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  1. Malevolent

    Duke Nukem 3D source released, potential editor port?

    Shadow Warrior was my favorite of all the Build Engine games. Blood seemed to lack the comedic value of Duke and Shadow, so I didn't care for that one much. And what is this reverb bug? I'm sorry, I don't believe I noticed it when I was a naive little kid playing these games. :)
  2. Malevolent

    Duke Nukem 3D source released, potential editor port?

    I did not know that the source release had been pointed out, but that thread does not answer the questions I asked anyway. :] I didn't care much for the game Duke Nukem 3D, all I want is the editor, so I can make maps for a far better (IMHO) game. >:]
  3. It's been a long time since I did any Doom level editing, mainly because I didn't have the patience to deal with the editors back when I tried it. When Duke Nukem 3D came out, I found level creation simple and entertaining because of that really sweet editor that came with it. The Duke Nukem 3D source is now available under the GPL, and so is the Ken Silverman's original build engine, so what are the odds that we may see the build editor modified to support Doom editing? The Duke Nukem 3D source is available here: http://www.3ddownloads.com/linuxgames/duke3d/duke3dsource.zip (It says it was added April 1st, so I'm not sure if this is a joke or not :/) If that nice, easy to use editor became available for Doom editing, I think I could very easily get back into it... Any thoughts?
  4. Malevolent

    Doom for GBA

    ah, crap... I am stuck at the beginning of a level in episode 3. All I got is about 30 rockets and 4 shotgun shells. :( Crap. One more thing... have Cacodemons always been that FAST!?
  5. Malevolent

    Doom for GBA

    Who got it? I did, and it sucks to be you if you don't have it. :P
  6. Malevolent

    Doom in Japanese

    As far as the Japanese keyboard goes, all you need is a good IME (Input Method Editor). The Microsoft one sucks, so get the NJStar Communicator from http://www.njstar.com So all you gotta do is enter in the Romajii for a word and it spits out the Kanji, Hiragana, or Katakana for whatever word you typed into whatever program you are using. (Even notepad can display Japanese characters when the program is running).
  7. Malevolent

    fire scene movie ! argl

    kickass... now I am once again reminded why I bought a GeForce 3. :)
  8. Malevolent

    Where did that cool Doom Toy come from?

    It's kinda hard to tell what sprites are from models. lost soul - uh... no (probably) spidermind - yes (easy to tell) player - maybe Of course they also modified the pics after scanning them. Which could add a little of that CG-esque feel to them.
  9. Malevolent

    DooM Movie (again)

    Everything based on DOOM so far except the games have sucked. The books, and the comics. (the miniatures were kinda kewl, tho) I can see a DOOM movie easily following in this.
  10. Malevolent


    NO DEMAND!? Do you have any idea how f***ing easy it would be to make DOOM maps if we could use build? I have recently been looking for info on this and been coming up short. So... make the damn converter (please), ANYONE!!!.
  11. Malevolent


    I hate Christians that complain about this stuff because it makes ppl like me look bad (I am a Christian). This post is a prime example.
  12. Malevolent

    doom for gba

    I reserved one at Software Etc. for July 16. That's when they get them in.
  13. Malevolent

    What Skill level do you play?

    alas, nightmare is a little over the top for me, but I can get thru the whole game (doom 1) in about 30 minutes on ultra-violence
  14. Malevolent

    Why is everyone calling it Doom 3?

    what are we supposed to call it? "How to Skewer Bunny Heads on Pikes: The Remake"?