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    Thoughts on FreeDoom Phase 1 maps

    When I began playing FreeDoom for the first time, E1M3's initial resemblance to Doom's Toxin Refinery was a comforting point of familiarity. It then quickly diverged into being its "own thing", however, so I wasn't left feeling bored. Really, that fits with my view of FreeDoom as a whole: inspired by Doom and similar-enough (texture/resource-wise) to fit with the existing stuff, but going its own way and creating a whole new world to experience. So, while maybe it could use a bit of sprucing up (conveyors of stuff being moved into an incinerator? Recycling equipment?), it's acceptable to me as it is. E1M4 isn't all that bad...my own jumping out a window at the start and not being able to get back in not-withstanding. :P Sure, it's not as complex as Doom's Command&Control level, but it doesn't need to be; it's quite enjoyable on its own merits. I definitely agree about most of E1M9. It feels like a clone of Doom E2M2's storage area crossed with a modern third-rate corridor-shooter. Perhaps, with a few tweaks, could be used in a sort of pack parodying unofficial, poorly-designed Doom mappacks or something? :D