit of the Doom II imp? The Doom II imp had spikes coming out it's shoulders, knees and elbows. Just like the one in the picture. Also, while I was playing OpenCoop I saw the ghost of Jack Campbell! In that briefcase has his BFG. The only BFG in the whole entire game! The same one that Sarge takes.
  10. kevingpo

    How does the BFG work?

    Thanks man. This is great stuff! What I've been looking for back in 1998 when I was writing/programming my own BFG simulator. However the FAQ covers Doom series & Quake II BFG. Still yet to confirm the workings of Doom III BFG - whether it's the same as Doom series BFG or Quake II BFG.
  11. kevingpo

    How does the BFG work?

    How does the BFG work? I remember back in Doom2 I was told that the BFG has two different attack mechanism. Each BFG shot has two explosions. On primary impact the BFG has a blast zone. Usually large damage if target was hit by actual BFG ball. The secondary attack affects all enemies are you are looking at (no distance limits). Is this correct? Obviously Quake 2, Quake 3, Doom 3 BFGs all worked slightly different and enhanced as well. Doom 3 being the coolest as you can shoot out the BFG, and it's got the laser idea from Quake 2. Quake 3 didn't have the laser and weren't really BFGs - in the sense that it didn't act like one.
  12. It is hard making a coop mode for Doom3 because 99% of Doom3 is scripted storyline based... just like HL1 & HL2. it's just that sometimes when you cross over a bridge in D3, it falls down.. just as soon as you step off... what will happen to your team mate left behind? To be able to achieve a coop mode: I'd say is not to trigger anything yet, until the last person same goes for when you bump into scientists and it goes into dialog mode.... the first one to trigger this event ..everyone will see this event on their screens Does anyone know how to program a mod for Quake3? a coop mod? following these principles above?
  13. I was in the Caverns 2 (2nd last level) of Doom3. There's a table with 2 video discs to pick up. However after picking them up I can only see one new video disc?? Is this a bug? Also, I read that in hell you don't ran out of stamina so you can run forever. Now, we are not in hell in Caverns 1 & 2. However when you get to last level Primary Extravation you can run forever.... strange.. Will there be a cooperative Doom 3? My friends have bought Doom 3, played it a little bit, didn't get very far and stopped... and vowed never to play it again... why? Coz they're scared. They found it too scary! However I got one friend who would play it if there was cooperative mode. Just like in oldskool Doom1 & 2. Has someone made a cooperative mod? Or will ID make one for us in their next version 1.4 Doom3?
  14. I better archive/save your old DoomGL/ZDoomGL0.662 website/pages before they get lost or deleted. :~-( am going to miss the infamous good quality looking lense flaring, flashy ZDoomGL0.662 man. http://www.doomworld.com/doomgl/doomgl.htm http://www.doomworld.com/doomgl/zdoomgl.htm Slayer/Timmie or whoever maintains this site. Please leave this site in memory of the one who left to work at some games company.
  15. kevingpo

    Nice-looking Doom now

    So it's JDoom and Legacy for being the two nicest looking sourceports. And ZDoom and PrBoom for keeping old style Doom and total secure.