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  1. Bumb for the update
  2. This Modded executable for DOOM 3 BFG Edition which unlock features and slightly improves the classic DOOM engine inside DOOM 3 BFG. Version has been released. Changelog: [classicdoom] -Optimize expansion checking -Optimize Dehacked editor -Added more texts for Text Editor -Added Final DOOM map names and finale scripts to dehacked text editor -BFG Edition option labels will no longer change with mods -Improved Save file checking -Added Support for stand MiDi files [Launcher] -Optimize argument parsing Update 5: Version 1.1.7 has been released. Changelog: (WARNING: After this update if you already had the MASTERLEVELS.WAD delete it and let it to create a new one) [classicdoom] -Prevent to get Master Levels "reward" if player is cheating -Fixed Master Levels Sky Textures -Added Par time for the level "Betray" (4mins) -Added the remaining BEX editors (PARS and STRINGS) -Optimizations and clean ups for the deh editor -Added Classic Parameter value checking (no more crashing if you put wrong value on a parameter) -Further improvmets over the Master Levels "special" menu -Added a sound effect every time you finding a secret -Fixed the "Wall wiggle" bug -Fixed wrong Entering Level message on intermissions of No Rest For The Living and Master Levels -Added support for Extented Dehacked Files (.bex) -Optimized the generation of MASTERLEVELS.WAD [DOOM3BFG] -Improve Intro audio [Launcher] -Added default values for all the drop down options -Added support for Extended Dehacked Files (.bex) -Added level 33 on DOOM 2's warp option small Update 2 : Fixed critical issue with finishing levels on final doom or the original DOOM II IWAD Small Update: Re-enabled the access to the xbox exclusive secret level "Betray" This update is now included on version 1.1.666, so if you already have download it please re -download it. Update 4: [DOOM3BFG] -Slight improvement on intro audio [classicdoom] -Fixed Critical issue with Master Levels Expansion (Preventing you to progress) -Added Aspect Ratio option that allow you to switch between the original and the widescreen aspects -Improvements and stabilty patches for mod loading on DOOM II expansions -Added a reward if you finish all the Master Levels in "Hurt me Plenty" or higher difficulty (including the secret level) -Fixed secret not triggering on Master Levels map "nessus" (Works only on the expansion) -Fixed "idclev" cheat on console crashing the game when entering wrong level number in "No Rest For The Living" and "Master Levels" Expansions Update 3: -Added Launcher that allow you to use mods on DOOM I & II and 3. Also allow you to set settings that added on the original RBDOOM 3 BFG (Thx VGA (again) for feedback) -Restore the functionality of fast parameter (including Nightmare Difficulty). -Restore the confirmation message when selecting the Nightmare difficulty -Restore the background animations for DOOM I's intermission maps - Added 2 new classic DOOM parameters: * -exp: set specific expansion to load when opening DOOM II Values: 1 = DOOM II 2 = No Rest for the Living 3 = TNT: Evilution 4 = The Plutonia Experiment 5 = Master Levels * ex: set specific mod per expansion Example: -file ex 1 mod Values: 1 = DOOM II 2 = TNT: Evilution 3 = The Plutonia Experiment 4 = Master Levels 5 = No rest for the Living Features: - Widescreen support (based on DOOM 3 Resolution) - Slightly increased FPS on 120FPS option in DOOM 3 (+5 FPS) - Support for Final DOOM IWADs (Added as DOOM II Expansions) - Improved Mod Suport (Similar to the original DOS version with built in DEUSF and DEHACKED) - The ability to use Classic DOOM paramemters - 4 new Classic DOOM parameters: * -classich: Allow you to use cheats without the console (You better remeber them well because in 5 sec it reset it) * -doom,doom2 : Set specific parameters per game (Allow you to load multiple mods and specify for which game they will run) * -both: Set parameters for both games (you can also put them before -doom or -doom2) - A new parameter "com_game_mode" that allow you to open instantly DOOM,DOOM II or DOOM 3 (Thx VGA for feedback) Example : +set com_game_mode <number of DOOM (1,2,3)> - Support for Master Levels(As DOOM II Expansions) (In order to play them put the folder with the Master Levels on <DOOM 3 BFG Directory>\base\wads and rename the folder with the Master Levels to "master") NOTE: The levels are all in one pwad and they have the same order as the PSN Release NOTE 2: Unlike the PSN Release finishing "The Express Elevator to hell" level with the normal exit will result into finishing the Master Levels with the "bad" ending. In order to get the "good" ending you must finish the secret level "Bad Dream" which can only be accessed from the secret exit of "The Express Elevator to hell" Download Link:
  3. True, but just in case you still want to switch to the censored content using the mod is a better option imo
  4. Bump for the update
  5. Yes, it can handle the original DOOM II and have the SS Nazis and no Ican't make this kind of switch because it will require to restart the classic doom engine to make that kind of change. From the other there is already an uncensoring mod for BFG DOOM II it is called Make IDKFA Wolfenstein again and I already have tested it and works fine
  6. And found the glitch, as it turn out the "unique" way classic rbdoom 3 bfg handles sprites and flats result into forcing Suspend in Dusk to use all the animation frames for the blood sea, which result in the weird white red flat you can download this fix.
  7. Make sure you have the latest version. I tested and yes the flat is glitched. I will look at it.
  8. Have you try to run it with the launcher? It has a skip intro option and it works quite well (plus you can save and load the options you have selected on the launcher)
  9. Bump Gun
  10. Nope sorry, this version focuses on Classic DOOM (DOOM I & DOOM II ) other versions focuses over graphical improvments for DOOM 3 BFG Edition.
  11. Bump
  12. By the way if you already downloaded the latest release please re-download it. I left some bugs in the launcher and now they are fixed
  13. Now it has it's own launcher. Good for managing both DOOM I,II and 3 To be honest I'm kinda noob when it comes to rendering and the best I have manage was to actually increase the resolution which resulted just to more pixelated image
  14. Mostly because I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with the Resolution (It usually result into very bad results). Plus how many source ports allow you to change games and in the same time load different mods in the same runtime ?
  15. Because the port does not force the classic DOOM Engine to run on 4:3 aspect ratio and instead it uses the same aspect ratio that DOOM 3 uses
  16. Actually there is just go to settings and add a new source port/Engine. The external File list also works quite well with Classic RB DOOM 3 BFG
  17. BUMP FOR THE TRAILER (With a not so good photoshoped image)
  19. Plus you can use it with Doom Builder
  20. This would require to make new parameter for DOOM 3 BFG not for the classic. When you open DOOM or DOOM II it start or re start the classic doom engine with emmbended -iwad parameter for either DOOM.wad or DOOM2.wad