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    For a map made in a couple hours, it's pretty fun and good. I love the design of the level overall and it is nice to play. My only negative is that it's short, like 5 minutes long. Now I have nothing against short maps, but feels kind of anti-climatic when you really start enjoying the wad only for it to end so quickly. Other than that, it's a good level and nice to play.
  1. Because in Doom, the demons see you using the assault rifle according to the player's sprites so they assume you are bluffing on firing your rifle when in reality you are silently fisting to get them to infight with each other. I mean it does help and shave off some trouble when you get enemies to fight each other instead of you.
  2. That honestly be somewhat tiring for me since when you get older, and well even if you are young, playing even 2 maps that are long can be tiresome, more so if they consistently go through the notion of being long key card hunting with a large amount of enemies.
  3. Finished all of (Not) Plutonia 3 - Going to Surface. It's not Plutonia 3, there is no Plutonia 3. It just uses the Plutona name for the sake of clickbait and it's pretty much four hours of 32-levels that are poorly made and just bad all around. TNT: Revilution will wipe the bad taste off my mouth.
  4. I like to think of them as wad files with one large map that takes around 30+ minutes to complete and are pretty much a giant adventure that is a key card hunt to finish an objective or just reaching to the end of the level. Of course some of them can be confusing in where you should go or what to do next, but for the most part I find them beatable and enjoyable, even if I want to play a different level after 10 minutes of playtime. :P
  5. I get kind of hissy when it comes to the terms "90s inspired shooter" and "retro FPS", but this looks really good with promising gunplay and an atmosphere that really does remind me of the original Quake. And hand-crafted level design, kind of weird to think that all this generated level stuff is pretty much a norm with some throwback FPS games. Anyways, going to keep an eye on this, having a good FPS game is much better in my eyes than just labeling yourself as some 90s throwback, makes the vision of the game a lot better to me.
  6. Apparently those ladies are worse than demons. Not so tough now Doom Slayer.
  7. For older wads and the likes, UV is my go to difficulty I suppose. However, newer mods and levels have gotten more difficult over the years so I am not shy om playing HMP (Or the normal difficulty on mods) as honestly I rather have a comfortable experience rather than boiling my blood with frustration.
    I am honestly baffled that I went out of my way to complete all 32 levels (with use of cheats as honestly I don't want to play legit with BFG Zombies thank you very much). Not only does having the name "Plutonia" screams clickbait on top of claiming to take place after Plutonia 2 or whatever, the whole megawad makes no sense at all. If you want to know everything wrong about this megawad, simply put: EVERYTHNG! -BFG Zombies with fast speed and high health. -Stolen Textures and Assets. -"New" sounds that is nothing more than a jumble of garbage (Is this Russian or something?) -Horrific "story." -So much ammo that you are always full, so spam that BFG all you want, not like it'll be any harder anyways. Also, don't mind all the soulspheres and blue armor, you may as well turn on God mode! -Poorly designed levels that are ugly to the nth degree. -Inconsistent level design where all levels are big mazes that sometimes have like 10 enemies to over a hundred possessed soldiers (Yes, mostly the soldiers). -No enemy variety at all (Where are the Revenants and Cacodemons?) -The Mancubus now has some short range and is a non-threat essentially. -Some levels make use of flashing lights that are an awful eyesore. -BFG ZOMBIES! -Pathetically easy on Ultra-Violence unless there are some cheap enemies (BFG Zombies, do I have to repeat that?) -Sometimes I have no clue where to go because nothing is clear in some levels (Which made me use cheats as a result as honestly I don't want to spend more time in these levels). -MAP30 is a reskinned MAP12 with a final boss slapped to it that is similar to MAP30 from Plutonia 2. The final boss is also easier than Plutonia 2, albeit you can't tell if you hit the boss correctly as he doesn't have any pain noise to tell you that you did hit him correctly. -MAP31 is the worst map out of the bunch. -MAP32 is easy and terrible. Also the end part of it is basically Go 4 It in Plutonia 2, except easy and just plain terrible with no challenge whatsoever. -Too many to list! Simply put, the whole megawad is horrible and is an insult to both Plutonia megawads prior to this. Play those wads and see how hard and GOOD levels are done. Both Plutonias may not be perfect, sure, but they are infinitely superior to this clickbait load of garbage. Don't play it, you'll just waste your (4 hours of) time like I did.
  8. I have finished all the original 32 maps before on UV, but I do have Plutonia 2 to get around to. I have to say, Plutonia 2 made the original look like a cakewalk, at least later on.
  9. Quake Stuff Ultra.
  10. I prefer a megawad as while I don't have anything against megamaps, it can be tiresome to replay a megamap since it might take like 20-30 minutes to revisit everything pretty much and well it can drag on. Also I guess I like having multiple maps to replay on more than anything.
  11. I rather quit playing than use cheats to finish an unplayable/low quality wad more than anything. If you do it in single-player, go ahead, just that no one is responsible for making a wad less challenging or enjoyable other than yourself.
  12. One thing that always come to me is remaking MAP13-MAP16 as their level names don't really imply what they should be, MAP13: Downtown being the one that comes to my mind the most. I know Doom is abstract in level design but I still help myself to see the flaws of the maps popping out at times, then again I look at the level names too much. Still like the levels though.
  13. 1. Ultimate Doom 2. Doom 2 3. Doom 2016 Honestly, as much as I like most of the Doom games (aside of Doom 3: BFG Edition and Doom on the GBA), the Classics on PC are something I'll always remember fondly about. I prefer Ultimate Doom over Doom 2 in terms of level design and music, a shame the Super Shotgun and the new enemies for Doom 2 aren't present. I should also say the new reboot delivered and is everything I wanted in an FPS game for years now, which is awesome.