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  1. Yep, I missed that.
  2. Am I allowed to import custom things into my wad? (Monsters, Weapons, Decorations, e.t.c.)
  3. I got Reclusive Tactician and Immersion Engineer.
  4. So that explains it. Thanks for linking that page.
  5. Why were there 9847 people on Doomworld on February 15, 2015? I started using this site on June. Was Doomworld more popular back then? Was there a reason for 10000 people to use Doomworld on this day? I have always wondered why 9847 people use this site on that day. That number is over half of the amount of members today (Currently 18018)
  6. GZDoom for Modding and casual play Zandronum for multiplayer PRBoom for recording demos
    1. 42PercentHealth


      Do I win a prize if I looked at the URL and decided not to click?

    2. danielhday


      You win the satisfaction of not being called an idiot on loop.

  7. The ability to mod Doom And its midis are great
  8. Which midi sounds better, "1" or "2"?
  9. @Impie Thank you for the feedback on my map. I really needed it. @HexenMapper How long do I have to submit another version of my map?
  10. Heres my map, most likely the final version.
  11. The Arachnotron, Revenant, and Arch-Vile death sounds are my favorites.
  12. Here are some screenshots that I already posted on the discord.