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  1. MadGuy

    Classic RBDOOM 3 BFG

    When I say load it ONLY on Plutonia I mean to use the mod exclusivity feature (That is also one of the very first things I did with that port). Example -doom2 -file ex 3 D4VBFG_plut_fix.wad The reason why it crashes is probably because it tries to load Plutonia's texture list on DOOM 2
  2. MadGuy

    Classic RBDOOM 3 BFG

    This Modded executable for DOOM 3 BFG Edition which unlock features and slightly improves the classic DOOM engine inside DOOM 3 BFG. Download Link: https://github.com/MadDeCoDeR/Classic-RBDOOM-3-BFG/releases Wiki: https://github.com/MadDeCoDeR/Classic-RBDOOM-3-BFG/wiki FAQ (moddb):https://www.moddb.com/mods/classic-rbdoom-3-bfg-edition/features/faq-for-classic-rbdoom-3-bfg Version 1.2.1 has been released. changelog: WARNING: The game dll support is nearly complete but there are still bugs while using them. [classicdoom] - Fixed bug with DOOM 2 MAP 27 teleporter secret getting triggered more than one time - Fixed bug when using linedef special 46 with switchable textures - When the map has no enemies, items or secrets give player 100% - com_fixedtic will no longer affect classic Doom games - Standard Classic Doom console output is now available for all builds - Added Map stats - Added material sample for loading screen shaders [DOOM3BFG] - All sounds will stop once a cutscene is skipped - Handle more proper EAX after player's death - Circling through weapons is now synced with the game's framerate in order to be more smooth older updates: Features: - Multiplayer Support (for both DOOM I and DOOM II) - Widescreen support (based on DOOM 3 Resolution) - Slightly increased FPS on 120FPS option in DOOM 3 (+5 FPS) - Support for Final DOOM IWADs (Added as DOOM II Expansions) - Improved Mod Suport (Similar to the original DOS version with built in DEUSF and DEHACKED) - The ability to use Classic DOOM paramemters - 4 new Classic DOOM parameters: * -classich: Allow you to use cheats without the console (You better remeber them well because in 5 sec it reset it) * -doom,doom2 : Set specific parameters per game (Allow you to load multiple mods and specify for which game they will run) * -both: Set parameters for both games (you can also put them before -doom or -doom2) - A new parameter "com_game_mode" that allow you to open instantly DOOM,DOOM II or DOOM 3 (Thx VGA for feedback) Example : +set com_game_mode <number of DOOM (1,2,3)> - Support for Master Levels(As DOOM II Expansions) (In order to play them put the folder with the Master Levels on <DOOM 3 BFG Directory>\base\wads and rename the folder with the Master Levels to "master") NOTE: The levels are all in one pwad and they have the same order as the PSN Release NOTE 2: Unlike the PSN Release finishing "The Express Elevator to hell" level with the normal exit will result into finishing the Master Levels with the "bad" ending. In order to get the "good" ending you must finish the secret level "Bad Dream" which can only be accessed from the secret exit of "The Express Elevator to hell"
  3. MadGuy

    Doom 3 didn't need a USE key

    Yet still something manageable. Plus most UI elements are just simple buttons. P.S.: Don't forget that DOOM 3 X-box, DOOM 3 BFG and DOOM 3 (2019) exist too.
  4. MadGuy

    Classic RBDOOM 3 BFG

    Bump for the update
  5. MadGuy

    Doom 3 didn't need a USE key

    Nope, I think the answer is "Industry Standards" plus it would have taken them quite some time and resources to re-create or update the good ole DOOM 3 GUI
  6. To put it plain simple Buy DOOM 3 (2019), install it, open it and go to slayer club option and claim the reward. (After that you can either uninstall it or try Classic RBDOOM with it)
  7. MadGuy

    how do i make a mod that makes weapons do more damage

    Who knows maybe they have kept something from Doom 3's file structure (mostly BFG). At least I know that the .resources they are using are possibly 64-bit revisions of the .resources from BFG
  8. MadGuy

    Classic RBDOOM 3 BFG

    Did you load it ONLY on Plutonia ? (Yes, you can do that)
  9. I already got him on Smash
  10. 2D Shooter (wait I think I already did that) like Mega man or Metroid (mostly Metroid)
  11. MadGuy

    Classic RBDOOM 3 BFG

    @AmethystViper Here is a bugfix for plutonia (load it ONLY with Plutonia): D4VBFG-plut-fix.zip
  12. Those are the "pink" numbers that are used on the status bar in order to show you which weapon you currently use in the ARMS section
  13. MadGuy

    Do anyone play on Nightmare seriously?

    You know I have tried it and manage to reach E1M7 (If I remember right). But then I checked the achievements on BFG and realized I can play it on UV instead.
  14. Small suggestions for better compatibility with Classic RBDOOM : - Move the Episode labels to another wad since they conflict with DOOM 2's expansion labels - Move MAP07 to another wad since the same wad can be loaded to Final DOOM, NERVE and MASTER LEVLES PS: Here is and some number recolors for the status bar D4VBFG.zip
  15. MadGuy

    Current tools for mapping

    Doom Builder.
  16. MadGuy

    help with my map

    Then as I said before open it with SLADE 3 and see what it has
  17. MadGuy

    help with my map

    And that doesn't answer any of my questions at all. Are you testing your map using Doom builder (launch gzdoom with your map loaded from it) ? Or loading it directly to gzdoom ?
  18. MadGuy

    help with my map

    You are testing the wad from the Doom Builder right ? Or are you saving it and loading it later ? If it is the second try to use SLADE 3 in order to check if the map is actually stored and What lump name it has (if it is EXMX then it wont run on DOOM 2)
  19. MadGuy

    Can't run a custom map (error)

    A. the screenshot you attached doesn't provide any helpful information about your problem B. was the map working on your XP PC ?
  20. Oh that one. You can even remove it if you toy around with the lighting constants. You can check Classic RBDOOM if you want to see how it looks like
  21. MadGuy

    help with my map

    What exactly IS the PROBLEM ?
  22. For the original feel, because many aren't that familiar with render coding and do what they can best.
  23. MadGuy

    why did id software choose the palette?

    Faster Image loading & processing ?
  24. This is something I achieved (?) when I was trying to add freelook on my port while having the wrong idea over how it should work