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  1. Revision 3 (rev3) of my map:

    5949567f5d77c_e2m9rev3(1).png.5a3d6341e885e4e016117a32e4adda22.png New room5949565d78b20_e2m9rev3(2).png.29a6b91911b986aac46d0a08da4007b7.png another new room594956ca4d349_e2m9rev3(4).png.ab3934c2b5b48629e7028a0e774c682c.pngI call it the Topsy Turvy Unholy Cathedral 594956d019b74_e2m9rev3(5).png.63d3261f52f629107b7511580d350836.png another new room59495704d99bf_e2m9rev3(6).png.247a78aba04d2f995dadc0f875b2bdc5.png

    teleporters going to the rooms you saw


    How does it look? Plz leave me your suggestions and opinions.

    if you would like to test this wad, then plz let me know, thanks

    1. ImpMan11203


      It's my remake of E2M9: Fortress of Mystery, btw

    2. Phade102


      It all looks great! The only thing I can suggest, which i'm sure other people will point out, is that the 'topsy turvy cathedral' has a sky that doesnt really work vertically, only horizontally. so as you can see from the screenshot, it looks a bit weird. This is not your fault, of course, its the design of the sky. I would suggest adding a different hellish sky that works better, but so far the map looks awesome! (The bottom screenshots question mark is missing the dot too.)

    3. Phade102


      Oh, also. on the inverted cross screenshot? Make the marble textures that make up the inverted cross upper and lower unpegged. It'll smooth the textures out and make them fit in with the rest of the wall =)