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  1. Chainsaws-a-go-go.

    One room, 48 Zombiemen, some powerups and a Chainsaw. There is nothing to enjoy here and instead of being a stress reliever, it generates agitation instead for just how primitive this map is.
  2. Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    I guess I'll take the chance to do a meme for a filler. choppas.wad E1M1 UV-Respawn in 0:36 - chopr036.zip
  3. Orpheus' descent into hell

    Short bite-sized maps, each of varying quality, although never to anything below average, at least for 1994. The first map is (obviously) the shortest, with a bit of rooms to go around in but otherwise can be beaten in less than 10 seconds. The second level is longer but still relatively short, does have a few tricks up its sleeve but nothing too engaging. The third and last level is the longest and packs the most action and exploration out of the three levels, such as a small maze of Lost Souls and a way to a secret exit switch to enter E1M9, even though there isn't any secret level included in the WAD. Texture variation is pretty low and on Ultra-Violence the gameplay is pretty alright, if a little standard. Ammo for the first two maps is pretty strict but manageable, whereas the third map gives you more than enough, even Cell Ammo which might be a bit of an overkill given the low-tier enemies you'll be facing. Map layouts are simple despite the attempts to keep things refreshing and overall the WAD is pretty average. Flaws aside, it is a decent time killer so it may be worth playing for a quick set of levels to blaze through.
  4. Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    Orpheus' Descent Into Hell E1M3 demos, secret exit included. UV-Max in 1:53 UV-Fast in 2:07 UV-Speed in 0:43 UV-Speed (Secret Exit) in 0:54 Nightmare-Speed in 1:11 Nightmare-Speed (Secret Exit) in 1:25 Nightmare 100% Secrets in 1:58 orp3lmps.zip
  5. More wild speculation about the future of Doom modding

    Odamex will be updated to V0.8 and then return to its stagnant development. Zandronum 4.0 is out and is 10 years behind GZDoom. A community project for Doom: Rampage Edition 2 is open, only for it to be cancelled the next day. TNT 2: Devilution is still in development. The Sky May Be 2 is released, but only runs on the Blessed Engine 2 which only runs on DOS. The successor to OBLIGE has been updated to only support Wolfenstein 3D and only generates levels with square rooms that consist of 150 SS Officers. A new official expansion for Doom 2 has been released but all levels only use basic Doom Builder textures. Embrace the STARTAN! DOOM 3 is out with SnapMap V3.0, although it now takes 20 minutes to load a map even with the best hardware. 20 minutes to play a small cubic room is worth the wait! Instead of featuring classic maps from Final Doom, DOOM 3 only has two classic maps, SEWERS.WAD and BETRAY.WAD, both played back and forth for a 12 hour session. DOOM 4 enters development hell and no word of it has ever surfaced since then.
  6. Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    Orpheus' Descent Into Hell, only a Max category for E1M1 filled on the DSDA page. E1M1 Pacifist in 0:07.31 E1M1 UV-Fast in 1:29 E1M1 Nightmare-Speed in 0:07.46 E1M1 Nightmare 100% Secrets in 0:44 E1M2 UV-Speed in 0:52 E1M2 UV-Max in 1:44 E1M2 UV-Fast in 1:49 E1M2 Nightmare 100% Secrets in 0:58 orp1-2lmps.zip
  7. The Bridge of Death

    Your average 1994 WAD, nothing really special and while it may not be so bad, aside of a HOM effect that only appear in GZDoom 3.3.2 for some reason (Classic ports and other ZDoom-derivatives aren't affected by this), there isn't much to be seen here. Lighting is nice and all, but that's about it.
  8. Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    Memphis again, only one demo is filling a category, which is Nightmare 100% Secrets, I am aware that Max and Fast has already been done. E1M1 UV-Max in 4:59 E1M1 UV-Fast in 5:26 E1M1 Nightmare 100% Secrets in 2:53 memlmps.zip The Bridge of Death (NM0001.WAD), part of WADPAK3 and takes the map slot E1M9, but only Fast and Nightmare-Speed categories were filled. E1M1 UV-Max in 2:14 E1M1 UV-Speed in 0:43 E1M1 Nightmare 100% Secrets in 1:10 nmlmps.zip
  9. DM2GM3A.ZIP (dm2gm3a.wad + .txt)

    I was surprised to see that this was a WAD made in 1994, it doesn't have many of the mistakes you would find in other WADs, it's fairly nonlinear but never to the point of being a bad maze, and it's a fun short map all around. While there might be a bit more ammo than you'll really need, the WAD is solid for 1994 and might even be fun for deathmatch, maybe. Overall, a 1994 WAD worth playing!
  10. Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    @therektafire Strange how when I played back your demo, 5/4 Secrets have been triggered, is it just me? The secret that has been triggered twice is the one next to the Megasphere. DM2GM3A.WAD, takes the MAP04 slot of Heroes 2 but there are no demos for the map in that WAD. MAP01 UV-Max in 2:09 MAP01 UV-Fast in 2:05 MAP01 UV-Speed in 0:21 MAP01 Nightmare-Speed in 0:22 MAP01 Nightmare 100% Secrets in 0:58 dgm3almps.zip
  11. Memphis.wad

    Not bad for a WAD made 1994. For such an unholy temple, there aren't many traps to encounter and it's a little dull in some rooms, although some have some weird designs to make them stand out. The lighting is nice and the map isn't too confusing nor frustrating. The WAD might be good for a casual level to plow through, so it may be worth a shot if you are into some old obscure maps.
  12. Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    I believe you can use freedoom1.wad as an IWAD and launch PWADs from there. The demos should work for DOOM.WAD and any PWAD that was recorded. Of course, there is always shovelware. Ah darn, I was about to post demos for this map too, I'm too slow. Ah well, may as well post my UV-Max (alongside some others) regardless. E1M1 UV-Max in 5:26 E1M1 UV-Fast in 5:42 E1M1 UV-Speed in 1:29 E1M1 Nightmare-Speed in 1:41 memphislmps.zip

    The idea of the map isn't really, bad the execution is rather sloppy and while being nonlinear isn't something I see as a bad thing, there is really nothing stopping you from beating the map in 15 seconds or less if you somehow found the exit first try. Textures are sloppy, most rooms are cramped and tight to enter, buildings are thrown in randomly yet the rest of the outside map is just empty apart of a few trees. Monsters teleport inside the buildings or outside them every now and then, and it is nice that they teleport to "random" areas of the map instead of 1-2 fixated ones. However, there just isn't much here, it's pretty much what you can expect out of an old WAD.
  14. Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    GHOSTOWN (1994), another level without demos. There is another WAD named GHOSTOWN made by the same author in 1995 for Doom 2, I guess I could point that out. WAD takes map slot E1M2. UV-Max in 1:28 UV-Fast in 1:23 Pacifist in 0:07 Nightmare-Speed in 0:07 ghostownlmps.zip
  15. Beat/Fill '94 PWADs Month

    KILLER Level, no demos for this level it seems. E2M1 UV-Max in 7:57 - killer21-757.zip E2M1 UV-Speed in 4:19 - killer21-419.zip E1M1B.WAD E1M1 UV-Speed in 3:17 - e1m1b-317.zip Waste and Destroy E1M1 UV-Speed in 2:22 - wad-222.zip