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  1. Aside of the odd mistake of having to type "map map04" on GZDoom for a Doom 1 map, which is still playable despite no music, the map isn't bad at all, for what there was in a short level there is definitely some ideas such as the lava room that damages you the more time you stay in, in a fully fledged map I can see that working. As mentioned, draw out your ideas on something and get an idea of what you'll have there before you start making the map on an editor, that way you have somewhere to go to and build upon. I should also note about weapon management and resources, kind of odd to have a blue armor near the start when I barely took any damage aside of the lava room. Also the place where you get the Chaingun have more bullets than necessary, especially since all you're going to kill is a Baron in that room. Last thing to note about is the exit, don't have texture errors like that, it can be jarring when you play it yourself. Still, a nice short map that can be expanded on as a bigger map, spending more time can help a lot.
  2. This is a very nice first map when looking at it aesthetically, the attention to detail while not going overboard to look ugly, the use of G/ZDoom's features like 3D floors and mirrors adds more to the aesthetics of the map. Being able to complete the map without killing enemies opens an alternate playstyle and I find that welcomed for this map in particular. As bioshockfan mentioned, there really isn't a whole lot with the gameplay as the difficulty mostly consist 2-3 Zombiemen that probably wouldn't even be able to land a hit on you with the occasional shotgunner. While it is nice to go above the original monster count (adding onto the use of G/ZDoom features), that doesn't really change the enemy encounters from being too easy and just not interesting. More interesting monster placement and appropriate use of other monster types can help on the gameplay and the difficulty. Regardless, I still like the map and I appreciate the efforts put into it, it's great being your first map.
  3. I see the games as more of a test of patience than something to have fun with as for every moment I do enjoy myself, the game brings out frustration ten times in a row. And then there's the Xbox games that I never really got far into if I can recall. The first game on the NES still haunts me nevertheless.
  4. Ninja Gaiden on the NES because nothing screams fun like going back to the beginning of a whole level for failing at a boss. I rather not boil myself in heat over some bragging right of completing a hard game that wasn't all that fun for me either.
  5. It's among my personal favorite levels in Episode 2 or even the entire game really. I like the music for building up the atmosphere and the maze level design is eyecatching to me with all the crates. It's also the map that introduces the Berserk power up and it allows opportunities to use your fists. Nothing is more fun than seeing your fist gib an Imp with one buffed punch.
  6. E2M9 is a no brainer as there is nothing to get out of the level. Sure it's a secret level so I don't exactly have to play it, but the level is still poor nonetheless. Another map could be E4M4, out of all the Episode 4 levels, the level is obvious filler as after playing through E4M1-M3, it's odd to see the difficulty drop to being an average Doom level.
  7. Best: I like most of the maps, though the maps I like the most are MAP08, MAP10, MAP20, and MAP29. Worst: MAP22 and MAP30, I really dislike MAP22's design and gameplay so much that I rush the map to get it over with. MAP30 is pretty obvious, the boss isn't all that great and there isn't much to the level as it is.
  8. Like: Arachnotrons+Revenants+Mancubi, I feel like it's a nice game of trying to avoid projectiles and using the Revenants rockets to hit other enemies while they home on you. Dislike: Arch-Viles+Pain Elementals, I find some frustration in avoiding a hitscan enemy like the Arch-Vile as Lost Souls are spawning quickly and blocking my way to move around a bit. Even worse in closed spaces where you wouldn't have room to move around to get some cover to hide behind.
  9. 30FPS is playable enough for me if a game includes a single-player mode and isn't all that fast-paced. For older console games I have a bit of higher tolerance for 30FPS and somehow lower, albeit not like below 20FPS since that would be unplayable for me. Other than that, I can't say I really want to play below 60FPS on PC since then I would be gimping my own experience, multiplayer games comes to mind.
  10. So much for a "fun game" of DOOM 4: Death Foretold on Plutonia 2.
    I set aside my dislike of this meme and actually take a look at how the game plays with every enemy replaced with Crash Bandicoot in one way or another, all in his infamous woah meme. Unlike Nitroactivie's original version of the mod, where every game is the exact same unanimated Crash doing his woah phase, this mod actually has all the original Doom enemies replaced with a variety of Crash Bandicoots, such as the ones replacing the possessed leaping at you (aside of the Chaingunner variant, which actually shoots bullets), Imp replacements throwing fireballs, and from then on all enemies act just like their original counterpart, only Crash Bandicoot and they all leap at you at random. The leaping around is a bit of a gameplay changer since even the larger Crash Bandicoots can still leap some distances to get closer to you, and if anything you don't want to be close to a Cyberdemon Crash Bandicoot as they also can still shoot rockets at you. On the original Doom IWAD maps, the enemies sure go all over the place and often drop themselves into open wide pits of lava or acid so you won't exactly kill them in the same vein as you do with the original Doom enemies. Aside of leaping, the Crash Bandicoot enemies don't really have massive changes to note really, and while yes Lost Souls die in 1-2 bullets and understanding how Revenants attack in this mod still somehow frustrates me, it's pretty much Doom with a whole lot more annoyance, and it can get to your ears real quick on hearing the same loud woahs the entire game (that is if you go out of your way to do so). There really isn't much to check out with this mod aside of a 5 minute chuckle about killing the Crash meme only for that to get annoying real quick. Yes the enemies are well animated and no the mod isn't exactly bad, it's playable and it does try to make up what would be some bad difficulty spikes by dropping health bonuses and occasionally weapons (regardless of enemy type from what I've experienced) as a source of ammo. However, there really isn't much worth checking out other than playing for the sake of internet memes. I would say it might be worth a shot, but if you want to play more than a couple maps I hope you don't mind hearing Crash saying woah hundreds of times as that might drive your patience low real quickly.
  11. I don't mind either really, I am playing on Software Rendering and OpenGL despite the differences. Though if I have to choose, I'll go with OpenGL as I find it hard for me to go back playing on Software Rendering primarily, but I can still go with Software since I do kind of find the brown diminished lighting on the original Doom IWADs to be nice and atmospheric in a way.
  12. One of the most unique and powerful weapons I've seen in an FPS game. Nothing more fun than to maximize damage potential and clear out a room or even take out enemies before they can start attacking you.
  13. Not really old myself, but I have gotten used to reloading thanks to the like of Source games, the older Call of Duties, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Reloading can add a bit of thinking in how you manage your shots and when will be a good time to reload, if a game has reloading in mind as something for the player to consider rather than some obligatory mechanic for FPS games. In Doom 3, once you start reloading you are stuck in a unskippable reloading animation that you can't cancel and if you run into an enemy it just adds some salt to your lost control. If anything, not reloading in the original Doom games (and recent Doom 2016) just feels good in knowing that you should worry on how your manage your ammo as well as how and when do you use your weapons. I don't know, something about a reloading animation, Super Shotgun aside, kind of bugs me even if they're relatively short.
  14. The Sky May Be 2.