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  1. Her (aka "that one movie where Joaquin Phoenix wants to shag his phone") Expected to get a good laugh out of the strange premise, walked away with a large amount of appreciation for the film and the mind behind it. It was actually really touching and sweet. Scarlett Johansson voices the Siri-esque AI and can't go wrong with that, right? Vicky Christina Barcelona Woody Allen is by far one of my favorite filmmakers and this certainly didn't disappoint. Two friends head to Spain, lots of stuff happens. Another movie starring Scarlett Johansson, this time as the rebellious and impulsive friend, Rebecca Hall as the responsible and grounded friend, Javier Bardem as the spanish dreamboat and Penelope Cruz as the batshit crazy ex-wife. Also Patricia Clarkson is in there a little bit, so bonus points for that. Great movie overall. Really enjoyed it. Lolita (1997) I wanted to watch the Kubrick version initially but upon realizing that I just couldn't find it, I settled on the 90's movie. It's such a bizarre film but downright interesting in so many ways, both with the uncomfortable relationship between Humbert and Lo but also the implications of what they don't show. Reality or Humbert forming a reality all his own? Day of the Dead 2: Contagium Guilty pleasure of mine. Low budget, horrible acting, direct to DVD. Unauthorized sequel that has nothing to do with the original. Except, yknow, zombies. It's so unintentionally goofy that's it's definitely worth a watch.
  2. The black sheep.
  3. I'll be 20 next month. Scary thought. Time really does fly.
  4. I unironically love Tiny Tim. Trashy 70's exploitation flicks are so damn charming. Switchblade Sisters is a great example and one of my favorites.
  5. Tennessee. God help me.
  6. 1. The Shining 2. Dawn of the Dead 3. Carrie 4. The Evil Dead 5. The Ring
  7. A lot of songs would apply but this is a perfect reflection of my attitude towards a lot of things.
  8. Strength - 2 (Ha, no) Perception - 3 (I can be so absent-minded) Endurance - 3 (Never been very athletic) Charisma - 7 (I get along reasonably well with most everyone) Intelligence - 6 (About average, probably) Agility - 5 (Not too much anymore) Luck - 8 (A stroke of luck isn't uncommon, I've been very fortunate)
  9. Not fire and brimstone like it's commonly depicted. I've always seen it as a real surrealist state, full of things not inherently sinister but perverted by the sheer absurdity of its surroundings and the nature of Hell itself. I like to see that in Hell maps too. Excessive use of red textures or traditional imagery often associated with Hell isn't very interesting to me. Dreamlike lunacy with unpredictable twists is what really draws me in.
  10. Welcome to the Dollhouse. It's such a sweet little film. Very charming.
  11. Can't get much scarier than this.
  12. All of my dreams are lucid dreams. It's endlessly fascinating to me so I write a lot them down, that way I'll never forget them.
  13. I used to play it over YGOPro with a guy I knew years ago but haven't touched it since. Really enjoyed the unorthodox stuff like Destiny Board because nobody else bothered with it.
  14. The mapping aspect of it has served as a great creative outlet for me during times when I can't bring myself to do anything else but still feel the need to make something. Beyond that, it really hasn't affected me much at all.
  15. I've been messing around with Heretic mapping a whole lot lately and despite the small selection of textures, there's a certain charm to it. I made a lot of progress on that Doom map I mentioned a couple weeks back but I'm taking a small break to see what I can get out of this.


    Still needs a bit of work as far as texture alignment goes but I thought it looked kind of pretty anyway.

    1. Nine Inch Heels
    2. MarsHappyNation


      Oh my god haha whether intentionally or subconsciously I completely forgot about that song. Now it's back with a vengeance.

    3. NaZa


      Looks great! 

    4. MarsHappyNation
    5. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Believe me, everytime you see that room now, you will have that song in your ears. ;-)

    6. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      it needs a blue midi to go along with it now

    7. Philnemba


      Loving that Heretic screenshot...also that song NEVER leaves my head because thats one of my wife's favorites XD 

    8. SOSU


      The selection of textures i small but that doesn't mean that you can't use texture packs =]

    9. Not Jabba

      Not Jabba

      If you want more textures, get Baker's Legacy from Realm667. Also, yay Heretic maps!

    10. SOSU


      Baker's Legacy is great but there are A LOT of textures in it,Medieval has a lot less but its still very good :)