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  1. It was 2005 I was spending time on an old PC that had been given to my father. That's when I find Doom 1 installed on the pc. My first impression was of astonishment. I remember that the realism of the shotgun caught my attention, also the faces that the marine made when he got a new weapon and when they hurt him, it was the most interesting game that I had played. I failed to finish the first episode of Doom. But the memory of this game remained in my head until 2011 that I could have my first pc.
  2. Diego Ignelzi

    Simple war: Wad deathmatch

    I just added some screenshots
  3. Diego Ignelzi

    Simple war: Wad deathmatch

    Hi guys, I was recently checking my pc and I found this wad of 10 maps for deathmatch. I did it in December 2015 but it obviously has no impact. The maps are very simple, it's nothing special. Make the 10 maps in just 2 days. >http://www.mediafire.com/file/aewb8sa6sl6pjby/Simple-War.wad/file
  4. Diego Ignelzi

    Making maps with Max

    Very good map, this child will go far as a mapper.
  5. Diego Ignelzi

    My First Wad: Infestation (MegaWad) NEW UPDATE

    I think something is wrong with your file because I can't see any new maps.
  6. Diego Ignelzi

    My First Wad: Infestation (MegaWad) NEW UPDATE

    I will be playing this Megawad soon and I will give you my opinion, for now it looks great.
  7. Hey thank you very much for playing my wad, honestly I thought you were going to take longer to play it for all the requests you have. So it's an honor for me ... I don't remember how long it takes to do this wad but I think it was about a year. I took my time, added details, sectors to the maps every time I had an idea until it was finished. I'm glad you liked it, thanks again.
  8. Diego Ignelzi

    A wad file i just made, named WHYYYYYY cause WHYYYYYY

    I think it's boring to keep doing wads like these in 2019 when there are maybe millions of them the same.
  9. Diego Ignelzi


    It looks interesting ... Are you making new maps too? I don't play Duke nukem years ago I don't remember his maps.
  10. Diego Ignelzi

    My First Map (Don't Click)

    I can't download the file.
  11. Diego Ignelzi

    SEPPUKU - Japan Doom [WIP]

    I can see a future cacowards for this, Awesome.
  12. Diego Ignelzi

    What's the best Doom WAD of them all?

    Well my favorite wads are: Whispers of satan Barracks zone Back to saturn x Bloodstain Jenesis3 Requiem Reverie Sinseven
  13. Diego Ignelzi

    Drought [D4V // 3 maps // RC 2 10/6]

    Good maps, I had a tough battle on map 03. But it's still great.
  14. Diego Ignelzi

    Experiment: a small level

    That cyber by the end almost killed me. Luckily save the game before.
  15. Diego Ignelzi

    Experiment: a small level

    Good old school wad, it has the right amount of monsters and not very difficult.