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  1. joc95

    Midi tracks wont replay?

    jesus christ. i'm an idiot. forgot i had the rest of the drum track in it....there i was thinking the track replayed with just the drums alone.i've been up all day. However, another problem i described earlier did happen with another midi file i had. but we can leave that alone for now. i think i need some sleep
  2. joc95

    Midi tracks wont replay?

    I've made my own midi file from scratch. the drum track was borrowed from another midi file i found. when i play my midi in my own custom wad, it plays just fine. However, when the music starts over, only the drums track can be heard. the other tracks/instruments are muted. I've added a zipped file for my midi tune. maybe if one of you import it into Doom2 and see if the same results happen? Sheild.7z
  3. well i found out i needed S_START and S_END between all my sprites and give them appropriate sizes and off-sets. i guess i'll route around more and figure out the taunts.
  4. joc95

    Your first time playing Doom

    My first doom expeirence was the PS1 version. it was so difficult and scary playing it. stiff controls and in a game you're unfamilar to, cycling through weapons when a Nightmare-Spectre appears only to accidently use the Rockets at point-blank range was infuriating. Then i got GZDoom. i enjoyed how well each level was made and i liked to think there was a story in each level. such as Tower of Bable where you see the pinned up dead barons. Doom2 was great to see new enemies, but the visual design didn't seem as realisic as Doom1. but the maps were great in their own way. after completing them, i went back to Playstation doom and boy, it was amazing to see the dynamic lighting in it, and surprising to see pain elementals in some doom1 maps. doom3, i dont have, but i've played a few hours of it, it is good as a horror game. doom4, only played 2 horurs, but it was like doom 3 on steroids mixed with some Brutal Doom
  5. Hi, I'm using Slade3 for creating a wad that replaces all music, some sounds and all monster's textures. I also want to have a new Keybind for player's taunts. I have figured out how to replace sounds and music easily, just be importing to the wad and changing the names on SNDINFO folder. However, importing images and replacing them doesn't work for textures. it works perfectly for Flats (wall textures), but not fire balls or monsters, etc. I have no idea how to replace them, i even just tried to edit the original monster's texture by drawing a black dot on them, but didn't notice a difference. I'm Stuck on that, so i set that task aside. He is my sndinfo for the player taunting. bare in mind, i copied this code from other mods and changed varible names hoping in vain it would work. SNDINFO and KEYCONF are my only txt files i have. $random TAUNT0 { TAUNT01 TAUNT02 TAUNT03 TAUNT04} TAUNT01 TAUNT01 TAUNT02 TAUNT02 TAUNT03 TAUNT03 TAUNT04 TAUNT04 $limit TAUNT0 1 And here is my KEYCONF addkeysection "WWE Controls" taunt1 addmenukey "Stone Cold Taunts" taunt1 alias taunt1 "puke 3001" //what the hell does puke mean? i have no idea defaultbind y taunt1 when i ran the game, and pressed the taunt button (Y), it said P_startscript unkown script 3001. Original my puke number was 100, but i noticed it say 3001 on the console, so i thought changing it into 3001 in Slade would fix it. I made this post because i noticed alot infoi find is abit old from 2004.