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  1. quackbal

    What is your favourite episode 1 level?

    E1M5 and E1M7. When I was a kid and played Doom I would see them in the second and third demo slots (after E1M2), and I couldn't beat E1M4... so I hadn't been able to play them, so really wanted to get to them! When I finally beat E1M4 then I was really chuffed to be able to play them! So yeah... nostalgia reasons but still. Great level structure too.
  2. quackbal

    Best Memories of Classic Doom

    Watching my dad and his friend play it on a PC at my dads work (our one wasn't a good enough spec!). I remember shaking in excitement when my dad bought us a new family PC and we ran doom v1.2 shareware! also i remember being excited when i got to e1m5 and e1m7 as they were the levels in the demo sequence (after e1m2) and i'll never forget the two barons in e1m8....
  3. quackbal

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    As a young child it was the mix of the dark lighting, the monster designs (I actually hated pinkys) and, as mentioned above, the "ACTION" sounds that you could always hear knowing someone/thing was after you! I came from Wolf3D, Spear of Destiny and Blake Stone where this didn't happen... apart from the sound of doors opening in the distance of course! I used to turn the sound off when I was young and that helped!!
  4. I played first around early 1995 at the age of 6. Was at my dads work as my PC couldn't run it! So I guess I'm between first and second gen. I got more into it in around 2002 (and joined this forum shortly after, being a lurker ever since :D ) as I enjoyed source ports like Legacy etc. Then I learnt about Doomsday!
  5. quackbal

    Favorite enemy?

    Cacodemon for me - one of the most satisfying to shoot!
  6. quackbal

    We could be getting pre-Doom Bible stuff soon

    Sorry if this is irrelevant (or has already been asked) - is there many goodies available from LATER in development? So after 0.5, up to/around press-release beta and the build seen in the Visit to ID Software vid? I always see lots of early stuff, but nothing from the late beta stages?
  7. Look behind you, a three headed cacodemon!
  8. quackbal

    Doom 1 Episode 1 - your favorite level?

    Very close between E1M5 and E1M7. I'd say E1M7 just about scrapes it, because as a child playing Doom I always saw it in the inbuilt demos, but could never get to the level as I didn't know the cheats and I kept dying on E1M6 :)
  9. quackbal

    How do you say...?

    As a young Doom player in the 90s (I'm only 26 now) I pronounced Arch Vile as 'Arch-Vill' and also 'Renevant'... For some reason I called E1M6 'General Processing' and pronounced Phobos as 'Pho-Boes'. Bloody kids!
  10. I was really into Wolf 3D and Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold at that point in my life - I was also born in 1989, so was playing these at age 5/6! Going from Blake Stone to Doom was unbelievable... won't ever forget the first time playing Hangar!
  11. At my dads work in 1995 I used to play shareware Doom, then got it working on my own PC around a year later. I'm 26 now! And still play on my own PC :) bought Ultimate Doom around 14 years ago and then joined this community and............ have barely contributed at all!
  12. quackbal

    Do you still have your copy of Doom?

    I still have my original 1994 '250 Games' CD which Doom v1.1 shareware came on. That was my first experience of the game! Also Steam and bought Final Doom about 15 years ago.
  13. quackbal

    Use of episode 4 sky texture in pwads

    It does fit very well with the marble textures! Although for me, E1 sky will always be the favourite. :)
  14. quackbal

    Gimme Your Doomed Puns!

    I agree - I'm underneath it, and bloodfalls due to gravity - im getting out of dis place!