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  1. Play through a couple maps so far and I have no complaints, the use of the ZDoom features and the quality of the maps themselves is amazing, I like how silly some level endings are. Hope to play more of this whenever I have time, already some of the best maps I have played this year!
  2. The source code of GZScoreDoom and ScoreDoomST is found on Github, it is just kind of hidden in ScoreDoom's own forums. This link will have the pages for GZScoreDoom, ScoreDoomST, and the High Score Server for the source ports.
  3. Welcome, always nice to see new map makers trying to make good maps. For a first time map, it's a pretty nice level with some nice detail and neat tricks that goes along with it, although the texture alignments could be improved. The gameplay flows well and it's pretty fast-paced, though my problem would be that it's short and can be finished rather quickly, kind of a shame but I can set that side being that it's your first map. When making secrets, know how to reward (or punish) the player since a Plasma Rifle in a pretty short level does seem odd to have, but again, I can set that aside. Other than that, I enjoyed the level and I encountered no bugs, a solid map that can be added upon to make it longer and perhaps even better.
  4. I have switched to Brave months ago, haven't looked back to Mozilla Firefox, although the UI doesn't look bad to me, just different, since otherwise it looks the same to me. If I can recall, Microsoft Edge and Chrome already has similar front pages to the use Firefox UI, so it doesn't bother me really.
    I remember playing this months back and it's still a fantastic level to me, an easy Cacoward contender if you ask me! It's nice to see a creative level with a small but nice joke that works out in the end. There's also a surprise at the end that wraps up the level very nicely. The level is open and challenging enough to keep things interesting, especially some of the secrets if you can find them. Great level and worth playing!
  5. I remember there being another Serious Sam mod that ripped the gun animations from the original games and was only a gun mod. I enjoyed this mod more with the added touch of the enemies from the Serious Sam games and of course the weapons, love me the SBC Cannon! Always nice to gib an enemy upclose with the shotgun, I'll look forward to any updates to this.
  6. This sums up my thoughts on Brutal Doom V21 well, it's not bad at all and it is fun to play, just not the same kind of fun that past versions of Brutal Doom have given. Maybe it's because I have played the heck out of Brutal Doom around late 2011 and continue to play more of it throughout 2012, but I still to enjoy Brutal Doom V20b for what it is, I would say that is the best version of Brutal Doom personally. I am not much of a fan of the map enhancements as they don't really come off as the original Doom being upgraded, more like a remap mod with texture changes and some added barrels here and there. And while the added weapons are nice and all, I find them unneeded at the same time as one of the things I liked about Brutal Doom in the past is that the new weapons were more or less upgrades or new versions of the original weapons, even with their reloading mechanics. I would still say V21 is worth playing for anyone who is still a fan of Brutal Doom, but for me, I feel dried out.
  7. Glad to hear that the Realm667 web page is not forgotten, for a second I thought it was. Also good to hear that the stats error for CNDoom will be removed too seeing that PrBoom+ got its stats error removed in this version. As for bugs, I came across one recently, that being when adding a new file on the launch page, the column tabs on the add file page reset to be sorted by date downloaded, much like the bug in V2.5.1 where column tabs would reset on just the main page. While I can set aside tabs resetting on the add file page, it would be great to have the column tabs settings be remembered like they are with the column tabs in the main page. Regardless, good to see you are addressing the problems quickly, it's very much appreciated!
  8. The new features and fixes are wonderful, they made Doom Launcher much more convenient to use and less of a hassle in some places. Nice to be able to read multiple text files without having to go to the GameFiles folder to do that, also great that the annoying PrBoom+ stats error doesn't show up anymore, though I do wonder if Competition Doom might have its error removed too. Being able to use SLADE with ease as well as fixing the bug with the column tabs just made Doom Launcher my new primary launcher to use, saves me data space and makes it all easier to organize my single-player files. I would say the launcher is perfect now, awesome work! On another note, the page for Doom Launcher on Realm667 has not been updated version 2.6.0 yet,any idea when the launcher will be up to date on the site?
  9. No kidding, the music is already unfitting for most of the Doom levels, now remove any attention to detail and Knee-Deep in the Dead ends up being less fun and rather soulless. E1M5 suffers this the most if you ask me, the flashing lights are gone after all!
  10. I decided to play Knee-Deep in the Dead with the mods Runnin_D and STARTANITY. Launching them together sure changed the experience.
  11. Vanilla Flavored Rockets.
  12. Now time to pair this up with a STARTAN texture mod to have every texture replaced with STARTAN so I can make every single map a Doom Builder map.
  13. I would say the difference between a Revenant's 80% damage rockets and 20% damage floor is that you can prevent the 80% damage hit from happening if you are avoiding the rockets altogether, whereas the 20% damage floor can be forced to be walked on and you are at risk of 20% damage even with the radiation suit. In short, it sucks to lose control and more when it harms you at random.
  14. I remember Doom being fast-paced more for how rooms are usually always filled with enemies, whether it be the common Zombiemen or hordes of Pinkies, not exactly how fast you run in the game. It might also be that community mappers have ramped up the intensity of Doom's gameplay, ranging from groups of tougher enemies to slaughtermaps where monsters go by the thousands in a single map, pressuring you to have your reflexes and skills pushed to its limits (and a lot of death to follow). While I wouldn't say the original Doom games are super fast-paced seeing that I find myself playing more carefully at times and there are custom maps that are more slower than others, which is not bad at all, Doom is still a game that can be played at high speeds and with constant action. There's also Doom's deathmatch, where there is never a moment to stop and calm down, it's a blast!