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  1. wow, you are pathetic. And the fact that you made a whole new topic just to talk crap about a comment I made is beyond pathetic. Do you really need attention that badly you worthless little egomaniac??

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    2. ImpMan11203


      hehe, yeah. I'm still laughing at how that piece of crap got banned within like 15 minutes of joining DoomWorld. Great job admins! :-D


      btw, he got his little panties in a twist because of what I said here, then aΒ made new topic titled F*** YOU IMPMAN11203!!!!!!


      the nerve of some people....

    3. geo


      I'm amazed that I haven't gotten a big fuck you for my blatantly ignorant posts. Perhaps people can tell I'm intentionally stupid with my missphellings.

    4. really nice person πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ