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  1. So much for my MAP05 run, yours really show how its done, rdwpa! dmp2017 MAP04 UV-Max in 7:11 -
  2. Decided to revisit MAP05 of dmp2017 on Ultra-Violence instead of on ITYTD. dmp2017 MAP05 UV-Max in 8:20 cl2 -
  3. Alright, thank you for clarifying, I was wondering about that, there goes another bit of confusion out of the way.
  4. That separate folder would be the GameWads folder, right? I have checked that the IWADs are stored in individual .zip files in the GameFiles directory, but there are no IWADs stored in the GameWads subfolder. In fact, I don't think the GameWads folder ever gets used unless I am missing something. The other folders have no issues (Backup, Demos, SaveGames, Screenshots, Temp), just the GameWads folder doesn't seem to be used here. I suppose that would be another bug?
  5. Aside of the obviously bad single-player that pretty much summarized most 2011 FPS game stories, the multiplayer is one big mess, with some pretty bad maps to me, especially Operation Metro for how it feels like the opposite of what I think of Battlefield. I don't think of COD-styled small maps where you get shot from every corner, I think of the mix of vehicles and on-foot combat, but of course it just so happens that cramped close-quarter maps are the most popular from the base game. In fact I remember one of the "expansions" being dedicated to small cramped maps, which I obviously wasn't fond of. I just see Battlefield 3 as your poorly made modern FPS that acts like it's better than it actually is, mainly because EA keeps flaunting on how it will beat Modern Warfare 3 at the time (at least that's what I remembered).
  6. Demos of the vanilla maps MAP01-MAP07, most being UV-Max runs on -complevel 2. The version I used is the final idgames release (unless it somehow gets updated later on). MAP01 UV-Max cl2 - 1:44 MAP02 UV-Max cl9 - 2:53 MAP03 UV-Max cl2 - 7:28 MAP04 UV-Max cl2 - 12:29 MAP05 ITYTD-Max (Shameless, I know) cl2 - 5:35 MAP06 UV-Max cl2 - 2:57 MAP07 UV-Max cl9 - 2:36
  7. I have not really enjoyed a Battlefield game since Battlefield 2, Battlefield 3 especially got me out of the series. By that point, it was pretty clear DICE is pretty much just another developer delaying their deaths from EA, after all it feels like none of the game's content is made with what DICE had in mind, only what EA tells them with a gun pointed to their head.
    For the most part, a solid IWAD to have in your Doom library. Some of the levels do show off some impressive atmosphere and visuals, showing off the world of Hacx with a Cyberpunk theme infested of some nasty monsters and robots. The weapons, while nothing too spectacular, look and sound cool, with the pistol and Uzi being great fun to use. A shame that the last 4-5 levels aren't really good and are obviously rushed out (you can finish MAP16 in less than 1 second) given the game's development history. Still, an interesting IWAD with a style and backstory that holds up a strong identity for the game. I hope to see 2.0 give Hacx the long-awaited vision and execution it needs.
  8. V2.6.1 of Doom Launcher is great, fixed various bugs and added new features that really come in handy, I really love using this launcher! That aside, looks like I ran into two minor bugs. The first one is the Sync Status page, the page will pop up again if you click the continue or exit button, though the second time you do either, then it closes. Would be good if you only need to click on continue or exit once and not have the page pop up again after doing so. The second bug is with tags, I have deleted some .zip files with their tags still on, so I assume that deleting all associated data would include the tags. However, when adding/downloading the file again, the .zip file still has the same tag prior to deleting despite that other associated data such as save game and statistics were deleted completely. I can still remove the tag manually no problem, though it would be more convenient to have tags be removed when deleting a .zip file much like the associated data I have mentioned. Not sure if this is an oversight or intentional, but when adding HACX.wad as an IWAD, it appears as on the IWAD selection, while the other IWADs have .wad as their extension. I have added the other IWADs in Doom Launcher V2.5.1, with HACX.wad I just added it recently, so I'm guessing the .zip extension came around in V2.6.0? It doesn't really cause any others, in fact I can still launch HACX.wad as an IWAD no problem (I have tested with Chocolate Doom and ZDoom, it launches fine), though I wanted to point this out for a bit of clarification.
    Pretty meh and dull with not so interesting surprises and level design. For a supposed slaughtermap, it's pretty easy not because you have plenty of ammo, but because there are no encounters where the swarms of enemies do anything to stress you out. You don't feel overwhelmed since a bit of strafing (or a bit cover, yay) eliminates any challenge there is, and you won't see any enemies like Arch-Viles or Cyberdemons at all. Oh you do have one Spider Mastermind but you can kill her no problem. The map looks ugly even with the "Slough of Despair" influence because even then, that map has more going for it in gameplay and atmosphere than this pile of rocks and gray. I'd rather pass on this one.
    A short map that had quite a history with Freedoom, that being the first map of Freedoom when it was just Freedoom (as doom2.wad) and Ultimate Freedoom (as doom.wad), then to being the first map of the Phase 1 only, and now no longer part of the project. So history aside, the map itself is short but neat, which also made it a rather nice first map when it was part of the Freedoom project. The map resembles the Hangar from the original Doom and it's pretty easy to tell right away. You go kill some Zombiemen and Shotgunners, pick up some armor, blast your way through the short level, and done. Some Boom effects were used well here, including one where the lighting of the room changes to something more menacing. Other than that, it's nice to see this map in the archive.
  9. Controlled System on Nightmare 100% Secrets in 5:06
  10. The mod wasn't released too long ago and I am already loving it too much. Decided to play some Project Slipgate to go along with it.
    A stylish but a pretty fun map. Starts off a bit slow but gets pretty chaotic quickly in the middle of it. The color palette adds to the gothic theme of the map, making it visually stunning. While it may fall on the easy side of things if you're a fairly decent player, it's still a nice map to try out and go through.
  11. When I attempted to update TNT: Revilution's metadata, I get greeted with this popup error. If I can recall, TNTR.wad had an update a month since it's initial release to fix some bugs, yet other files that had updates on the idgames archive such as Community Chest 4 and 300 Minutes of /vr/ didn't received any trouble on updating metadata. I have tried other mirrors but the error still occurs. Any idea why this error has occurred? So far I only know that TNT: Revilution has this issue, though I still find it odd.