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  1. GuyNamedErick

    Hell to Pay demos [-complevel 2]

    MAP30 of Hell to Pay on Nightmare. The audio from the boss was something, also some dancing at the end I guess. MAP30 Nightmare (100% Secrets) in 1:21 - hp30s121.zip
  2. GuyNamedErick

    GZDoom to Zandronum

    Zandronum uses old binary saves, GZDoom uses a newer JSON save format, which just basically means the formats are not compatible with one another. Zandronum also "runs better" than GZDoom becauses it uses an older version of GZDoom's OpenGL renderer (I believe from the 1.X.X branch?). Zandronum is not up to date however so if you want to have some latest GZDoom features, there's ZDoom Legacy and ZDoom32 that @drfrag just linked. And also I don't think you would need to rename the save files to png (why?), just move them over to the ZDoom32 directory (and hope they're compatible).
  3. GuyNamedErick

    How do i play Scoredoom?

    The ScoreDoom repository is found here, all the code is still up (unless there is some other page for some reason?). Although with the website down, pretty much compiling the source code is the only way to play now (unless someone reuploads the latest binaries, maybe I should myself). https://github.com/ddraigcymraeg
  4. GuyNamedErick

    Freedoom Crashes in OpenGL Graphics Mode

    You can try posting this on this thread here, you could probably get an answer on what it could be. Your problem has more to do with the engine, not exactly Freedoom which is just game data. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/31039-prboom-plus-ver-2514/
  5. GuyNamedErick

    Last Official Secret of Doom 2?

    I think Romero mistaken what sector was actually tagged as a secret and what was needed to be done in order to score it. I can't say I really believe the out of nowhere "super secret" story of his. Also yeah, it is near the teleporter.
  6. GuyNamedErick

    Blighted Moonbase IV - 100% this map for 200 bucks

    Again, you're deflecting criticism and now you're just saying that it's "fun" on easier difficulties just because you can kill thousands of enemies? If anybody wants that they already have something like Sunlust or Slaughterfest 2012, both having interesting level design and encounters that are fun (in an intense way) and rewarding to play. I may not be too much of a fan of slaughter, but I can respect the amount of effort and thought put into them, something your level is lacking. Given how the map is unplayable, nobody is going to try to reach the part of the map where it's half decent to look at, it's too much of a headache when the framerate is at like 1 for some people. Good map visuals shouldn't be something you have to get later on, if anything it should be present on a map from start to finish. Almost forgot to mention, the two megawads I linked can run on PrBoom+, yours only runs on ZDoom and lacks any optimization to make it playable. I don't think I need to repeat much more on this. I would suggest if you take a look at some other WADs with high monster counts to have some inspiration on how to make a large map with tons of enemies fun and keeps the player going until the end, like the WADs I just linked or even the last few maps of Scythe. It's a lot more fun to make a map for the enjoyment of it instead of trying to "beat the Doomgods" for no real reason. I don't need to repeat myself on shoving in real world money to get people to play your map, that speaks for itself.
  7. GuyNamedErick

    Blighted Moonbase IV - 100% this map for 200 bucks

    Or maybe instead of deflecting the criticisms about map performance and just how uninteresting the map itself is, how about make a level that shows an attempt at being fun and even nice to look at. Nobody is going to play something like this just because you slap some bounty to it, especially if said map is already unplayable to begin with.
  8. GuyNamedErick

    MAP01 facelift

    I have a copy on my desktop, so I'll have this up until Blastfrog can reupload it, I guess. Dropbox link
  9. GuyNamedErick

    Blighted Moonbase IV - 100% this map for 200 bucks

    Even if there are no performances issues (regardless of hardware and GZDoom), I still don't imagine anyone really bothering to play a map that looks like this. There isn't really anything that makes me want to play this, and honestly I rather spend my time on a map with some actual design to it as well as fun gameplay over some map made with only a bounty to even get people to play it to the end.
  10. GuyNamedErick

    MAP01 facelift

    Love the little throwbacks to Jon's The Cursed Hangar (or Freedoom's old MAP01, whichever works), the use of Aquatex really shines here. I can imagine these kind of facelifts helping the current Freedoom levels by a mile, far more attainable and favorable than creating whole new levels and putting old ones to "waste." I looked inside the PWAD and there are some textures and a lamp sprite found there (-merge is needed for Chocolate, just a heads up), and looks like they're edited (I assume they're not just for this level :)), not that it's a bad thing since this facelift is fantastic!
  11. GuyNamedErick

    This is the game I'm making using Freedoom's assets

    The OBLIGE levels are placeholders to see how the game runs and test things right? Just want to clear the confusion a bit, because otherwise this looks great! And with what Ferk said, running on UE4 means there is no need to limit the number of enemies (and weapons?) to the number vanilla Doom has. With these limits out of the way, it's a great opportunity to get some ideas on sprites, sounds, and overall gameplay. I noticed in the video description that this game will be up on Steam, but I still wonder if it may be possible for Freedoom to use your game's resources.
  12. GuyNamedErick

    Haaslok's Art Thread

    I wonder, was it a story in one of the "story proposal" threads where multiple people give their take of what Freedoom's story would be? YukiHerz made a story proposal I liked the most.
  13. GuyNamedErick

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    The height variation shown is welcoming, love that things are more vertical and open instead of flatness and/or just two different floor heights from room to room. Hope they show more non-linear gameplay though, I get what was shown is for presentation sakes but it'll be great to have more levels like the Foundry or Argent Facility.
  14. GuyNamedErick

    how to play pwads through crispy doom

    I might suggest setting up your preferred launcher as a "non-Steam game" to not get those annoying command lines for DOSBox, and honestly it be easier to play from one general shortcut than say "The Ultimate Doom but not really." Up to you on whether or not you really care about sharing screenshots or tracking your playtime on Steam. Don't think you'll ever need to use -merge for WAD files on Crispy Doom, just using -file should do.
  15. GuyNamedErick

    Phase 2, Maps 21-30 development thread

    So not a lot of progress has been made on the third episode of Freedoom: Phase 2? That's a bummer to hear but it's understandable. If I can ask, anything about Gothic's MAP30 submission? It's been quite some time since that was last mentioned.