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  1. OBS has been giving me so much trouble. Tried recording some Doom footage and playback is always choppy as hell, to the point of being almost unwatchable. I could never figure out why either. Any idea what might be causing it? Everyone I've spoken to about this never had these kinds of issues. Maybe I should just try reinstalling it? Beats me.

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    2. leodoom85


      Sadly, other recorders such as Fraps, D3DGear and Bandicam are trial or not free unless you crack them. 

    3. 42PercentHealth


      Glad to be of help! :-)


      If you're interested in other recorders/encoders, I'd stick with open-source options (they are always free, and usually satisfactory). The other one that I've used is ffmpeg -- it is made for Linux and is cmd interface only, but also runs on Windows and has several graphical front-end options (e.g. Vokoscreen. I don't know which GUIs run on Windows, however... I use Linux almost exclusively).

    4. MarsHappyNation


      I'll definitely look into that as well! Thank you so much! OBS still bogs down my pc quite a bit so that sounds like a great alternative if this doesn't go as planned.