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  1. I can't download it, seems to require playing Plutonia 5 about 10 more times and uninstall Plutonia 6. The latter is easy, but I don't want to play Plutonia 5 again, it is nothing but 100,000 levels where you press a switch to end a level. Still, hope to play this prequel sequel to Plutonia 9: The Return of the Revenants (Again!)

  2. All I can say about Doom Eternal's longevity is that as long as people like the game and share their thoughts to others, people will keep playing and coming back to it for years. Same applies to Doom 2016, chances are Doom Eternal got people to try that game just to check it out. Single-player lasts forever, I could care less for the Battle Mode in this game, shame about the lack of traditional deathmatch but I guess there is Quake Champions for that.


    I will say, I am still a bit soured that Doom Eternal doesn't have the SnapMap mode from Doom 2016, would have been nice to have a cross-platform map editor to substitute modding. Having Doom Eternal's mechanics in the mix and with less strict limits (if possible) sounds great if you ask me. SnapMap in Doom 2016 was getting pretty good in content after several updates, though I'll admit it was getting unoptimized and load times are horrible, even on high-end PCs apparently. Doesn't help that just about 4% of players on Steam even played 5 SnapMap levels, so I can see why it was dropped in Eternal. Still a shame to me, and the mods currently out there for Eternal just don't cut it for me.

  3. 8 hours ago, Devalaous said:

    Weird, didnt detect Hexen Deathkings or Harmony as IWADs.

    Deathkings is just a PWAD, it  it still needs the Hexen IWAD to be played. Source ports like Chocolate Hexen and GZDoom can play Deathkings using the -file parameter so using Hexen as an IWAD when launching Deathkings in Doom Launcher should work. As for Harmony, if it is added as an IWAD file I think it can still be played as one under the IWADs tab. Doom Launcher just autofills the title metadata for most commonly known IWADs like Doom 1 and Heretic, HEXDD.WAD and HARM1.WAD were just not listed to have them autofilled. Otherwise, anything added as an IWAD will have the -iwad parameter used by most source ports, not sure about source ports like Doomsday though.


    It won't be too bad to add in HARM1.WAD as a IWAD to autofill metadata, not sure if special support for HEXDD.WAD will be needed so just adding it as a PWAD should be compatible for most source ports that support Hexen.

  4. qve7RZm.png


    S) GZDoom: Use it basically all the time for non-vanilla mapsets. I like having so many options with display settings, minor gameplay options, and even stuff like changing the HUD and automap. I don't got many issues trying to run GZDoom and the questionable defaults were easy to change anyways.

    Chocolate Doom: Faithful to Vanilla Doom and works natively on modern operating systems. I don't have to modify my IWADs to play custom WADs with new sprites and it was not a hassle to tweak some settings like having pitch shifting and GUS music. My go-to port for vanilla maps.


    A) Crispy Doom: Faithful to Vanilla Doom and has many nice features that do not break the vanilla experience. There's some gameplay options but the higher resolution and framerates are already big changers for me. Basically, the image quality is crisp (no pun intended) and it plays smoothly.

    Doom Retro: Not a port I play often but I respect what it's trying to do. It has its own touches that gives a different feeling when playing through the original games.


    B) Zandronum: Development looks to be stagnant but it does support some mods I like such as Quake Champions: Doom Edition.

    PrBoom+: I guess if a mapset doesn't run well on any of the above ports, I use PrBoom+.There's also demo recording but I am slacking on that for the past year.


    C) To cut it short, I don't use these ports often or in the case of ZDoom, stopped using it.


    D) No.

  5. 10 hours ago, FrogMaster said:

    Would it be possible to implement different views for different tabs at some point? Like for example, I really like having the large tiles for the IWADs section, but my other tags with the rest of my mods, I would prefer to have the grid layout.

    The idgames tab still uses the grid view even when using the tile view, so I wouldn't rule out that possibility!


    9 hours ago, <<Rewind said:

    I remember I could hardly see the list of files because I use high contrast mode on my computer. I will check if it's still a deal breaking problem for me.

    The text should be larger and more readable with the tile view, hopefully all important file info should be more readable now.


    9 hours ago, <<Rewind said:

    The tile view is a really neat idea. I wonder if it's compatible with all wads.

    The tile view and grid view are both identical in how they work with handling files, be it managed or unmanaged.

  6. Found the remaining UV-Max demos I've done in 2018, MAP20 was not done in -complevel 2 (don't know or remember why) so that one is excluded from here. MAP21-MAP30 never got started on, so this is basically it with Icarus for me. :)



    MAP12 - 3:49

    MAP13 - 3:58

    MAP14 - 5:46

    MAP15 - 2:03

    MAP16 - 3:58

    MAP17 - 3:47

    MAP18 - 2:58

    MAP19 - 3:16

    MAP31 - 1:37

    MAP32 - 1:18



  7. These are some old UV-Max demos done throughout 2018, thought I had lost them but I managed to dig up the demos for MAP01-MAP11 in my hard drive. I think I had more but I can't seem to find them.



    MAP01 - 2:33

    MAP02 - 2:47

    MAP03 - 1:31

    MAP04 - 1:17

    MAP05 - 2:17

    MAP06 - 1:07

    MAP07 - 1:57

    MAP08 - 2:24

    MAP09 - 2:06

    MAP10 - 1:41

    MAP11 - 6:52



  8. I'm curious, will automap statistics be added in the future (Kills, Items, Secrets, and Time)? An issue on GitHub has been up for two years so I am wondering if it's still being considered (unless I somehow missed a console variable to change). That said, great to see all the support and changes to making Doom Retro stable and stand out in many nice ways! Also nice to see true widescreen being planned too for those who would like to see it.

  9. On 4/11/2020 at 2:29 AM, xvertigox said:

    A good tek is to mirror it on google drive (get 15gb for free) so you can have a portable and offsite backup.

    I should mention that the data for Doom Launcher is stored in DoomLauncher.sqlite, so if you downloaded Doom Launcher again alongside any files you uploaded for backup, all your descriptions, stats, and custom profiles can be restored from there. It happened to me once where I basically lost all my stuff so it helped to have a personal backup with the .sqlite file. One of the many things that made it my personal frontend for years.

  10. Just now, Asking4Id said:

    I see, I had no idea it was supposed to be portable. I guess that means it will always be that way.

    It has some advantages like using the launcher's tags and file information to know what file is what and decide what to play next. Having files in compressed ZIP files can also save some space if you have some pretty big WAD files. You can play around with the launcher to get things organized and you can also right click on a game file to open the ZIP if there is any file you want to extract or anything.

  11. 1 hour ago, Asking4Id said:

    I have a question about this, I like this launcher because it allows me to warp to the right map automatically instead of typing it out or selecting a drop down menu. This is very convenient and  a great time saver, but I have the following unrelated problem. Whenever I add a file to Doom Launcher, the file is duplicated. I was wondering if there's a fix for this (no file duplication), maybe a setting I'm not aware of. I'm just starting to use launchers in general so I have to ask the newb questions.

    What do you mean by that? If you add a WAD/PK3 or ZIP file from anywhere on your desktop, it will be duplicated and added into your GameFiles folder, which is where all the game content is stored, including your IWADs. DoomLauncher is meant to be portable (put on a flash drive, another hard drive, etc.) so you can safely delete the external file you added as it will be in the launcher's database and local GameFiles folder.


    6 hours ago, DiamondDude11 said:

    So, a few questions...
    Is it compatible with GZDoom?
    And do you just put the IWAD and WAD/pk3 into a .zip format?

    You don't need to add IWADs as a .zip file, you can just add DOOM.WAD for example and the launcher will take care of it. I think you can also add custom IWADs but you might have to change it to "Any File" or something so that the launcher doesn't only look for .WAD files. For the rest, there is a manual to help you out on most common questions.

  12. TNT: Evilution has the best soundtrack in all of Classic Doom and I wished there were more original tracks to fill the levels that used Doom 1/2 tracks.


    Plutonia is the most repetitive and annoying IWAD out of the original four. While I won't deny its influence on future maps and being more consistent in map quality than TNT, I don't find many of its levels to be memorable or do much to stand out from one another. I find it visually dull and many encounters feel samey either because there are tricks and traps (no pun intended) that lose their novelty after a first playthrough, or because I just can't be bothered to keep playing. Plutonia 2 feels a lot better to play and reused the original Plutonia's gimmicks in more interesting ways.


    I enjoy Sandy's Doom 2 maps the most and find them to be the most fun across all the classic IWADs. Maybe not a controversial opinion here, but I can't see maps like The Pit or The Citadel as bad levels or anything.

  13. I have grown to appreciate the diminishing lighting and palette making some maps more atmospheric and having colors pop out nicely, so I end up preferring the software renderer. That's not to say OpenGL can't do the same with some tweaks on the settings, but I get more out of the software renderer in my experience. These days, I only find myself using OpenGL if a map or mod requires it or if the software renderer is having framerate issues.

  14. 8 hours ago, Diabolución said:

    And, in fact, Erick is polishing many maps of varied episodes, without being formally a czar.

    Well, whenever I do have the time. I think a lot of the maps have good layouts and can be solid levels, just some have a lot of leftovers. I hope Chapter 1 in Phase 1 is a better experience now because there were a lot of things that I found too punishing for a first chapter like -20% damage nukage.